So True…

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12 Responses to So True…

  1. Sue says:

    I’m sorry, but when I saw this on FB, I had to steal it!!! LMAO!!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    good one!

  3. SKL says:

    Tee hee!

    In a few months, we’re hopping on a plane to Puerto Rico. I wonder what I should tell my girls about the security screenings. Ugh!

    • Jenny says:

      have they been on an airplane before? or 1st time?

      • SKL says:

        Last time was when they came home from their birth country, 4 years ago. I don’t recall them being frisked that time. They looked pretty harmless, though you never know.

        Actually, we had to wait in some unpopulated area of the airport for ages, because my mom was in a wheelchair and unable to take the stairs to the regular security place. So I had a mom in a wheelchair, two babies in a double stroller, and me standing on my feet with trying to keep everyone happy for about an hour, and wondering whether we were going to be forgotten as our flight took off. Finally with little time to spare, some people came and put us through a special security screening and moved us along. Ugh! They took my mom’s toothpaste and she’s been ticked about it ever since, LOL.

        I have to say that the travel could have been a lot worse. The girls were still in a state of wonder and shock as they kept meeting new people and having new experiences, so they were really good the whole time. Having my mom in a wheelchair meant we were able to board first and stuff like that. So I really can’t complain. But it wasn’t all peaches and cream, believe me. Then again, I didn’t have to go through labor twice, so . . . .

      • Jenny says:

        One thing i love about airports is they have a family line going through security. Which means you get to cut in front of everyone who has been standing there for so long! Hunter goes through security quite well. Takes shoes off, walks through the machine by himself. Us 3 have never been frisked. Thank goodness 🙂

        • SKL says:

          The thing is, I don’t know if they will do a “pat down” or not. I think I need to prepare my kids for the possibility. And they will want to know WHY someone might need to feel them up. I suppose we will get through it, but I wish it wasn’t necessary. But, we can’t exactly drive to Puerto Rico, so . . . .

  4. Ellen says:

    I had to “steel” it too 🙂 BTW I love your header. It is so stunning.

  5. Karen Joy says:

    hehe..good one!

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