Pull Up a Glass

Ahh, Fall. You bring one of my favorite drinks, ever: Apple Cider. Yeah, I can have apple juice any old time. But there’s just something about cider. It’s a little tangier. A little… apple-ier. And it’s all Fall.

So today, we’re going to an honest-to-goodness Cider House. That’s like a bar, except it’s a place where they make Cider, not beer. All kinds of Cider – the soft kind and the hard kind. Mind you, I’ve never been to a Cider House. I’ve heard of them, tho. And someday, I’d like to visit. Preferably after I’ve cured my body’s strange aversion to alcohol. But even if I don’t do that, I still want to go. I’ll just drink the ‘soft’ stuff. Yum.

So pull up a barstool, order your favorite strain of Cider, and settle in for a nice chat. And if you’re mean, you get to clean up that scrunge that always ends up on the floor behind the bar from the kegs dripping on it.

photo stolen from Cider House BBQ & Pub

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6 Responses to Pull Up a Glass

  1. SKL says:

    My computer is really slow right now. I can’t restart it right now because then I’d have to re-open a bunch of stuff and it would mess me up. So I am limited on how much I can do on the internet without being up all night. So if I pass on today’s other posts below this one, that is why.

    My kids have been thoroughly spoiled this weekend, and the birthday hasn’t even happened yet. Yesterday we all went out to lunch at Miss A’s favorite restaurant and then went shopping for some nail polish. I promised a while back that I’d color the girls’ nails for their 5th birthdays – mainly to get them to stop obsessing about nail colors. So yesterday evening, after a bath, I did the beauty treatment. Mind you, I am not a beauty type and I figured out pretty quickly that painting 40 tiny nails that were not exactly holding still was not something to be perfectionist about. But they were happy anyway. Today we went as planned to the Ohio Caverns and a few little attractions around there. It’s basically the Boone docks, so we’re not talking Disney World here, but it was just about right for a one-tank trip. We spent an hour at the caverns, then went to an old “castle” (which was really just a big dusty house with a fun exterior), a maple sugar “camp,” and an ice cream parlor. We lopped a few stops off in favor of a later start and longer lunch. But it was really a great day for taking a long drive, even without a fancy destination. It’s Indian Summer here, the leaves are changing, and the weather was just perfect. This was the first day since the kids came home that we just went out without an agenda involving obligation to someone else. That was refreshing.

    Now tonight I have to do a bunch of stuff to get ready for the birthday. Organize and wrap presents, put together goodie bags for the classmates, and the usual little special touches. I also have a bunch of work to do, as I haven’t done much this weekend. But I am tired, too, from a long day (and not getting much sleep last night). So somewhere I have to find the stamina and focus to get it all done and still function tomorrow.

    Here’s hoping this week is a pleasant one for all of us!

  2. Laura says:

    This week, I get to play Cubmaster. I think I have a pretty good plan for tomorrow’s Pack Meeting – I’m having the Den Leaders take the kids and play games with them, while another leader and I take the parents and talk to them about stepping up and taking some responsibility for the Pack. It’s getting ridiculous that a core of eight people are ALWAYS the ones who do the heavy lifting, and when one of them decides he can’t fulfill his duties, it gets dumped on one person. I don’t know if it will work, but I will be presenting it thusly: “Look around you. If each of you took on one responsibility, all of the jobs would get done, and we’d all probably have a really good time doing it. But if you don’t take a job, and leave it to the person next to you…. who is it that’s going to do it?” One job really isn’t that much to ask, is it? Serving on one committee – not even being a Den Leader!

    In other news, I have a psychotic chipmunk at my house. He sits on my front garden wall for HOURS, chipping at God-knows-what. He just keeps chipping and chipping and chipping. LOUDLY. You’d think he’d wear himself out after a couple hours, wouldn’t you? but so far, no.

  3. Nikki says:

    I just love good apple cider! It has to be hot though! I don’t like it cold. I’m not a big fan of apple juice, I prefer orange but I LOVE cider! I think I may have a cup this evening! Thankfully, they make it in the little individual packets. It’s not as good as home made, but it does the trick.

    We had a wonderful weekend here. The weather was beautiful. I even found myself complaining, it was TOO hot! It is October!

    I am so far behind on laundry! 😦 I hate being gone all day on Sunday’s…it messes everything up for the week. I’ll be sad to have baseball over, but happy to have my Sundays back.

    Have a good Monday!!

  4. SKL says:

    Ugh, can you tell it’s Monday? I did get some stuff done today, but took way too long and of course I made a stupid mistake that went out to everyone. (Very inconsequential but visible typo.) Man, I hate when that happens! Why don’t I just send a general email to the whole world saying “I am an IDIOT”?

    I still have one more thing I have to finish in order to be able to say I actually worked today. I just don’t feel like it!! And I’m going to catch hell for not doing it early enough in the day to solicit timely feedback. I had some distractions this morning that were out of my control, so that will buy me a little grace, but not much.

    I’ve been wondering why I don’t just do stuff and get it over with when it’s really not that hard. Why do I put it off for hours in favor of other, less important stuff? Why not just get it out of the way and off the to-do list? Does anyone else do this? It’s almost like I’m afraid of something – negative feedback? Maybe. Not that procrastinating reduces the likelihood of that!

    Oh well, that’s the end of my daily rant. Resume your normal programming.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    We had our Church Bazaar this weekend. We have been in a drought for months now but of course it rains the day of our Bazaar! And despite the rain my daughter thought it was the best Bazaar ever!! She spent the whole day walking around in the rain, totally soaked but she was with her best friend, the little boy she REALLY likes and his friend. The other girls’s mom kept yelling at them to stop playing in the puddles and then my daughter would look at me and I would give her the thumbs up to keep on playing! I of course stayed nice and dry under the Bingo tent all day. I won 3 times which made the day really cheap for us. My daughter won 2 cakes at the cake wheel as well.

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