Texting or phone call?

31% of cell phone owners who use text messaging prefer to be contacted by text, rather than voice. Does this describe you?

I’d prefer to text if I really just want to tell someone one thing and don’t necessarily want to have a full conversation. I sometimes avoid making phone calls just because I don’t feel like making small talk but I know if I wait I’ll forget what I wanted to tell them.

I also really wish Paul wouldn’t be so stubborn and would learn to at least check for phone messages or texts. If I want to ask him a quick thing or ask him to pick milk up on the way home I have to go through at least one other person and a lot of the time I’m just hanging on the line paying long distance because #1, he didn’t hear his page or #2, I got forgotten about. But God forbid he learn anything new.

If I want to have a conversation with someone about something, I’d rather do that by phone call. Or if I haven’t talked to someone in person for a while I like to call but texting is really handy when you don’t want to interrupt someone or just want to say one quick thing.

So how about you. What would you rather have? A text or a phone call?

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8 Responses to Texting or phone call?

  1. Jenny says:

    It depends on the person. If I know that they type really slow and if it’s important of course I want to talk to them on the phone. Texting is just so much easier for me. I text with my co-worker many times a day.

  2. Just a Mom says:

    I do not even have text activated on my cell phone. My cell PHONE is for calls. If I want to message someone I e-mail or get on Facebook.

  3. Sue says:

    I am getting used to texting more and more, but it’s still faster to just call! I actually went over my 300 text message limit last month! I about fell over b/c it’s never happens!!!

  4. SKL says:

    I never used the text feature much until this year. People would send me occasional texts and I wouldn’t even notice them until days later. Then this past Spring, my sister/brother-in-law used text to keep multiple people informed of their preemie’s ups and downs. I also figured out how to get a real-time notification that I’ve received a text. I figured out that some people check their texts far more often than they check their emails.

    I still don’t initiate texts much. Even though the truth is that I usually don’t feel like talking on the phone, I don’t want the person on the other end to sense that. I also find it easier to send an email most of the time.

  5. Laura says:

    It depends on the person and the situation. One of my best friends and I text often, and daily. It works for us, because she’s working, and doesn’t have the time to talk. But we can hold entire conversations through the day because she can leave my texts to answer when she has a break. My brother just enabled texting on his phone, too, and it’s kinda fun to just poke at him every now and again. Other people, like my parents, a phone call is infinitely better. I cannot even imagine trying to teach them to text…

  6. mssc54 says:

    Eh, I could go either way. But all five of our phones have unlimited texts so they get a good work out.

  7. Nikki says:

    I don’t use one at all. I got one for Christmas, and I loved it. It has a slide out key board. The problem is, I am just not a cell phone/text user. So, Jason uses it now and he is very much a texter!!! Drives me nuts sometimes. If I need to ask a quick question, chances are I can email or facebook them, or just call real quick. I’ve been reconnecting with a friend this week, so I’ve been on the phone for like an hour or more every day…it’s been nice, but I typically do not like doing that!

  8. Joseph says:

    Text. I can’t hear people on my cell or when others are on their cell…so i usually end up yelling(unbeknownst to me), trying to communicate.
    Text makes for nice short, concise communication. No long distance charges, so I can get away with a cheap plan.

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