Charlie’s Angels

So, will you guys watch? Did you like the old one? Check this out for old times sake and the new ones are here too.

Also, Dallas will be coming back on next summer. Take a peek here. I’ll never forget the night the “who shot JR” episode was on TV. We’d waited and waited and my aunt and uncle were here. I’d just had Toby a few weeks before and my aunt had come down from Canada to help me and my uncle came down to pick her up. My brother was getting married in a very small ceremony and they stayed home and babysat and then reported the “news” to us when we got home. It was such an exciting show.

Will you watch either of these new shows coming and did you watch them the first time around? If you could bring back any other shows from the past, what would you like to see?

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12 Responses to Charlie’s Angels

  1. SKL says:

    No offense, but I never could stand either of those shows. I could never stand Farrah Fawcett, nor the sexist attitude of the whole show (which was glaring even to me as a young kid). As for JR, I never liked his character and didn’t enjoy that type of show – nor would I enjoy it now.

    But that is moot, since I don’t watch TV anyway.

    What would be worth watching some more of? Archie Bunker before he started to get all touchy feely with social issues. Barney Miller. Maybe a good cop show like the Streets of San Francisco.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Totally NOT watching Charlie Angels. Totally AM watching Dallas!

  3. Laura says:

    They’re coming back? Where?

    I used to *love* Charlie’s Angels. My friends and I would play it. I was always the blonde (of course), and my friend took her role as Sabrina so seriously that she morphed Sabrina and Wonder Woman together, and would spin around to activate her “Sabrina Powers”. Such fun! Never watched a single episode of Dallas, though. My parents dubbed it a “soap”, so it was never on.

    What would I bring back? Lots of fun shows. TV today is pretty much crap. I miss good family shows like Family Ties and Cosby – stuff that was genuinely funny without being mean. Dukes of Hazzard, which (watching it through adult eyes, thanks to Netflix) was totally hokey and full of *awful* acting, but just plain fun, even now. And older shows, like Andy Griffith, Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie. Stuff that wasn’t trying to make a social statement (even though it did – Lucy), and was laugh-out loud funny.

    • Joy says:

      “Angels recently finished filming its pilot in Miami, and on Tuesday ABC announced it planned to air a full season at 8 p.m. on Thursdays.” You can check out this article.

  4. Nikki says:

    No, I didn’t watch the old ones? When they go off air? I’m pretty sure my mom watched Dallas. We won’t be watching either of the new ones. One of Jason’s favorite girls is playing an angel so it surprised me he didn’t want to watch it.

    • Joy says:

      Minka Kelly?? Do you know who she’s engaged to?

      • Nikki says:

        Yes, Minka…I just read that her and Derek Jeter split. Jason loved her on Friday Night Lights. She’s also the daughter of an Aerosmith Guitarist.

        • Joy says:

          I didn’t know that. About Aerosmith. She was on Parenthood last year and I’m going to really miss her character on that show. She’s so pretty.

        • Joy says:

          I didn’t read they split either. She agree to do the role because it was filming in FL and that’s where they built a MANSION. It’s too bad if they did. They looked so cute together. She was there a few weeks ago when he got that home run record. I hate when people I like break up.

  5. Joy says:

    I will watch both. I liked Charlie’s Angels quite a bit. It was fluff yes but I liked it. I loved Tom Bosley and John Forsyth’s voice as Charlie. I thought a lot of it was far fetched, but ya, I’ll watch. As Nikki and I were talking, I love Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzeh was on General Hospital so I’ll check it out. I hope it’s not on when something else is on that we love. So far a few of our shows are showing up on different nights than they were on.

    I LOVED Dallas. Paul and I never missed it in all those years. Knots Landing was really good too as well as Dynasty and Falcon Crest. I liked those so much more than all the reality that’s on now. I can’t stand some of those shows. Some I love but some I think are just plain ridiculous. I like the fact that with Dallas, so many of the originals are coming back. Larry Hagman was pure evil and the clip from the link in the story, he sounds the same. I’m loving it.

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