Everyone survive the week?! Surprisingly, I did! Bailey started middle school on Tuesday. I was nervous, because it’s a huge change. He did great though. No set backs, no problems getting to each class, and no problem finding friends to eat lunch with! That was always my biggest fear, eating alone. The best words I heard all week, “I can’t wait to go back to school!” I hope that continue.

How was everyone’s week? Any fun, or not so fun plans for this weekend?

I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing. Little Miss Sue 😉 has a birthday coming up on Sunday, and I really hope we can all get together at some point. Also Sunday, Bailey and his team have their 1st double header baseball games. Please, wish them luck! This is what we call a “rebuilding year”, so who knows how it’s all going to play out.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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10 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Laura says:

    This may be the last you hear from me until sometime on Monday. Sue isn’t the only Birthday Kid this weekend. Josh turns 8 on Sunday, as well. His “friend party” is on Saturday. He’s invited 20 kids, and I’ve had one who can’t make it (he’s coming on Sunday), and so far, everyone else is a go, that I’ve talked to. It’s going to be crazy here! Josh chose Archery as his theme. We were going for a whole “Robin Hood” thing, but since he just told me on Sunday that we were doing it, I couldn’t get the theme together. The important stuff will be here: archery, slingshots, jousting (not on horseback. See? If I’d have had a little more time… I mean, I’ve GOT the ponies!!).

    And on top of all the preparations for the party, my family is coming tomorrow. Which is VERY fortunate, not only because I really enjoy having them here, but also? Because my toilet sprang a leak. Last week. I didn’t realize it was leaking THAT MUCH. I found the leak immediately (I thought), and turned the valve off. Only problem was, it wouldn’t turn ALL THE WAY off. But I thought it had turned off enough that it wasn’t leaking anymore. See, I thought it was a pressure thing. It wasn’t. It was just a sneaky leak. And this afternoon, I discovered that the drop ceiling in my basement guest room isn’t there anymore (two squares of it anyway) – it’s all over the now SOAKED carpet. And some on the dresser. Water missed the bed though. THank heaven for small favors.

    Well, Dad and Jim will be here tomorrow to help really fix it. I managed to get the water turned off ALL the way this time, and I’ve even checked it a few times. It’s off. I just hope this isn’t the ol’ “harbinger of things to come”.

    On the upside, Josh hugged me twice this week. That’s not unusual, he’s a very huggy kid. But once, he hugged me, tight around the waist, and said, “Wow, mama. You’re skinny!” I coulda kissed him. Ok, I did. And today, he asked me for computer time, right in the middle of my toilet woes. Desperate, I said yes. (usually there’s no computer/video game time until weekends), and he hugged me again, and said, “I love you, Mama.” I said, “You say that ’cause I gave you computer time, right?” …

    “No, it’s just what I do.” Yep. That’s my boy. Knows exactly what to say to make my horrible day alllll better.

    Like I said, I may not be here much for the rest of the weekend, so I want to say this now…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUE!!! I hope all your wishes come true. And that you get “skinny” hugs, and “I love you’s”… ’cause that’s just what they do.

    • Sue says:

      Thanks Laura 🙂 Happy Birthday to Josh as well and I’m sure your party is going to be a hit!!! Good luck on the toilet!

    • SKL says:

      That sucks about the leak! I hate when those things happen, because like you, the only fixit person here is me, and I can only do so much.

      That’s so cute about Josh. The only parallel here that comes to mind is, my kids are already planning what they are going to inherit when I die. “I’m gonna have your car.” “I’m gonna have your money, and a bunch of other dead people’s money, until I’m rich!” Kinda gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it? (No idea where my four-year-olds got these ideas. They do not watch TV, and I haven’t had any inheritances to discuss . . . .)

  2. Sue says:

    Well, I’m off again today, but I kinda saw it coming. We’ve gotten super slow again at work so everyone takes their turn staying home. Sucky thing is, this pay period I’ve stayed home 2 days 😦 So, we just keep hanging on and hope for the best!

    Other than Nikki spilling the secret about my birthday, it’s CRAFT SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! The Little Falls craft show is this weekend and my aunt and cousin from Missouri are coming just for the occasion like they do every year. Here is the post from last year…
    It’s a fun time to be with ‘the girls’ and spend quality time together. Thankfully, we all get along great 🙂 That’s all I’m doing this weekend and I hope everyone has a good one 🙂

  3. SKL says:

    So the Elton John concert was a hit. We got pretty good lawn seats and although it rained earlier in the day, the weather was perfect during the concert. (Probably because I came prepared for everything from a hurricane to a blizzard.) He played a lot of good songs. I was singing most of the time. There were only 2 kids there – mine – but they did great. Could have done without the mile walk back to the car at 11pm, but hey, we’re tough women around here. Miss A did her homework in the car this morning. I just love her attitude (about school, anyway) and I hope it continues.

    This weekend will be busy as usual. There is an Indian festival on Saturday that I want to drop in for, in addition to our usual shopping. And I think there is supposed to be a free concert with fireworks on 9/11 – I need to find out more about it. I hope the weather holds out. It’s been pretty wet lately.

    Nothing else to report at this time. I hope everyone has a great weekend! (Oh, and happy birthday to everyone – I don’t usually comment on the happy birthday posts.)

  4. Nikki says:

    Okay, so I’m a tad disappointed this morning. I saw last night that My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Pound Puppies were on, so I set the DVR to record them for Lilly. Okay, me too but that’s irrelevant.

    They don’t look the same at all! The poor little ponies have been modernized, and I don’t like it! Talk about a disappointment. Lilly however, doesn’t know the difference, and she loves it. I thought they’d be the same episodes as I watched 25 years ago.

    • Laura says:

      I hate that they’re revamping everything. Was it Strawberry Shortcake that they “updated”, and she’s all tall and skinny, and kind of looks like an adolescent Bratz without the nasty makeup and removable feet? They talked about doing that to Dora, too. Why can’t they just leave the stuff alone and come up with NEW ideas? Heaven forbid, they have to be creative instead of recycling stuff from our youth and ruining it…

      • Nikki says:

        Yes, that’s on right now (Strawberry Shortcake) and she is not the same either. 😦 I doubt the Pound Puppies will be the same. That’s just sad. They have enough new cartoons, that frankly, I think are awful! I could list off a dozen! Leave our oldies alone!!!

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