Question of the day

When trick-or-treating as a kid, was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?

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13 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jenny says:

    ummm those little smarties, gum, payday chocolate. When we got done we always dumped all of our candy out and then began trading.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Anything black was out!

  3. Phyllis says:

    I always hated getting those smarties as well! Also any black licorice! Yucky!!!

  4. Sue says:

    I like Smarties! LOL! I didn’t like the Bit o Honey and any of those nutty flavored taffy things!

  5. SKL says:

    I too found Bit o Honey and the nutty taffy things disappointing. I also was not fond of hard candy and probably a few other things. But, once the other stuff was gone, it managed to seem good enough!

  6. Laura says:

    Gum. And the Bit o’ Honey and similar. I wasn’t a big fan of hard candy, either, but my dad always brought it to school – he was a gym teacher, so he was talking all day. Used them to “lubricate his throat” (uh huh. he just has the world’s biggest sweet tooth!!)

    I always liked the chocolate stuff the best. I know, shocker.

  7. SKL says:

    My mom used to go through our bags and confiscate all the gum and re-distribute it to the late trick-or-treaters, because we weren’t supposed to have gum. We used to voluntarily give up our suckers and such as well.

    Of course my mom skimmed off some of our good stuff, too. Now looking back, I can’t blame her. I wish I could steal some of my kids’ chocolate, when I see piles and piles of it. Maybe I could just allow myself one day per year to eat chocolate (the day after Halloween)? Nah, not worth it.

  8. Just a Mom says:

    Anything with nuts in it. I don’t know why people must ruin good chocolate with nuts!

  9. Nikki says:

    LOL Ahhh no. If there were any candy I didn’t like it would be something marshmallow filled. I don’t care for marshmallow candies.

    I love almost all candy. Even the atomic fire balls!

  10. angiewest says:

    Hard candy and anything sour was a definite no-go with me 🙂

  11. Karen Joy says:

    I didnt like sour candy and alot of the hard candy.I picked out the chocolate usually and ate that.

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