Do Great Mothers Make Great Leaders?

Raising a family can’t be much different from leading a nation, can it?

What skills do you think are needed to be the President of the USA? Do you think a mother would make a better President than a non mother?

What do you think of this article?

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8 Responses to Do Great Mothers Make Great Leaders?

  1. mssc54 says:

    I think its the same in the sense that you can determine an individuals ability to make good decisions. If you can’t make good decisions in the most important area of your life its very doubtful you will do so in other areas.

  2. Ellen says:

    I think the article is a bit superficial to make such a statement/opinion. Women in general are more multi task and oversee more situations than men, that is why women are in “general” good mothers. But women also can get lost in emotions (Boehner???) and therefor get stubborn and somewhat pig headed.

  3. SKL says:

    Interesting question. I think one thing that is often overlooked is that a “seasoned” mother is an extremely strong person. Kids will mess with your head, whether they’re bouncing around in the NICU for months, cracking their heads open, or having chronic learning or behavior problems. A mom is the constant protector and sustainer NO MATTER WHAT. Not just toward the kid who agrees with her most often, or looks most like her, or gives her nice things. I think a successful mom of many kids, especially foster kids, has a tremendous flexibility of mind. Because all kids are different and they’re all going to throw you for a loop in the way you least expect. If you can keep on bouncing back and address each child’s needs without neglecting everything else, I think that says a lot. If you can do all that and still think and act at a higher level – responsible job, intellectual pursuits, meaningful political discourse – all while keeping your composure – then that says even more.

    I don’t know when the US will be ready for a woman president. Women think and present differently from men, and people don’t accept new ideas easily. I think a problem we have is that women, hoping to be respected like men, will try to learn to think like men. I think that just takes away from women’s strengths. Yet, I don’t know what the solution is.

  4. Laura says:

    It really amazes me that people still think that being a mom, particularly a stay-at-home-mom, is akin to kicking back with the soaps and bon bons. I know moms who are *constantly* on the go, shuttling kids from one place to another all day long. I also know moms who don’t have kids in a ton of things, or who don’t have a lot of kids, but who are involved in everything. All of those ladies (myself included, ahem) have skills that most managers pay a LOT of money to get their staff trained in – conflict management (sibling rivalry), budget management, time management, inventory management & supply, to name a few. To top it off, many of these people, who already do those things in their personal life, are volunteering to plan and run events for schools, community groups, sports teams, etc. In that group, you have the recruiters, the advertisers and PR team, the event planners, more budgeters, record-keepers…

    And yet, employers regularly toss resumes into the recycle bin when they see the applicant is unemployed because she’s caring for her family. “No experience” or “No degree”. BS!! Many of those moms can run rings around your recently degreed graduates, AND they can spell!!

    No, this isn’t a sensitive topic for me, why do you ask?

    As for the Bachmann’s and Palin’s of the world? Those women with families who have decided to enter into the political arena? I think you will find, the minute their equal shows her face on a Liberal/Progressive ticket, she will be lauded as the Second Coming. The “perfect woman” to run our country. It won’t matter if her kids are strung out on drugs, sitting in jail, or are well-known prostitutes. It won’t matter how corrupt she might be, or how incompetent. Sad to say, I believe it’s all in the political persuasion. If Sarah Palin had a D next to her name, she’d be bullet proof, and on the fast-track for the White House. Instead, she is poison, thanks to a media who will stop at nothing to destroy her.

  5. Joy says:

    I definitely think that organization and multitasking would be a plus. I think everyone above summed this up well. I’m just so sick of the attacks on Bachmann and Palin. Why do people do that? Does it make them feel better to attach their children or husbands? Does it make them feel superior to make fun of Sarah Palin’s kids names? Just why is that and why do people do it? I can’t recall anyone making fun of Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls and that’s the way it should be. Kids should NOT be brought in the ugliness of politics.

  6. Ellen says:

    Joy, I agree that kids should be out of the pictures. But, the daughter of Sarah Palin asked herself that people give her attention by seeking the media herself. Of course all the bad publicity Sarah Palin gets are 70 % not deserved but she also have done some pretty stupid things that made her look untrustworthy , and also her horrible verbal attacks and accusations on The President of The USA. I think the media did not like that either of her. I am not excusing the media and the so called paparazzi, they are scum. But I am not excusing Sarah Palin either. I have not hear her giving a speech without attacking the President personally. And with a D behind her name, will not help her, I am afraid. I wish so much she or some other woman would be a good Representative of either parties. Both parties are acting incredibly unworthy their position. They should stop acting as if they own the country and can do whatever they want. They only have to serve the USA for the best interest of its people. This is just a bit of my opinion in this subject 🙂 It is absolutely not personal to you or to anybody else. I do realize I am still a newly resident of this country but I feel very much attached to it.

    • Joy says:

      I’m not really talking about Track or Bristol as I feel they are adults. I still don’t feel people should be making fun of them though. How low can you really get? But the younger ones, they shouldn’t be talked about in such a derogatory way. These kids can read this stuff and I just don’t feel it’s right.

      The other thing that really bothers me is the out of context things that are said about these two ladies. They used to make fun of Hillary Clinton too and now I wish she was the one who was the president. She had/has experience but to me, when they make fun of the way Sarah Palin talks, that’s an insult to all Minnesotans because that’s how we talk. I can’t stand when they pick apart what she says and her accent.

      I also don’t really know what’s wrong with Michelle Bachmann’s husband being a christian therapist have anything to do with her being president?

  7. Ellen says:

    I do agree with you. This is mocking and dislike that also. I think, people who do that are plain poor of words. They try to be funny and comedians and I personally would not take there words too serious, because then you give them credits. And I think people will always do that, making fun how people talk. They also make fun about the way President Obama speaks, he make his words so long and stops way too long in the middle of a sentence as if he wants his words to be more valued or so. I am getting then always very inpatient and say, “come on , Today please!! ” To be honest, I am not sure Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin would be good Presidents of a country that is in so much trouble.

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