We have a lot of big hearts that read this blog. I’m hoping that you will help me spread the word about a very special little girl. Tonight, I received a message from my best bud, Dina, who knows a couple named Suzanne and Dewey Fristoe through some friends of hers. Suzanne and Dewey are working hard to adopt a little Chinese girl named Clare, and bring her home.

Clare is no ordinary little girl. She is a very special child, a fighter through and through. Born with several challenges, including a cleft palate, Down Syndrome, and congenital heart defects, she was expected to die right after she was discovered abandoned as an infant. She was brought to an orphanage, but sent to a special hospice to die. Well, it’s four years later, and she is still going strong, having fought several battles for her life. Strictly nursed by the staff of Little Flower where she now lives, she never sees a doctor. They have placed her on “palliative care”, which means, essentially, that she is made comfortable until she dies.

Well, the Fristoe Family has other plans for Miss Clare, and they are holding a fundraiser to raise the $17,000 that is still needed for adoption expenses (they need a total of $28,000). Incidental to this fundraiser is the prize – an iPad. Donations are requested starting at $10.

I would love to see this go viral – please pass the message through your own blogs, FaceBook pages if you have them, and through email. Let us join hands and bring little Clare home.

You can read about the family here.

You can link to the fundraiser (and make a donation) here.

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3 Responses to Clare

  1. SKL says:

    Aww, she’s cute! I hope and pray that they are able to bring her home and nurse her to good health.

  2. Joy says:

    What a sweet little girl and what great people the Fristoe’s must be. I made a small donation. It’s really not all that much money and I sure hope like heck they can raise it. I put it on my FB over the weekend so I don’t know if anyone donated or not.

    GOOD LUCK TO THEM AND MISS CLARE. I love that name too btw.

  3. Nikki says:

    Wow, what a heart wrenching story. It helps to know there are still good people in this world willing to help such a helpless, beautiful little girl. Breaks my heart whats he has already had to endure. If I could adopt every abandoned child in this world, I would! I too, shared it on FB. It can’t hurt! GOOD LUCK to them…and I hope little Clare lives a long wonderful life with people who will love her and care for her properly!

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