I’m welcoming Friday with open arms this week! It’s been a long, and weird one so I’m kinda glad to see it go. Sunday, I’ll be another year older, but more importantly I’ll be another year wiser. Tonight Jason, Bailey and I are going out to eat at this place called Axel’s. Their food is amazing and I can finally chew without my jaw hurting, so I’m excited! 🙂

Saturday, we have plans with some friends. She’s cooking dinner for us, and her daughter is making me a chocolate cake. I’m looking forward to that! They have a ton planned, swimming (if it’s warm enough) hot tub, 4-wheeling. Just a day of fun, that I most certainly need.

And Sunday, I believe we’re all going out to dinner. Joy, Paul, Toby, Sue, the kids…the usual suspects. Then it’s off to Trinity’s (Sue’s daughter) birthday party!  The weekend couldn’t have been planned any better, and I can’t wait to start it off!

How was your week? What’s going on this weekend in your neck of the woods?

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9 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Laura says:

    I’m in Chicago for the second half of this week… we came out on Wed, and we’re going home on Monday. Today, we actually went Downtown, visited Navy Pier, where they have Tall Ships docked for the weekend. I’ve been trying to get onto a Tall Ship since I was about 13 years old and discovered them, and now I have been. It was very, very cool. All those ropes!! It’s probably a good thing we didn’t actually sail one of them. Had I been asked to do something, I’d likely have tangled them up… Seriously, I’d LOVE to do one of those “barefoot” cruises. They look pretty darned cool.

    And then we got back home and my father-in-law broke one of those stupid, infernal CFL’s, and we had to evac the house and don HazMat suits to clean up the mess. Man, am I glad our government is looking out for us! Those bulbs are sooooo much better than the old incandescent ones.

    The rest of the weekend is kinda just held for ‘hangin’ out’. Tomorrow and Saturday, Josh and I are visiting my parents (we’re staying with Steve’s), and Josh is getting the “new” bike that my dad built for him. It’s much bigger than his old one, and I’m hoping that he’ll FINALLY be able to learn how to ride without training wheels.

  2. SKL says:

    This week was relatively peaceful. We finally closed a project that we’ve been trying to close for weeks – everyone would get all geared up for a closing (about 50 transactions with 50 dated documents supporting them, involving about 25 team members across the country), and then some issue would crop up and it would have to be postponed. In addition to new negotiations and changes, ALL the documents would have to be redated, new signatures fedexed all over the place, and we’d try again. This happened 3 times before we finally actually closed. So that was a big relief.

    Other than that I’m working through my to-do’s little by little. Got about half of my personal to-do’s out of the way this week, as well as ticking off a few work to-dos.

    I wrote on the “what’s new” tab about my latest family dilemma. They want to move one kid into KG, but it’s not the kid who is way beyond ready for KG. So I’ve been on a mission to get both of them on the fast track together. Not sure how that will work out. Up until recently, I would have said that Miss A wasn’t ready for KG, but lately she is convincing me otherwise, and her teachers want to move her up. She’s acting a lot more confident and she’s starting to read a little. So now I’m quickly getting used to the idea of her being a KG student, but Miss E’s status is still in limbo due to her birth date. I’ll probably have more to say on that next week.

    So this Sunday we’ll finally go to the fair. Some family friends are coming along. I haven’t seen them since before my kids came home, so this will be their first time meeting my kids. I hope the weather is good and all goes well. I am also supposed to talk to my parents about the proposed invitee list for their 50th anniversary party – which has been a “secret” up until now. (They know we are up to something, though.)

    Oh well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • Joy says:

      I hope it all works out for school. It’s so hard to fight them and their “rules and regulations” but when you see them letting other people get away with things, it’s disappointing.

      Have a great time at the fair. I really missed going this year.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m just getting ready to head to Buffalo for a few hours. I have my yearly eye appt and I know my eyes have changed. I’m not sure if I’ll get new frames or not. I like the glasses I have but I would like some a little lighter in color. I also have a little shopping to do so I’ll hit Target. I don’t go there too often but I want to pick up The Help in book form. I see it’s a movie and I’d love to see it but I want to read it first.

    It’s a busy (kind of) weekend. I should go to the swappers meet tomorrow. My mom wants me to pick her up some Avon but I’ll see what the morning brings. It’s Kimball Days this weekend but I don’t know what we’ll participate in. Sunday we’re golfing with Jason, Nikki and Bailey and then all of us are going out for supper and then it’s Trin’s party at 6:30 like Nikki mentioned.

    Only 4 more radiation days. She’s started to burn somewhat now but thank goodness it’s almost over. Praise God.

    Have a great weekend all.

  4. Phyllis says:

    My grabddaugher’s b-day is Sun, so we’ll all be getting together for that. Other than that there’s nothing going on round here.

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