Happy Friday everyone! We have so many different things planned for this weekend. Usually it’s one thing-baseball. So this is a nice change. Friday evening Bailey and I are going on a pontoon ride with my mom, her boyfriend and 2 of his grandkids, my brother and his daughter. My moms bf bid on a 4 hour pontoon ride at one of our fundraisers and won it. That’ll be fun! Saturday, Jenny has her Scentsy Party, and I am really looking forward to that! 🙂 Saturday night, is all about GIRLS! I love my boys, but sometimes a girl just needs some good girl time. I am staying the night with a friend, and we plan on doing all those fun things girls do at sleepovers. Mud masks, nail pain

Sunday, my nephew is having his birthday celebration. (Sue’s son) I can’t believe he’ll be 7! It’s always a good time getting together.

My week was a good one. Bailey and his team ended up placing 3rd in State. As of Monday, our whole season is over. It is nice to have a break!

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22 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Nikki says:

    One of the sentences got cut off. Not sure what happened there…

  2. Joy says:

    I can add it. I didn’t even notice. What is it supposed to say?

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m excited for Saturday!! If anyone wants to order any Scentsy products, go right ahead! When you go to the website, click on Jen & Jason’s party. We are gonna have some good food to eat too. I’m making the tiramisu that was featured on here a while ago. Also making an apple salsa with cinnamon chips. Having some veggies & dip and my mom is gonna make a fruit trifle and a yummy pasta salad. Mel said we are gonna be playing more games. Thats always fun! Excited to see everyone on Saturday at 1:00!

  4. SKL says:

    I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Lately I actually dread Fridays because I am supposed to have so many things done by early Friday, and there’s just no way. This is the last weekend before the “big deadline” so I really need to have my complete drafts of everything out early tomorrow. However, all the usual stuff keeps coming. I’ve been sleeping maybe 4 hours per night and still can’t keep up.

    I’m not really sure what I’ll do this weekend, besides work. Probably just take my kids to the zoo on Saturday evening for a couple of hours, if the weather isn’t too bad. It’s been so hot here! Thank God for air conditioning (and may it hold out!). I’m getting pressure to skip church on Sunday morning, but I really don’t want to do that for a second week. We’ll see.

    Nothing much exciting happening around here. The girls are getting more grown up every day, for better or worse. Lately sibling rivalry and general unkindness has been an issue. One minute the girls can be so loving toward each other, and the next minute, competitive, snotty, etc. Miss A has been more insecure and whiny/pouty than usual, and that really gets under my skin. Anyone have any brilliant ideas for getting an insecure kid to feel secure, without walking on eggshells for the rest of your life? On the positive side, the girls have been really good about taking care of themselves. I noticed that if we choose clothes in the evening, they do much better than if we do it in the morning. They are too crabby to think about what to wear in the morning, LOL. Pretty much all I have to do for them (physically) nowadays is wash/comb long hair and do back buttons/ties.

    Well, maybe next week I’ll have something more interesting to talk about. For now, it’s back to work!

    • Laura says:

      Getting an insecure kid to feel secure? Hmmm… lots and LOTS of patience!! Ok, as a generally insecure person myself, I think if my parents had supported my interests, instead of trying to redirect my attentions away from the ones they weren’t interested in, it might have helped some. And that sentence makes them sound like inconsiderate ogres, which they most certainly were not. But I don’t know if they understood just how passionate I felt about some of the things I wanted to do, but never got the opportunity for… and meanwhile, I stayed too long in the interests that I thought pleased them, because I thought that’s what they wanted me to do. I don’t know how I would have had them change things, though. It’s a tough thing, one that I’m struggling with as a parent, now. I want to make sure that I’m encouraging HIS interests, not projecting mine onto him.

      But, overall, the insecurity may just stay with her forever, and you’ll need to teach her how to deal with it, rather than shed it. I know it has stayed with me. It’s one of those things that I’m constantly fighting, telling myself that I’m perfectly capable, and that I need to push past the fears. Good luck.

    • Joy says:

      My kids used either love each other or hate each other. They were either punching each other or they were as thick as thieves. One of the things I always tried to be careful of was not playing judge and jury and punish one child. Fighting never just involves one. I always punished fighting as a duo. If there was fighting, they both got in trouble because Jason was the quiet sneaky one and he’d drive Toby to the brink and then Toby would be the vocal one so he always got yelled at first and that’s not fair. There were many times I’d put them in the same room for fighting and tell them to “go ahead and fight but I don’t want to hear it” and I’d close the door and walk away. Fighting wasn’t nearly as fun then and they always stopped. Or I’d take away something we were all going to do. To punish one when they’re both doing it, in my book isn’t right.

      I think to boost self esteem I’d try and find something she’s really good at and praise, praise, praise. Or like Laura said, it may not ever happen but try and teach her how to live and deal with it.

      I can sure relate to the laying out of the clothes before bed. We had to do that too and I’d go so far and get everything ready and have backpacks and shoes and the whole kit and kaboodle ready to go. I hated wasting my morning time with them yelling at them to hurry up so I did everything the night before that I could.

      • Laura says:

        I think I’m going to try and take the advice that both of you lay out here, for the coming school year. I usually make Josh’s lunch in the morning, so it’s still fresh when he eats it, but there’s no reason that he can’t assemble backpack, etc., an have it by the door the night before.

      • Joy says:

        You know Laura, Toby had the best disposition and he never got mad or angry but he was such a putsy kid. He still is but he plans for it now. He’s never late but when he was a kid if I told him to go get dressed, I’d go upstairs and he’d be playing lego’s still in his pj’s and doing everything at night really helped. I also told him he couldn’t come out of his room until he was dressed. That was good too. I hated sending him off to school yelling at him to hurry up. It made my day shitty and I’d feel bad all day. No kidding, aside from food, do everything ahead that you’re able to.

        • Nikki says:

          I’ve always done that. We get back packs ready and clothes picked out. It makes the mornings less stressful. I was once told, I was doing my kid a dis-service by doing these things because they need to learn responsibility. Well, he’s 11 now and pretty responsible and independent. He turned out just fine, and we eliminated a lot of morning arguments. Mind you-the person who said that didn’t even have kids of her own at the time!

          • SKL says:

            As for the responsibility side – the only thing I do the night before is invite the girls to pick out their dresses. That leaves the actual dressing, accessorizing, etc. for the morning. So it’s up to them to remember, select, and put on underclothes, shorts, socks, shoes, glasses, etc. They are not allowed to have breakfast until they are fully dressed. And then there are other rules to enforce getting to school on time. We’re far from perfect, but doing OK. They don’t have homework right now, and I don’t pack lunches since their food is included in their daycare fees.

            I think you can teach responsibility by modeling preparedness. Even without my suggestion, Miss E will sometimes lay out everything the night before (depending on her mood). Hopefully they notice that it’s helpful and make the decision on their own to be organized/prepared. If not, they will feel the consequences.

            I have to admit I should be the last person to demand organization and promptness, based on my history. But, it’s my job as a parent, so . . . .

          • Nikki says:

            I should add, that I do not do all these things myself. WE do them together, I do make sure they are done though.

        • Joy says:

          We did them together too. It was just part of our bedtime routine.

        • Sue says:

          Ha! He doesn’t plan for it and he’s still late! LOL! Not hours late or anything, but he’s usually hurrying up to get out the door and yelling at the kids to do the same. His sense of time is not reality! My 5 minutes and his 5 minutes are two totally different 5 mintues!

      • SKL says:

        I am the same way when it comes to punishing fighting. Not that they smack each other around all day – mostly it’s tattling, whining, and more tattling (with an occasional smack thrown in for punctuation). I couldn’t judge fairly if I wanted to, because let’s face it, neither of them is 100% honest, and I’m not watching all the time. If anything, I make it a point not to hang around and watch them, because that fuels their rivalry.

        Miss A can’t stand it if I say anything nice to or about Miss E, or if I even reciprocate Miss E’s spontaneous affection without going over to A and giving her the same treatment. Believe me, I make it a point to make her feel loved, appreciated, special, etc. And she does have plenty of areas where she does better than Miss E. So, I she’s not neglected in that regard, but it seems it’s never enough nowadays.

        Miss E happens to be a more charismatic person. She’s smarter and more prolific in the ideas department. She is usually kind, but sometimes she doesn’t feel like slowing down for her sister or playing with her. I think Miss A sees all this and feels a need to be the best at everything, which is obviously not possible. I was the same way as a kid, but since I was 2 years older than my sister, it wasn’t difficult to outshine her for the most part.

        Why can’t things just be easy sometimes?

  5. Laura says:

    NO idea what’s going on this weekend. I’d planned to be going to see Harry Potter, but my friend talked me into going on Tuesday evening. I really enjoyed it, even with the changes. Yes, I’m a purist, I was a bit twitchy about them, but I guess I understand them. Just don’t get me started on the whole 3D thing…

    anyway, today I was down with some sort of crud. Don’t know if I’m dehydrated or what, but I ended up sleeping all day, so now I’m wired.

    I’d also like to go see Captain America this weekend, but if it comes to our theatre, it’s going to be in 3D again. grrr. So I’ll have to wait until it’s out in 2D, or for video, which just stinks.

    Anyway, this weekend. Maybe it’ll be cooler, and I’ll be able to catch Duchess and go for a much-needed ride! I’ll let you know.

  6. Joy says:

    I’m excited for the weekend. Like’s been mentioned above. We have plans for both days and it’s fun stuff so I’m excited. Scentsy has brought back scents that I’ve never smelled and I can’t wait to smell a few of them. Root Beer Float and Cantaloupe are the two on top I can’t wait for. I also want the cupcake warmer REALLY BAD and can’t wait to smell Birthday Cake. I’m getting shivers!!!!!

    Christopher’s birthday is Sunday and I can’t wait to give him what we got him. I think he’s going to be totally caught off guard and I don’t think he’s expecting it so that will be really fun. My baby grandbaby is going to be 7?????? Holy cow. Where has that 7 years gone?????

    I’ve had a really good week with my diet and working out. I’ve only really skipped one day and that was the day I was running around with my mom but really, I was out and moving around too so I guess that’s different than sitting in my chair eating bon bons. I’ve been doing water aerobics and man, my body is sore today. I had to really force myself to get in that pool last night but I did and once I’m in there, I can go for at least an hour before I even know that much time has passed. But seriously, I want to stretch and do those kinds of exercises because I don’t want my skin to be all sagging and hanging there in folds and it’s not going to get tight by itself. Besides, you don’t really feel it in the pool. It’s only later you start feeling it. Also, our time with the pool is so limited that I want to try and do it as much as I can while it’s warm. I had to laugh at Paul last night. He said “my stomach really hurts from what you had me doing out there!” LMAO!!!! Poor Paul. He got drug into this whole diet thing but he loves how much he’s lost and I think he feels really good too.

    I hope the rest of you have a great weekend.

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