What’s on YOUR List?

I learned a couple of new terms tonight. They are kinds of “lists” that people make. So I’m going to present them to you, and then ask you about yours…

The first, Bucket List, is a term that most of us are already familiar with. This is a list of things that you want to do before you die. They could be small things, like learning to bake the perfect Black Forest Cake (one of mine) or work a sewing machine. They could be huge, like scaling Mt. Everest, or building and flying your own plane (that’s one of my brother’s, by the way).

A Grit List is a list of things that you hadn’t ever planned to do, but if it was for a good cause, you’d grit your teeth and do it. An example… I heard about this on the radio, and the talk show host said that she never, ever, in a million years, wanted to do a Polar Bear Plunge (jumping into a freezing lake in the middle of a MN Winter), or Rappel down a building. But she did both earlier this year, because she was invited to take part by Special Olympics. And being a celebrity in her area, her presence made a huge difference to her local chapter. So she did it.

The third list is the funniest. It’s the Grow a Pair List. This consists of things that you really should have done by now, but are too chicken to try. Like if you’re an adult and you’ve never learned to ride a bike.

Bucket List is the most popular of the three. I don’t have one written down, but there are a few things that I can throw out there, just to get the juices flowing. Most of mine involve travel…

  • See the Iditarod in person
  • Visit: England, Ireland, Scotland, Bora Bora, Australia, and probably a few other places
  • SCUBA Dive somewhere besides the local quarry
  • Intentionally jump something while riding a horse
  • Take Josh on one of those NASCAR trips where you get to drive the race car

How about a Grit List? I can think of only one thing right now… and that is Skydiving. I’m terrified to do it. In fact, my brother (who was Airborne in the Army) once told me that if I was afraid to try it, that it was the one thing I shouldn’t “face my fears” and do, because it could kill me. But for the right cause, I might consider it. Might.

And I can’t think of anything, at the moment, for my Grow a Pair list. The guy on the radio, who inspired the name of the list, just erased one of his last weekend by learning to build a campfire. That’s the kind of stuff that would be on this list. Stuff that you, as a functioning adult, should have learned at some point in your life, but never did.

How about you? Try and think of something for each list…

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11 Responses to What’s on YOUR List?

  1. Jason says:

    One thing I would like to do in the next few years would be to go to the BWCA (Boundary Water Canoe Area) and spend a couple of days and nights fishing with my brother and dad. Other than that just being able to say I have no regrets would be on top of the list.

  2. SKL says:

    Well, I have one for the “grow a pair” list. Get up in front of lots of people and show my stuff – competently and with enthusiasm. Ha! Never happen. Is there a “perhaps in my next incarnation” list? Oh, a more realistic one – learning how to swim properly. I “taught myself” around age 8 and never took a lesson. So I can get from point A to point B, but not the way it’s supposed to be done. I don’t even know how to “float.” Now that I have kids who like to go swimming a lot, I should suck it up and learn how to do it right.

    Bucket list – honestly, I just want to do a good job of raising my kids and try not to leave them in the lurch when my time here is done. If I were younger, I’d probably list skydiving, hang gliding, bungee jumping (notice a trend?), mastering one or more musical instruments for public performance, becoming fluent in one or more foreign languages, traveling to various places, writing a book, etc. Of course I’d still like to do those things, if it works out, but I probably won’t die in despair if I don’t do them. I always wanted to straighten out my parents’ house and all that, but I hardly have time to drive out there let alone take on a big project over there (and believe me, it would be a big project).

    Grit list – mouth to mouth resuscitation? Actually, putting on a bathing suit to take my kids swimming deserves “grit list” status. I don’t like showing that much skin. Getting a colonoscopy was a grit list item too (and getting a “real one” still is). Cutting my hair short would be a grit list item, if I would ever do it. How about applying for senior discounts, ha ha!

  3. Joy says:

    I’ve thought and thought about this and as far as a bucket list, I come up dry. There are no stunts or crazy things I’d do. I’d want to just spend quality time with my family and good friends. There will be no bungee jumping or any of that from me. I simply have no interest in that kind of thing. I don’t enjoy being terrified. I don’t really even like rides at fairs. I’m not ashamed of that either. There are those “types” and I’m just not one of them.

    I would like to see Europe though. I’d love to go to Paris, Italy, Greece, England and see history and where my ancestors came from but I know I’ll never do that. I’d like to but I won’t.

    The “Grow A Pair.” See first paragraph.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Only one list… don’t make a list.

  5. Nikki says:

    As for my bucket list. I want to see Italy with my sisters, okay really only one sister. I want to watch a baseball game in every MLB stadium! I doubt that will happen! I want to bottle feed a baby tiger. I’d like to visit the East coast and all the history of our country. We watch so many history shows, I’d love to see that stuff in person. I’m sure I have more things i want to do…but it’s early, so I have to think!

    Grit list…I’d do the polar plunge I guess. I have no interest in doing anything that might kill me! No sky diving or bungee jumping for me…only if my life depended on it would I think about doing that!

    Grow a pair list….I have no idea! I can’t think of anything that I can’t do that I should know how to do.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Bucket list: Vacation in more of the states. I love to drive and plan to visit more. Learn to play the piano, and I’d love to ride in a hot air balloon!

    Grow a pair list: I really can’t think of anything.

    Grit list: I’ve gone skydiving and really enjoyed it! Bungee jumping??? Not for anything!!! Rappeling down a building would be interesting depending on the height of the building. Are we allowed to train before hand? If so, I’d definitely do that!

    • Laura says:

      Mike took me rappelling when I was ten, and he was just out of the Army. That first step nearly killed me (even then, I was terrified of heights, but you know my family… “it’s all in your head!! You’re not afraid, you’re just talking yourself into it!!”), but the rest of it? HOLY CRAP was it COOL!!! course, I think it was easier for me because I knew that it was Mike who did up the ropes, and who was holding the belay line… But it was wicked fun.

      • Phyllis says:

        What? You’d have reconsidered if Jim did the ropes, etc? I would, cause you never know where his sense of humor will lead him! 😀 I’m not afraid of heights, but being a klutz does give me pause before doing risky things. I.e. When we went skydiving waiting beside the open door was an issue for me…. I was almost convinced I’d fall out by mistake, hit my head on the wing…. you can figure out the sequence from there. But floating down. Phenomenal!!!!!! I loved it. 😀

  7. Now this is some serious grist for thought. A number of Want kind of things come to mind, but those are not at the level of a Bucket list — that’s a step above, easily.

    I’ll have to think about this . . . hmmmm. Great post!

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