Question of the day

Do you decorate for Fall or Halloween?

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10 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Sue says:

    I have decorations for both. I put out the fall stuff first and then Halloween is only out for maybe 2 weeks. I take that back, I did put out my halloween living room decor already!

  2. Just a Mom says:

    We decorate outside for Halloween. Every year we try to enhance the scare a little. This year I had a great idea but my youngest won’t let me do it. I wanted to get a bunch of doll heads, arms and legs and hang them from our trees. She is such a party pooper!

  3. Jenny says:

    no not really

  4. SKL says:

    I would if someone else around here didn’t do it. Her birthday is on Halloween so it’s big with her.

    A couple of weeks ago, we were in a mall and my daughters noticed a Halloween store. Against my recommendation, they really wanted to go in there. Even though they heard someone scream (for real) while we were still on the threshold. But I let the girls talk me into it. There were some really gross things in there, but the worst was the rotating rack of assorted, life-sized zombie babies. Eeew, why? Try explaining that to a four-year-old. But Miss A was pretty impressed by the Exorcist girl who turned her head all the way around and puked green puke. I only allowed them to be in there a few minutes, and I practically had to drag them out.

    A week later they were talking about it, and in their version, I forced them to go in there, LOL!

  5. Laura says:

    I decorate subtly. The way our property is situated, trees block the area that I would decorate, so unless I want to go all out and completely overboard, I don’t do it.

    But I do decorate some, inside. I have fall kitchen towels, I put out pumpkin decorations. All year long, I cultivate spiders, so that by the time Halloween comes around, the webs are huge and look really awesome. (that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it) Mostly, the decor is subtly fall, as opposed to Halloween.

    One year, I thought it would be SO COOL to get those little baby pumpkins, hollow them out and put them around the candles of my kitchen chandelier (it’s wrought-iron, with candle lights – looks very medieval). So I did just that, and it looked awesome! Until about a week later, I noticed one of them had a bit of a strange coloring around the bottom. I climbed up there, grabbed it to pull it off and see what was wrong, and it completely mooshed in my hand!! Between the heat and the wet of the pumpkins, they had all rotted up there!!! eeeewwwwwww……. so now I’m keeping my eyes out for the perfect sized FAKE baby pumpkins, that I can then hollow out and use as “candle rings”

  6. Ellen says:

    I am starting to decorate my living also already with Halloween stuff. I love it. I love the colors and the smell of the candles you can get now.

  7. mssc54 says:

    Nope. Well, except for a carved pumpkin.

  8. Nikki says:

    I don’t have Halloween decorations, just Fall ones. I’m super cheap! I did tell Jason I really want to put Christmas lights up outside this year. We’ll see.

  9. Karen Joy says:

    Nope,I dont!I dont care to celebrate a time of year i dont like.I know I sound terrible but I have some”issues”with fall!

  10. Joy says:

    I thought I answered this last night.Yes, I decorate both. I have Fall and Halloween stuff up and when Halloween is over, I put up Thanksgiving stuff and then the Christmas stuff after that. It’s not until after Christmas that my “regular stuff is back out.


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