Pull Up a Club

The season’s almost over, so I figured, in Joy’s honor, we’d meet today on the Links. I’m not a big fan of golf, having been banned from the Fairways for my flippant attitude and having an unexplainable attack of Pun-itis during one particularly hilarious game (ok, I thought it was hilarious. apparently nobody else did), but Joy loves to golf, so today is for her.

As we’re having our conversation, remember to speak in hushed tones, and don’t laugh. If you find something particularly amusing or praise-worthy, a quiet opera-clap will do. And if you’re nasty, you get to replace every single divot that is created. With your nose.

photo swiped from St. Cloud Country Club

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11 Responses to Pull Up a Club

  1. SKL says:

    Well, it’s been a relatively calm weekend. Probably because I wasn’t trying to accomplish anyting awesome. And, I didn’t, LOL.

    Tomorrow Miss A has an appointment with the dermatologist. It probably would have been a good idea to make her take a bath, LOL. Oh, well! Let’s see what I can find time for in the morning.

    Did I ever tell you guys about my golf experience (or lack thereof)? My family was never into golf at all, so I viewed it as something only hoity-toity rich people did. When I joined a male-dominated CPA firm in my 20s, golfing was viewed as something everyone has to do in order to succeed. The partners would schmooze their clients over golf (obviously they didn’t bother to woo female clients much). So the “company picnic” was held at a fancy golf club. I was forced to join a team. I had to learn right there, and the partner who hired me was supposedly a good golfer and he was in the group ahead of me. It was noted that I had dressed inappropriately for golf (I do not do shorts in polite company). Luckily, I turned out to be a “natural” at the sport and I didn’t embarrass myself too much – until the end, when they were getting ready to announce the lowest score prize, and I laughed because I thought that was the booby prize. Ha ha! That was dumb even for me. I never did fit in at that place, but you have to give me credit for trying – I was there for 13 years and rose to the highest tax position ever held by a woman in my office. THEN I became a mom, and . . . need I say more?

    Everyone have a great week, and happy October!

  2. Nikki says:

    I love being on a golf course! There is something so peaceful about it. Plus, driving the cart is super fun. I wished I knew how to golf, because the outfits you can get are really cute. Other than that though, I have no real interest in it but I am very glad Bailey loves it so much and he has grandparents that love it too, and take him! It’s a good thing to know how to play.

    This weekend was a good one! We went to the Swappers meet with Paul and Joy. It’s always fun to go there and look at everyone’s junk! And other than it being a little chilly, it was a gorgeous day.

    Sunday, we had baseball. They split, won one and lost one. They are all…WE are all having a blast though! 🙂

    Our vacation is in like 20 days or something so I feel like I can start planning it now! We’re so excited to get away!!!

    have a good Monday, everyone!

  3. Joy says:

    I love our golf course and I’m happy to just go on a quiet evening and drive the cart around. If it weren’t for driving the cart, what would golf be???? Thanks Laura.

    We had a good weekend and it was so fun walking through the Swapper’s Meet with Jason, Nikki, Bailey and Emily. It’s fun to go with people who normally don’t go. This is my favorite time of the year to go to it. People are getting ready to close up shop and books are super cheap now. I buy a lot of them now for my winter reading. Seeing Bailey’s excitement was fun too.

    Somehow or another I got talked into a 5 k marathon. I’m not really sure how it happened but I think peer pressure overcame me. That darn Vicki brought it up and then Sue took off with it and organized this and got us all signed up! In an hour on Facebook no less!!! It’s Oct 29 and it should be fun. Even though I know I won’t be able to run the whole way walking is good too. When I think back one short year and how I was living all sick and all, it blows my mind. YAY US!!! Anyone want to join us??

    Vicki and I have been religious about our working out and neither of us has dropped any pounds. I’m a few ounces down right now and should drop a little more during the afternoon but what’s up with this? I mean it’s so easy to say our bodies are changing and muscle weighs more than fat but how can this be? We’re three weeks into this challenge and I haven’t even dropped 5 measly pounds and we’re working out an hour and fifteen minutes 6 times a week. Vicki worked out 7 days last week. I missed one day. I do know I’m losing inches just because of the way clothes fit but this is getting hard. A big part of me wishes we weren’t in this challenge and we were just working out because the challenge makes it about pounds and not inches until the end. I know it can’t work any other way but a big part of me wishes we weren’t in this one. PS, I can wear a pair of size 12 Levi’s from 10 years ago!!!

    Everyone have a great day. It’s another gorgeous one here.

    • Nikki says:

      I’m telling you-one week of working out with a sauna suit and you will see the pounds drop! They are made for losing weight. Try it! 🙂 But I think you’re doing great and I know that’s frustrating to hear when you don’t feel like you’re doing that great. Results are what you want and when they don’t come the way you expect them too, it’s disappointing!

    • Just a Mom says:

      Joy, that is awesome! Keep it up!

    • Laura says:

      Kimball!!! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. You’ve said it enough. sheesh. I looked for the town in your address, but couldn’t find it, so I went with St. Cloud instead. Oh, well.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    We had a fairly quiet weekend. We checked out a few Halloween stores to get some ideas for our yard. Every year we add something so we are trying to see what we want to do.
    As far as golf goes, I live in a golfing community. It is a links style course and I love it out here. I do not play golf other than the driving range every now and then. My husband and his parents play all the time. Neither one of my daughters like playing the game but they enjoy hitting balls.

  5. Laura says:

    I’m sorry I was gone all weekend again. Saturday, I attended Scouting University, an all-day clinic on being a better Scout leader. I took classes in adult recognition, skits for the kids, participated in a camping forum, and sat in on a Dutch Oven cooking class (complete with samples, of course).

    And then the drama started. Again. A fellow Den Leader was supposed to go with us. The Pack paid his way. And he blew us off. He lied and said that he mixed up the dates, and had to go to a wedding. Well, it turns out that he didn’t go to a wedding (he’s changed his story multiple times), but went golfing with his girlfriend instead. And he blew off our Leader’s Meeting last night, too. And now, I’m fully expecting him to not show for our Den Meeting (yes, this is Josh’s Den Leader), so I have a program pretty well planned out and ready to go, just in case.

    I am absolutely shaking-furious about this. We are supposed to be teaching these kids to live with integrity. Every meeting, they light an “Honor Candle” for Heaven’s sake!! And this guy pulls this crap. I’m of a mind to fire him tomorrow night. Except you can’t fire volunteers. And if I do that anyway, guess who gets to step up and take his place? yep. me.

    Ugh!! Why can’t people just tell the truth? Would life be easier if they did that?

    • SKL says:

      Why can’t people tell the truth? I don’t know, we as a society can’t seem to humble ourselves. The dude is guilty and he can’t deal with it, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with disrespecting you and the kids. Priorities all screwed up. Also, some people are just huge cowards.

      I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I’ve mentioned before how my enthusiasm for nonprofits gradually turned into cynicism. It’s really sad. When I went to answer last night’s Question of the Day (what would you end in the world), I hesitated to write “illiteracy.” It was my passion until a certain nonprofit drama, and now I can’t think about it without getting a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe someday I’ll champion the cause again.

      I hope you find some other parents who will back you up better than this guy has.

      • SKL says:

        That reminds me of Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom:

        I used to be a heart beatin’ for someone,
        But the times have changed;
        The less I say, the more my work gets done.

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