I’m just putting the link in for this one. They all look so good and even though summer’s about over, these look good for anytime something special is going on.

From Paula Deen

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  1. Jenny says:

    mmm they all look so good. Now you need to find some hot drinks!!!

  2. Karen Joy says:

    The “PERKY” ones sound yum!I was excited to see the Pina Colada then I read it has a banana in it..eekk.Wonder what i could do instead.Do Pina Coladas usually have banana?
    Hey I received the SEARS catalogue today(do you have that in the US?)and Paula Dean now has a furniture line,very nice I must say.

    • Joy says:

      No Karen, I’ve never heard of a banana in that drink. I love banana’s but I wouldn’t want it with coconut.

      We have Sears down here but I don’t get the catalog. I remember how much I used to enjoy looking through those. I bought a few Paula Deen gadgets today. I love her.

  3. Karen Joy says:

    Joy,you would really like her furniture.A little country but up to date.Just beautiful..different hutches,weathered look and I would love to have her bedroom set!Im dreaming,its pretty pricey!Anyhow…

  4. Nikki says:

    The Sweet Cherry Lemonade sounds really good. Refreshing!

    I had to take a peak at their Sweet Tea recipe. That is something that is in my fridge ALL of the time. It’s the only way I can get Jason to drink some type of “water” besides coffee. I wonder what the whole, “sugar mixture” thing is all about. I don’t do that, have never even heard about it. I wonder why they do that, and how/if it makes a difference.

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