Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a good week. I don’t have too much to report. Nothing that would be of any interest to any of you, I’m sure! Just some top secret scheming going on here with Jason and some baseball dads. It is serious business, but they do make me laugh! That’s about all the excitement going on over here.

I have no clue what we’re doing this weekend, other than the usual baseball. Bailey needs a hair cut, and I have more stuff to take to the thrift store. How does this stuff accumulate?? I swear, I don’t buy a lot of stuff!

I know, such an exciting life I live. Don’t be jealous! 😉 Any weekend plans for you?

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24 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Laura says:

    ooohhhh, it’s been a cranky week around here. It’s bill-paying week, and that always puts me in a bad mood. So I’ve been very waspish for the last couple of days. I’ve tried taking out most of my aggressions over at ‘that site’ but discovered, once again, that when they ask for your opinion, what they’re really saying is, “say something that the liberal, loosey-goosey parenting crowd here will agree with otherwise we’re going to call you names and tell you to shut up”. And it ticked me off even more than I already was. So I went for a walk instead. At least I got my exercise!!

    This weekend is homecoming weekend, so tomorrow night is Football Night. We’ll go to the game and have dinner there, then Saturday morning, we’re back to clean up the stands. My in-laws will also be here for the weekend – they missed Josh’s birthday last weekend, so we’ll do that, too.

    And then Sunday, josh and the rest of his pack will be Auctioned Off, literally, at the church bazaar. Whoever wins them will get the group for about three hours one day this fall for a work day – raking leaves, mucking stalls, whatever. It’s our way of helping the church at their annual fundraiser. I think the boys will enjoy it.

    • Just a Mom says:

      I love the idea of auctioning off the pack. That is such a great idea!

      • SKL says:

        I agree – I had not heard of that idea before!

      • Laura says:

        We were trying to figure out a way to help the Church/School, because they allow us to use the school gym and other facilities free of charge. Traditionally, we’ve always done a few small jobs… sweep the gym after a large event, for example. Well, they hired good janitorial staff now, so that job is no longer needed. Steve suggested the auction thing and everybody thought it was a pretty cool idea. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Sue says:

    There is nothing on the calendar for this weekend which doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I did want to go to Mystery Cave state park at some point this fall and was hoping to go Saturday. But alas, my kids said they didn’t want to, to which I said, suck it up, and now Trinity doesn’t feel the best so we probably won’t be going anyway. The kids really enjoyed Wind Cave in South Dakota so I thought they’d be all up for the adventure, but school must be tiring them out 🙂

  3. Just a Mom says:

    I have had a pretty quiet week which I really needed! I am sooo ready for this weekend. I have been looking forward to this Saturday for 4 months when I bought my tickets. I am going to see Maroon 5 & Train! I am taking my youngest daughter and 2 of her friends and my oldest daughter and her fiance are meeting us there. My youngest daughter and her friends are so excited. This will be a first concert for one of the girls.

  4. SKL says:

    I don’t have anything exciting going on. I did get a lot of work done on the kid books that I had/have in my basement. I tell you, it is scary to see how many I bought when I used to “collect” them before I even had kids. Some of them are doubles and even triples, but even excluding those, my kids still have thousands of really good books to read . . . someday! How did I ever think a kid could get through all those books? To make room for the age-appropriate books, I’ve been weeding out the ones that can go to my sister’s younger kids. There are so many really good tot/preschool books (and learning toys) that we never even got around to looking at. Mainly because my time to just sit around with the girls has always been so limited. So now that my sister is a stay-at-home mom due to Miss G’s needs, she should have time to use the books better than I did. I hope she enjoys them.

    My sister sent out a prayer request for Miss G. She’s been getting stiff on her right side. A symptom of cerebral palsy. Up until now, she hadn’t really shown any clear signs of having long-term special needs. She will be getting more physical therapy, and we’ll just keep praying that she will be OK. Miss G has also had some other medical issues (gastrointestinal), but she’s managed to stay out of the hospital so far.

    I’m working on planning for Miss A’s birthday. Since we will be on a Caribbean cruise ship on Miss E’s birthday, the aunties felt that we should go somewhere for Miss A’s as well. I think we’ve settled on the Ohio Caverns and some other caves around there, and we’ll figure out some lighter stuff to throw in. She’s also getting an ipod with a doggy that dances (I think I mentioned that before) and dinner at her favorite restaurant. Oh, and she wants her nails painted with glittery nail polish, LOL. She is so funny. I thought about getting her a play makeup kit, because she is obsessed with wanting red lips. But then I thought, better not to feed the obsession! Seriously, we were doing piano practice and she pointed at the whole note for middle C, and said, “that looks like lips – a top one and a bottom one with a line between.” Weird kid!

    This weekend should be relatively normal (our normal). We may go to an art museum opening tomorrow night, because we were involved in the financing. It’s a modern art museum, so I’m not that thrilled about it, but whatever. Hopefully it will be enjoyable. On Saturday, if the zoo is still open late, we’ll go there, and then I want to buy a shelf and maybe some hooks for my kids’ room. That’s about it.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • Laura says:

      You could “feed the obsession” with something like Bonnie Bell or Tinkerbell cosmetics… basically, it’s just clear or light pink shiny lip balm/gloss, pink shades of nail polish, and very light eye shadows and stuff. It’s made for play – that’s the point, because little girls are so into that stuff. I’ve put together cute little sets for Josh’s friends starting in KG, and all the moms were very happy with it. I think they might also have some perfume along the lines of “Love’s Baby Soft” – very light and powdery scents.

  5. Laura says:

    Ok, here’s a question… Has anyone had any real experience with Google+? I’m irritated with this latest “upgrade” of Facebook – the others were worthy of a little snort of complaint and an “oh, brother”, but this one is AWFUL. And what they’re saying is coming down the pike is downright frightening – the fact that they want to track my whereabouts through my phone and announce it to the world every time I move around. They’re starting to really push the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

    But I also have issues with Google and their policies… the fact that they had no qualms about selling out to China and providing information about the Chinese citizens’ browsing histories.

    I really don’t want to leave FB; I like the social platform and being able to connect with old friends, and those around the country that I never see. But I also don’t want every move I make to be broadcasted to the world.

    • Nikki says:

      I set up a Google+ account but so far I don’t think it’s for me. I HATE the FB, and I’m really just now finding out what everyone was complaining about. I have clicked almost everyone’s comments& likes to not appear and they still do. AND that really only means I am at the mercy of everyone else to do the same for me…but ya know what?? I am still seeing everyone on that stupid ticker! I don’t even want to be on there. I made 2 comments, and that’s all I’ll make for right now. I don’t want to even comment on someones photo because then every friend of a friend can pull it up and look at it. Same goes with every status-they ripped our privacy away from under our feet!

      • Jenny says:

        With commenting on someone’s picture or status, I believe (not sure) it may have to do with that other person’s privacy. If their profile isn’t set on private then of course people are gonna see it. I was checking that out lastnight with people’s comments on pictures and all the pictures I clicked on, the person’s profile was not private. So who knows…..But even with your friends I still don’t like everyone seeing what you’re posting and commenting to friends. oh-well I’m still gonna stick with it. and complain!!! lol

      • Joy says:

        Jenny, you would be so surprised and shocked at home many people don’t have privacy settings set. It’s really sad that people are so lax but they are. I’m going to learn my way around google+ but still keep FB. I know quite a few people who have already deleted their FB account and if I don’t go there, I’ll miss them.

    • Joy says:

      I set up a google+ account but I’ve been so busy the last few days that I haven’t really had too much of a chance to look at it. I had a google account already and I’m not sure why I had it. I must have needed it for something at one point or another. But right now it’s a learning deal and I only have a handful of my Canadian relatives there. Nikki is also.

      The thing that bothers me the most is the privacy thing. I don’t mind the ticker “that much.” Mine just came on yesterday and nothing else looks different to me so I just may not have the whole change yet but what bothers me is every status that one of your friends comment on goes on that ticker and it goes on that ticker to all “that” person’s friends whether you’re friends with them or not. I don’t want strangers or just people I don’t want to be friends with for whatever reason, seeing what I’m doing and what I post or my pictures. Because if you hover over that ticker, the status box shows up whether you’re friends with that person or not. Get it? I have a few people I don’t choose to be friends with but the rest of my family is. I don’t want those people seeing MY STUFF. That’s what I’m peeved about. I hate change. I HATE CHANGE but I hate this lack of my privacy even more.

      So if more of us were to go over and check google+ out, it could be okay but so far, I will stay on FB just because you all are over there.

      • Jenny says:

        Joy, were your friends able to see what you were commenting on my stuff? Because my profile is private. So just wondering if that works….

        • Joy says:

          No. Last night Karen Joy and I used you to check. That’s why I said that to Judd and she didn’t see that so we weren’t sure if it was because I and you are private or we unclicked that “comment and like” deal.

      • Nikki says:

        I’ll keep the Google+ and work with it a bit…I will stay pretty quiet on FB, and really thinking abut deleting a lot of my photos-for the reason I told you about.

      • Joy says:

        I see I’ve sent you an invitation but it’s telling me you haven’t signed up yet so I don’t know what’s going on.

  6. Karen Joy says:

    Im on google+ now for a few days but same as Joy with only a handle full of people.My thinking is that google+ might just turn the same as FB sooner or later,dont you think?I dont know.Im staying on FB for now at least because I am sure some of my friends/family will never switch and I want to communicate with them.I just posted an article in which the author states that our privacy has not actually been changed/affected with this last update on FB.I do know that youve always been able to look at people’s status’ that you arent friend with by clicking on YOUR friends comment on it on their wall..make sense.Now its just right there in the ticker,you dont have to go look at your friends profile page and comment actions.I do not like that at all…but I dont like any change!

    • Joy says:

      If you ever saw someone make a comment and clicked on their name, if they have the privacy setting set and you’re not friends with them, it won’t let you see anything. Some people even have their profile pic private. I’m completely private but what scares me is we have to depend on everyone else now making sure they keep on their toes because every now and then “accidents” happen and our settings get changed “all by themselves. Hhhmm??

      Google+ might change. It’s hard to say. I’m going to keep them both but I am going to go into FB and start deleting pictures because it’s going to take a while.

      I realize I’m not on the run from the law or anything but really, I have declined some “friendships” for a good reason. I don’t want just any Tom, Dick or Harry looking at my stuff because they saw it on some side ticker.

      • Jenny says:

        I know yours in private, but when the change did occur I was at work and I was talking to Heather about all the privacy issues and she said “yea you see this here. Where your mom wrote something to Joy and I can see that. I’m not friends with Joy, but I can see it” She’s friends with my mom, but not you. So I don’t know whats going on…..All I can say is its stupid and I don’t like it!

      • Joy says:

        That’s what kind of scares me.

  7. Laura says:

    I don’t know if I’m *quite* worried about privacy – I generally don’t put up anything that I don’t want anybody to see anyway. I do know that you can choose, with every status update, who sees it. So if you don’t want Cousin Joe seeing that you’re posting on your FB that his hair is greasy today, you can use that little drop-down and “customize” it to exclude him from seeing that particular status update. You can also set them to “friends only”, “public”, etc. That might keep them out of the status clicker, I don’t know.

    I played with Google+ a little this morning, but I don’t have any friends on it yet. I don’t even know if Joy is my friend, and she’s the one who invited me!! I have one friend who dumped FB this morning in favor of Google, so I think I’ll just sit back and see what happens with soem of the others. I think they’re considering it.

    It would be nice if FB saw this exodus going on and reacted to it – maybe re-evaluated some of their frequent changes.

    • Joy says:

      Well the other thing is Laura IF, say Paul, said something on one of my status’s and he’s friends with “cousin Joe,” his response and mine will be seen unless he does that little pull down thing. So we are depending on everyone else.

      And the other other thing is there are MORE changes coming. They’re not all done yet. They’re adding music and video’s so they’re going to have to put that crap somewhere so the page is going to have to change even more.

      I just went to Paul’s to see if his ticker would show something I just said to someone who’s not his friend and his page still hasn’t changed at all. So far my only change is the ticker. My timeline and pictures are all still the same.

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