Happy Friday, everyone. How was your week? Mine, it was pretty good! Bailey and his baseball team made it to the playoff’s and won their first game. They play one more team, and if they win (which I think they will) they will play in the State Championship! The team they have to go through to get there, is a very tough team though. They went undefeated. That is, until our boys gave them their 1st and only loss! So, I know they can do it again. They’ll play that game Monday. Today (Friday) they start their last tournament, and that runs into Sunday giving they win every game. It’s the Tournament of Champions and the winners are awarded rings! Hard to believe the season is almost over, but baseball is never over for us. 🙂 I look forward to Fallball more than anything these days!

Tell us all about your week! Any plans for the weekend?!

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30 Responses to TGIF

  1. Sue says:

    Well, my week was pretty uneventful. I took Trin, Chris and Bailey to the gym tonight to play some bball. It was fun to see how Trin has improved and I was showing Bailey the basics, and I have to say, he should really think about playing basketball in between baseball seasons 😉 I told him that too! Just saying….! He caught on really quick and he’s tall and has plenty of strength to shoot the 3’s. He said, but I play baseball. My reply was it’d be a good way to stay in shape! LOL! I think he had fun so that’s all that matters.

    My weekend is filling up fast. One of my girlfriend’s bday is Sunday so she wants to go out tomorrow night. Saturday morning I have a baby shower and in the afternoon is Toby’s cousin’s grad party-which should be a good time. Then on Sunday is my sister’s bridal shower. And it’s suppose to be oppressively hot this weekend! So, not a relaxing weekend, but it’ll be fun. Oh! And one of my other girlfriends is in labor with her 1st child so I’m waiting to hear if it’s a boy or girl b/c they don’t know. I’m soooo excited!!!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      So Julie’s bridal shower is Sunday!? My mom mentioned that Kathy had told her about it…. don’t know a time though.

      • Joy says:

        It’s at 2 Jenny.

      • Sue says:

        Yes, I didn’t get an invite either Jenny so IDK if we were just suppose to be told or what!

        • Vicki says:

          I didnt know nothing about it till Kathy mentioned it last weekend at the parade. I said nice of people to let us know..she replied Julie was supposed to send out invites *shrugs*. inwhich i havent received anything.

          • Nikki says:

            Are ya’ll sure there is even a wedding?! I’ve never heard of a more unorganized wedding/party. lol

          • SKL says:

            I hardly ever get an invitation from my brothers’ kids’ stuff. They just assume my mom will tell everyone and they will show up. The exception is with showers and such, because they really want the gifts, I guess.

            That reminds me – I saw an article about tackiness at showers, and it reminded me of the time my stepniece, at her 4th baby shower (which, who has 4 baby showers for 4 kids, but whatever), she made us all address the envelopes for our own thank you cards. Ha ha! Then the cards just said “thanks for the gifts” without saying what the gifts were. I guess I should be glad she didn’t demand money for postage.

      • Joy says:

        LOL you guys!!! I got an invitation a couple of weeks ago!! I guess in this case it pays not to be family!

    • Laura says:

      Playing Basketball shouldn’t hurt Bailey’s baseball… if anything, it will help sharpen reflexes and provide cross-training support!

      • Nikki says:

        The thing is he has no interest on playing on a team.He’s been told numerous times to try out for the team. He’ll play for fun though, he’ll play any sport for fun. Baseball is his one and only LOVE. And he’s afraid of breaking or jamming a finger and not being able to pitch. He takes pitching to the extreme, he’s extremely dedicated.

  2. Jenny says:

    Good job Bailey & team!! Thats awesome 😀

    Well we got back on Tuesday evening from vacation. So happy to be home. I need some advice from the ladies with kids!! We had some bathroom issues while we were gone. While we were on vacation Hunter who is 3 1/2 decided he didn’t want to poop at all while we were there. We had to buy him stool softeners and those worked. Well today is Thursday and he hasn’t gone since Monday. He says “I don’t have to go” “I don’t know how to go poop” or “I don’t want to go” It’s soooo stressful! He even says sometimes that his tummy hurts. We don’t know what else to do…. got him in today to see the chiropractor. He said yep his tummy is full. He’s been eating dried prunes & raisins like all day, and lastnight. It’s wearing us out!!!! Anything you have to say will be helpful. Have a good weekend, I hope we will too!

    • SKL says:

      Good luck with the poop! I say lots of apples and whole grains as well as what you’re already doing. I would avoid meat, soy, cheese, and bananas. Maybe give him a little coffee if he likes it.

      I hate to say this, but a couple of times I had to use my finger on one of my daughters (gross, I know, but you asked). It does work. However, my kids were a lot younger when I resorted to that.

      One of my daughters doesn’t go every day. That’s normal for her, though. She will go a day or two without and then sit in the bathroom for ages (usually at an inconvenient time). If it starts to get close to 3 days, I start pushing the apples and such, and things right themselves.

    • Sue says:

      The stool softeners may have messed with him just enough that it’ll take some time to right himself again. Kids are soooo funny about pooping anyway that it may have just weirded him out to go somewhere other than home. Keep up with the prunes, raisin and whole grains. Coffee would be a great choice if you can get him to drink it. Shouldn’t take too much! And lots of water. Running and exercise of any kind might help too.

    • Joy says:

      I’m with Sue. I’ll bet his body is just really off and the stool softener didn’t help. I’d feed him as much fiber as I could. He’ll go. I had a cousin like this who’s son did this for a good year. Do you remember Brendan Sue and Nikki? He was always afraid to go and they had to bribe him and everything to go.

      • Nikki says:

        I do remember that!

      • Sue says:

        Yes I do.

      • Jenny says:

        Well today was awful with Hunter’s bathroom situation. We did the prunes, apples, coffee, he had chili for lunch, pushed the vitamin c and around 3 this afternoon he puked. No idea why. Then he fell alseep. So we went with the last resort, a suppository. Well it ended up working! YEAH!!! He has gone 3 times now, which we now have a little game associated with going. He has accidents in his underwear, but I tell him its ok. I’m just happy he’s actually pushing now! Stress gone….. I hope he continues!

        • SKL says:

          Well, I’m glad he’s going! It’s one of those things you never thought you’d say, but it’s a lot better than the alternative. I hope everything gets back to normal soon.

  3. SKL says:

    So it’s almost Friday already? I am very boring this week again! Work, work, and more work! I like getting stuff accomplished, but I don’t like the stress of being unable to keep up. We have this one new client who is a royal ass and he wants everything yesterday, even though he isn’t giving us the info we need to do finish the work. We have been sleeping a couple of hours most nights, so a little appreciation would go a long way! Most of our clients are nice, but they don’t know how much we have to do.

    So my kids have been on a bit of a bad streak – or could it be that I’m on an intolerant streak? Most of the time I correct them, but I only punish them for going way over the line. But once in a while I feel the need to be militant and consequence them for everything. Otherwise they start thinking they don’t have to listen to me or respect me. It’s hard to find the right balance. I mean, sometimes I just want to relax and have fun! This is one area where I feel like having a dad around would be helpful – because we could take turns being the heavy while the other person chills. (Of course, it would have to be a dad who believes moms deserve respect in the first place.) Oh well, I can’t really complain – after all, I chose this life. It’s really a good life – with a touch of seasoning.

    So Miss G is home and I’m so happy for my sister. I know it’s gonna wipe her out at first, but she has to go through this sooner or later, so it might as well be now. So now I’m praying that Miss G keeps growing healthier and develops immunities and is able to learn and have a good future. And that her parents have the stamina to get through this and actually enjoy it at some level.

    Between all the work and the many cups of coffee I’m consuming these days, I am still working on one or two household projects. Right now, I’m switching out my kids’ books. I had so many tot books in the basement with no time to use them, and now my kids have outgrown a lot of them. So I went through several bags and set aside a bunch for my sister’s kids, and cleared out a bunch from my kids’ shelves to make room for more age-appropriate ones. It is still a work in progress. The girls are having a blast discovering so many new books in their bookcase every day. Someday soon I’m going to order a tall bookcase to match their bedroom set. Can’t have too many books!

    OK, I’d better sign off now. Everyone have a great weekend!

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve been “off” all week. Last weekend, we took the Scouts camping, and Monday, I was completely wiped out from it. I think we all were. We must have walked ten miles each day! Tuesday, I woke up with a wicked cold, so all day Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent puttering around the house and sleeping when I couldn’t hold against the decongestants any longer. The place is all disorganized from the weekend – I still have a tent on my dining room table – and I have paperwork galore to complete before our next Pack Meeting, which is in about two weeks. The days, even though I feel like I’ve got nothing done, have been flying by. It’s insanity. I’ve even had two beautiful, cool days, and I couldn’t muster the energy to catch Duchess (I have no idea what her name is, that’s what I’ve been calling her) and go for a ride. And now that cool weather has passed, and we’re heading into a week of oppressive 90+ weather. I cannot torture her with a saddle in that kind of weather!

    Meanwhile, Sunday night, the first of the hot-hot days, we have our last band concert of the season. So between now and then, I have a bunch of practicing to do, since I blew it off to take care of other stuff. How did I manage to juggle all that crap that I juggled in college? It seems so much harder now!!

    • SKL says:

      I know what you mean about it being harder now! I hate to say it, but your age is creeping up on you. Ask me how I know!

      I used to pull at least 2 all-nighters every week, all year, from my teens through my 30s. Now if I do that, I feel like I’m at risk of dying.

      • Laura says:

        I don’t think it’s the age. I think it’s that I feel like it all matters so much more now. In college, everyone was doing it, everyone had their own stuff going on, and everyone was busy. Now, I’ve got all the responsibilities to myself – the house, the child, meal planning, the budget-juggling, the job hunting, getting people where they need and want to go. It’s a different kind of responsibility, and not all about me. Which is why I think it’s harder.

        • SKL says:

          Maybe . . . . For me it’s probably the fact that I never get to sleep in any more, or go to bed early after a 36-hour day. I used to have that flexibility at least part of the time. Which I guess goes to the same thing – my kids need to be taken to school in the morning, my kids need to be cared for in the evening. On top of the demanding job, extended family stuff, hous stuff, etc.

          But I still think age is a factor – for me anyway.

  5. mssc54 says:

    Today our twenty-two year old daughter is moving into her first apartment with a good (girl) friend of hers! We are very excited for her.

    Not so excited that the garage door got all screwed up and I just had to actually take the pannels apart from the inside to get her stuff out. Now I have the new garage door guy on the way out to look at putting in a new one. He said it would be nor more than $450.00!!

    Life is so much fun!!

  6. SKL says:

    Ugh, everybody wants everything from me today. I want a day off! (Just feeling whiney!!)

  7. Phyllis says:

    Just when I was starting to feel organized and relatively neat again the MI family is coming back here to stay a while. (Length of time need is at this point anyone’s guess). Now I’ll have to repack breakables from my mom’s place and put a lot of stuff into the storage unit that I first need to call around and compare prices, assessibility, size, etc., because here there’s only going to be room for their bedroom furniture, toys, clothes, etc. Living room, dining room, and kitchen stuff from their place will need to be stored. It’s not a problem for any of us, and I’ll enjoy having them here, but seriously, I feel that I’ve spent the last year packing up mom’s house and garage and finding homes for the various things, and now it starts again! But we do what we are able to help family and long term it’ll all be fine. Good thing I’ve washed walls, organized cabinets and closets (not the one in my bedroom however. LOL) while I had that burst of energy in March and April.

    To Bailey and team….WAY TO GO GUYS! Good luck this weekend.

    It’s also great to hear that Miss G is coming home. I’ll continue to lift all the family in prayer. 🙂

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