Irritating coworkers rank as one of the most stressful aspects of people’s jobs. What is the most obnoxious behavior you’ve witnessed from a colleague? We all have stories so what are some of your funniest or most maddening ones of co-workers?

Inspired by Gayle King

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7 Responses to Co-Workers

  1. Jenny says:

    I actually only work with 3 other people. My boss, the chiropractor is hilarious! Love working with him. He makes work fun. There are 2 receptionists, Heather & Corynn. I’m very good friends with Heather and we do a lot of stuff with her family. Corynn on the other hand, is not very friendly. She’s very greedy and selfish. I’m glad she’s only there when Heather is not! And thats about 2 days out of the week. So no angry stories from me!!

  2. mssc54 says:

    I used to have a gay employee who’s boyfriend would beat him up about once a month. I had to meet him at the emergency room a couple of times.

  3. SKL says:

    Oh, I could go on all day with this. I think the guy I most loved to hate was Frank, who was hired in my last job to eventually be my boss, or so he thought. He was at the same level as I was but paid way more, and never did bring in enough revenue to even pay his salary, but he had a huge superiority complex. He also had a lot of laughable quirks and aggravating habits. Like, in professional / client meetings he would stick his tongue way out while he was “thinking.” Gross. He used to send every single email as “URGENT!!!!!” because of course, nobody else could possibly have anything more important to do than to kiss his ass. I took him aside and told him about that because I thought maybe he had accidentally set his email defaults that way. But no, he intentionally marked each email URGENT . . .. He was always happy to take credit for work he didn’t do and put down my value and outright lie to get ahead at my expense. Oh, he used to make me SOOOO MAD. And to my face, he would pretend to be my best friend, and was always TOUCHING me, UGHHHH! I avoided him like the plague, so I wouldn’t kill him. When I quit, he had been there for 5 years, and I had been promoted to a higher position than his. At that point he had become the resident joke, but somehow they still kept paying him. No way I would have gotten away with that. He was evidence in my mind of that company’s blatant gender discrimination.

    I used to say that when I learned to love Frank, I would have reached Nirvana. I never did reach it.

  4. Jason says:

    When we get a new employee, I get stuck with training them in. Mainly because I have more patience than other experienced employees. My biggest issue is when I am training them in, I ask them if they understand and the nod their head and say yep got it. Not five minutes later welds are missed, parts put in the wrong area, yet none of them ever ask me before they do this so it ends up taking three times as long as it should. Somedays, I hold little hope for the 18-24 year old crowd.

  5. Phyllis says:

    I must say that I’ve been blessed with very nice co-workers and bosses for the most part.. I’ve been at the same job for 44 yrs and only been in two stores. I’ve been through many mgrs and have only had 2 I couldn’t stand no matter what! One was an egotistical, manical personality who was also on drugs at the time he was managing our store! He was the most hated person our store had ever had, and that hate was store-wide! He had several harassment suits against him because he would make personal comments and just harass everyone. The other was a lady who was put in the store to eliminate the long term employees. She wasn’t above altering the final cash tally of a drawer to do so. However, we caught on to her and called in the union which resulted in her being transferred. Unfortunately, by that time she had eliminated several people. I was almost one of them, but the store manager found me another position which was stocking shelves. That was back in 1980. A few yrs ago I transferred to a store closer to home (10 min away) and what a huge blessing it is to be here! This store has only one person who’s always negative. I don’t avoid her, but I make it a point to have limited contact with her.

    We have a lot of fun at work (in both places), and the customers are the BEST! I truly enjoy my job. 🙂

  6. Joy says:

    I have to say I’ve worked with some pretty fun and cool people over the years. I really only had one boss I couldn’t stand and that was the store I worked at in Emerson. I worked in the deli and she would try and make us use “old” products to sell for lunches. A lot of it was rotten. If meat got slimy she wanted us to rinse it off and use it THAT DAY in something to get rid of it. As soon as she’d leave each day we’d all throw all the expired stuff out. She was a nightmare. At the same time the people I worked with in that store were a riot. My best friend worked in bookkeeping and it was a floor above us in a loft type deal and we’d throw peanuts and bulk candy at each other and really laughed and had fun.

    The other funnest people I worked with were the people at Deephaven Elementary. I had the most fun with those people. We had parties and were really good friends. When I left that building, nothing was the same. I went to such a bigger school. But working there, I realized teachers and the most “uptight” people aren’t what they appear to be. They’re real people who all put their pants on one leg at a time. I think until I worked with teachers, I had them on a pedestal. I miss those days all the time.

  7. SKL says:

    I should note that I had some cool co-workers, too! I’m still friends with some of them. In my first post-grad-school job, my desk was in the same room as the part-time collections lady. She was one of those people who had a way of bringing out what’s really on your mind, and also had a fun, ironic sense of humor. We are still good friends.

    I also have memories of lauging a lot at most of my jobs. There was this one girl whose job was to take complaints, and she’d tell of the latest ridiculous shipping error our “brilliant” warehouse guys had made, and it was always hilarious. I used to laugh until I cried.

    In my last job, my best memories were when my boss and I were in a “you and me against the world” situation, which happened a couple of times. Somehow I managed to get controversial people as bosses, and I could sense whom I could and couldn’t trust – and since I was strictly honest and loyal, they trusted me. But the funniest times were when my secretary and I used to exchange personal stories. Some people are just better than others at wording things.

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