Pull Up a Blanket

Today is Independence Day! And here in our little town of Independence, we do it up big, because, well, it’s Independence Day. As you read this and leave your comments, I won’t be here. I’ll be either in the Parade (as a Scout), in the Bandshell (as a Flutist), or sweating it out somewhere in the park while I eat too much food. And then at night, we’ll spread our blanket by the river and watch a rockin’ fireworks show. One of the biggest in the area, I might add. Our town does it up right. One more thing about Small Towns that just can’t be beat. We even have a “flyover” at the beginning of the parade by some local pilots who fly their bi-wings in formation. One year, the committe managed to hook in some real, honest-to-goodness Navy Fighters who were going from one place to another, and Independence was on their route. They got special permission, and man, oh MAN, was that an awesome flyover! They went twice, screaming overhead and rattling windows, and the crowd was absolutely insane, cheering and waving everything we could find at them. Awesomeness.

So what’s up where you are? What do you do on Independence Day? Does your town have any special traditions for the day?

(that’s not our bandshell, by the way. I don’t have a picture of ours, yet. I’ll try and take one while I’m in it. I can be one of those geeks who takes pics of the audience that she’s playing for!)

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6 Responses to Pull Up a Blanket

  1. Ellen says:

    We will first go swimming at the gym. (6 AM) Then we go to the harbor of Ventura for a nice walk. Then into town to the 4th Of July market and in the evening, if we are still up for it, we will go the the college campus where they will have bands and firework.

    • Laura says:

      I love when they set the fireworks to music. They do that in Chicago, with the Grant Park Orchestra (which is a tiny little division of the Chicago Symphony). They play patriotic music, like the Stars and Stripes Forever (THE most awesomest march ever written in the history of marches. All because of the rockin’ piccolo part. Which I could play in my heyday, thankyouverymuch) They finish it off with a wicked playing of the 1812 Overture, and the fireworks are set to the music, all the way through. The big cannon booms in 1812? Fireworks booming. And they simulcast it on the local PBS station, so even if you couldn’t make it downtown, you can still watch/listen. I love Independence Day!

  2. SKL says:

    I will be working all day. Hooray for me!

    We watched fireworks on Friday night. The neighboring town (Independence!) has them at a park which is near our house. Our house is on top of the hill, so we get one of the best views around, right from our yard. Knowing that was on Friday, I also decided to do my grocery shopping that night, leaving the 3-day weekend free for mostly nonstop working. Other years, we join the festivities a bit more, but this year the big work deadline is bogging us down.

    On Saturday, my dad came to pick up the girls’ old cribs and take them to my sister’s house. They will be getting things ready for Miss G, who is expected to come home sometime during the week of July 10. My sister is a nervous wreck, trying to get everything ready and plan for her new routine, while still going to the hospital every day. I hope she gets some sleep, because she’s going to need it before she takes on the care of both babies on her own. I hope Miss G is far enough along with her development that she won’t be extremely high maintenance when she comes home.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great holiday. And I hope I get a ton of work done, so at least I won’t be completely stressed out come Tuesday.

  3. Jenny says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Today we are having a cookout and going swimming. I have to finish washing whats left of the clothes. Start packing, tomorrow we are staying in the cities at a hotel. Probably going to the Como Zoo. Then on Wednesday morning our plane leaves at 7:30 am and we’re going to Hilton Head, SC!!! Woohooo… Spending the week on the beach. So excited, although I did not know the UV scale went past 10! Tons of sunscreen for me. I’m gonna come back looking like a lobster! Not too excited for the plane ride. We are going to Atlanta and that’s a 3 hr flight then hopping on another plane to Savannah. So hopefully Hunter is an angel…lol ya right!
    Well have a good 4th, enjoy the fireworks! And yes Joy, we will be bringing our computer with too. 🙂

  4. Nikki says:

    We didn’t really do anything to celebrate per-say. I spent the afternoon and some of the evening out on our boat with Jason, Bailey and my brother. It was really nice!

    Our town doens’t do too much for the 4th. Our big parade/firework/carnival thing is for Buffalo Days, that was a couple weekends ago.

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