Does the apple fall far from the tree?

What do you think about this? Does the “apple fall far from the tree?” Do you believe in “a chip off the old block?” Are you a lot like your family? Do you see the same “type” of people in your extended family? Do you see yourself in your kids?

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15 Responses to Does the apple fall far from the tree?

  1. Just a Mom says:

    In my family we are all very similar! We all have the same warped sense of humor. Even cousins that I didn’t get to grow up around. I talk to them now via Facebook and it is uncanny how much alike we are.
    I have an older 1/2 brother that I did not grow up with and I believe he was 3 when my dad left his family. We have since met each other as adults and I was tieing my shoes in front of him and I ended up retieing them 3 times. He laughed and said ” Can’t be too tight ot too loose, eh?” He was the exact same way!
    As for my kids my youngest is just like me and my oldest is just like my real brother.

  2. Jason says:

    I think in our case the apple fell right between our two trees!

  3. SKL says:

    My family is certainly a study in weirdness! There are some similarities, and yet I’m far from being a carbon copy of either of my parents – I think.

    As for my kids, it’s hard to answer that question. We do not share any genes. Yet Miss A is so much like me, it’s scary. Miss E is more like my friend/boss – and that’s scary too, believe me.

  4. Laura says:

    I certainly share plenty of traits with my family. We all have some musical talent – a trait passed down through my father’s side. Most of his siblings, at one time or another, played something, or sang something. We’re all crazy stubborn, and we all have this ‘weird’ streak that causes other people to just look sideways at us sometimes. I don’t know if that’s a product of our bloodlines, or the fact that our family is just so huge that we’ve come to identify it as just being in our family.

    I have a lot in common with my mom, too. Some good, some bad, but yeah, I can see both.

    Josh, right now, is leaning more toward Steve’s side, but then that’s natural, I guess, being a little boy – to follow along after his dad. But I see some of me in him too. The stubborn part, God help me.

  5. DM says:

    Yes…I have my mom’s sense of humor and my dad’s personality. (there is a difference) as far as our kids, one daughter is almost a clone of one of my sisters, and a second daughter is a clone of another sister of mine. I’ve heard it said, if you look @ the people that irritate you, often times you will discover they subconsciously remind us of my case, I know this is true w/ one of my kids..

    • Joy says:

      I’ve also heard that the person in your life you often times fight with the most is often just like you. Hence, my oldest son. He can get me going if he wants to faster than anyone.

    • SKL says:

      I just adore Miss A’s antics, especially when she reminds me of me. Does that make me a narcissist??

  6. Nikki says:

    Hmmm…Boy, I don’t know! I’d like to think I am nothing like my sisters. I love them, but we’re so different in so many ways. I’m most like my oldest sister, minus the insanity. 😉 I’m nothing like my brother. I can’t say whether or not I’m like my dad, but I’d venture t say I’m not. I do have a lot of the same mannerisms as my mom, and I get my looks/body type from her side. I’m the spitting image of my aunt (mm’s sister) Really, my family is all over the place!

    Now, with our son, that’s a whole other story! He is almost identical in looks to his dad. No DNA test needed there. They have the same face, same body. They walk the same, and sit the same. It’s crazy! He’s very sensitive like me though.

  7. Joy says:

    I think my brother and I are more like my dad than my mom. I have a lot more of his families traits than my moms family. I’m really not like my mom in very many ways other than a few idiosyncrasies like obsessions with soap and deodorants and smells and lotions. But in general like temperaments and personalities and things like anger and emotions, Darryl and I are both more like my dad and his family. Thank God. I have found though the older I get, the more I am like my mom in some ways. When I get really excited or upset or scared, I raise my voice really high and my dad is really REALLY calm all the time and I used to be more like that but as I age, I’m much more excitable. My brother does have more of my mom’s sense of humor than my dads though. My mom and he both have that sick sense of humor and I don’t. I don’t like “forced” comedy like they do. They both like comedians and I don’t. I like humor that isn’t “stand up” but more like slapstick comedy or the Carol Burnett Show or that kind of comedy. I also can barely tolerate sarcasm and they can both be sarcastic to a fault.

    Jason is like my mom’s maternal side. He even walks and stands just like my Uncle Ronnie. Sometimes I look at him coaching and see my uncle standing there. Same build and stance and he has more of the “I stick up for myself” like that branch of the family and he’d kill for one of “his.” He’s loyal to a fault.

    Toby is more like my paternal side. He’s just like me in anger and a lot of emotions but he looks like an Erickson. But we hold everything inside and the least little thing can often bring years of things we’ve hidden. We both almost think people should know how to read our minds. I’ve tried all my life to change that but I’m still not able to. Toby’s the same way. He’s very slow to anger but when he is, he is. He also gets his cooking and nurturing ways from that side of the family.

  8. Sue says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day! LOL! I am a good mix of both sides. I’m built like my mom’s side, but think I look more like my dad’s side. My temperament is more my dad and his family. My oldest sister is just like my mom in that way! I think I have a pretty quick sense of humor, which is my maternal grandpa all the way. I really do feel that I have 2 great families that I came from and wouldn’t change them for the world!

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