Well, it’s that time of the week again. Friday has arrived. Are you ready for it? How did you survive the week? I’m not sure how I survived. Okay, I am being mellow dramatic, sorry. My tooth hurts! 😦 Thursday I went in to have it pulled with just a local anesthesia. After X-rays showed what was going on, she said she wouldn’t be able to pull it while I was awake. Not only that, but the actual cause of my pain isn’t even my wisdom tooth. It’s my back molar. I could either get a root canal or have it pulled. So, today (Friday) I go back to have them both pulled. I just want this over. At least now, I am on antibiotics and I have something for the pain. I will be going to the dentist regularly from now. Do you get your yearly dentist visits in?

How was everyone’s week? Any weekend plans? I have zero, zilch, nada…and I will need that down time, I imagine.

Have a good weekend, whatever you do!

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10 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Laura says:

    Well, tomorrow night (Friday), my friend and I are going to Waterloo to see Captain America. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve heard it’s a really good movie. I love Tommy Lee Jones, and my favorite actor (Brit Richard Armitage) has the part of one of the bad guys, Heinz Kruger. I fear he will die, but, you know, that’s the breaks. The guy’s a Nazi. He probably deserved it.

    On SAturday, I have an unknown number of Cub Scouts coming to my house to remodel/refurbish a concession stand that was donated to the Pack by our local WalMart. They told us that we could have it to use or to auction off to benefit the Pack. So we’re fixing it up – it needs a new roof, new door, new floor, among other things – and we’re considering donating it to our local race track (the speedway that Josh was at several weeks ago) to use to sell merchandise or whatever. We’d like to put the “Race Into Scouting” on the side, and maybe have pack info available in case it inspires anyone to join.

    Sunday, I got nuthin.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, yeah… we go to the dentist regularly. I think it’s every 6 months, but they make the appts for us and just send us a card reminding us to go, so I never remember. I just go. Lately, I’ve become a neurotic flosser… daily. I’m paranoid because now I live in the country with well water and no fluoride. My gums have never been so healthy.

  2. Sue says:

    Yes, we go to the dentist regularly. The kids go every 6 months and I go once a year. Friday Toby has a doc appt for his nose to see about getting it fixed. He’s broken it several times over the years and has now had enough. Since Christopher got to visit the ER on our vacation in June, we are super close to our deductible so it’d be silly to not go in. We actually just got the bill for the ER visit in the mail today and I needed someone to scrape me off the floor. Tomorrow night is also my sister’s bachelorette party. Not doing anything too crazy so don’t get excited. Saturday we have a wedding reception that should be a great time. Sunday I will probably end up helping sister #1 with the centerpieces for sister #2’s upcoming wedding. In the mean time, I’ve been trying to get Trinity rolling on her last 4-H project. The county fair judging is next Wednesday and it’s always nice to have them done early!

    • Nikki says:

      It’s funny because I make sure Jason and Bailey get to their regular check ups-teeth-eyes-physicals. But not me…I have to stop that and make myself go in too.

      Have fun this weekend!

  3. SKL says:

    Well! I am sill alive after the “big deadline.” Whew! For at least a couple of weeks, I slept maybe 3 hours per night on average – and probably about 1 hour on Tuesday night. The rest of the time things were very intense. In the end, we did a pretty good job, though as usual, there were some things we could have done better if we’d had a bit more time. We took on way too much. Not my decision. We did the best we could under the circumstances.

    This one client was such an SOB. This was the first (and last) time we ever worked with him. I have never dealt with someone so unabashedly rude and nasty or having such ridiculous demands. And here and there he would unexpectedly say something really nice. Weird. I think he needs a psych eval. Anyway, at some point we just stopped responding to him, and acted like he didn’t exist. He can kiss my ass. I still don’t know if he even submitted his application because we haven’t been in contact.

    So I have been putting a lot of other stuff off over the past month, and now it’s time to get that caught back up. Just paid a few bills tonight and did some house maintenance today. It’s a start.

    This weekend there are a couple of things going on. It’s our town’s “home days” but I don’t really get into that stuff, so I will probably send the girls off with Nanny on Saturday morning (it’s right where their swim lesson is) and with their aunt on Sunday (there’s a dog show Sunday, so she will probably find that interesting). The girls are pumped at the prospect of riding rides and eating gross carnival food. Though Miss A seems to be a bit under the weather.

    The other Saturday event is a picnic for kids adopted from my girls’ birth country. I try to attend at least a couple of their events each year, because I think the connection will be important to the girls as they get older. The picnic is located near a waterpark, so maybe I’ll bring the swim gear. And in the evening, we’ll do our bi-weekly shopping. I heard some vague thing about being invited to something for my partner’s friend, but I’m not missing the kids’ picnic for that – sorry.

    We also need to get it together on our parents’ 50th anniversary party. We sisters are supposed to have a conference call on that Sunday. I also plan to re-appear at church after a 2-week absence. Other than all that, I’ll be working as usual.

  4. SKL says:

    As for the dentist – I would like to be good about it, but I don’t know . . . I keep getting a collection notice because something was screwed up with my dental insurance. Who has time for this? I know I owe them some copays, but not $400+ for a cleaning, an exam, and several cavity fillings which should all have been insured to some extent or other. So until I get this cleared up, I’m not going back nor taking my kids. If I have to find another dentist, I will, but again, who has time for that? The last work I had done left too much gap between my teeth, so now every time I eat, food gets stuck in there. I should probably get that fixed, but what’s that gonna cost me? I begin to understand people who have a love-hate relationship with their dentist.

  5. mssc54 says:

    Traditionally this is my busiest weekend for work. College kids move in/out and it’s pandemonium. I have a very busy weekend. And the last day of the month being on Sunday doesn’t make it any less expensive for those dirty ol college kids either!

    Yeh, we all go to the dentist every six months too. Just in the last two years I lost my final two baby teeth. They were the two in the front at the bottom. Wierd I know. So now I have a Hillbilly Gap. Im thinking of getting implants. (not cosmetic surgery but teeth)! 😉

    • SKL says:

      That’s odd about the baby teeth, but you aren’t alone. My sister had to have one of hers surgically removed when she was an adult. Bummer that it’s right in the front though. Yeah, I’d get some falsies.

  6. Jenny says:

    We go to the dentist once a yr. Hunter went for the 1st time about 6 months ago. He did so good. He thought it was pretty cool. But all they did was look at his teeth and brush them.

    Like Sue, I’m going to her sister’s bachelorette party tonight. Not gonna get too crazy. Sucks I have to work at 8:30 tomorrow. So I probably won’t even stay long at all. I can’t stay up late anymore. I feel so old!! Nothing else really planned for the weekend. Getting excited for the fair to start next week. all that yummy food!!! mmmm (sorry Joy & mom!) all in moderation! So I’m sure you can eat some!

  7. Phyllis says:

    I do not like visiting the dentist, so I go when something hurts and otc stuff doesn’t work. However I have a full plate on top and partials on the bottom (only 6 real ones remain due to grinding my teeth in my sleep).My folks both had full plates when they were in their 30’s and 40’s, so mine actually lasted better than theirs. Sometimes heredity stinks! Sometime soon I hope to be able to have those 6 removed (not for the heck of it, but because they really need to come out) and get a full plate, but right now, even with my dental insurance the cost is prohibitive! It’s taken a long, long, time to get out of hock from when I broke my leg and I just don’t feel financial secure enough, right now, to take on more expense.

    My daughter saw a dentist regularly while growing up, though, and still does. She’s got great teeth! Never needed braces, and rarely has a cavity. Her teeth are just strong and healthy, lucky, lucky her!

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