A Good Sized Burger

On Saturday, Josh and I went to our neighbor’s house to sell her some popcorn. He got two orders, and we left with a bonus:

That’s Wicket. Or maybe Foster. We haven’t decided yet. I DID decide, the day we got him, to give him a bath. He was covered in poop. It happens when you’re struggling to stay alive in a big ol’ barn.

I didn’t want to name him. After all, you NEVER name an animal you’re going to eat or give away. I intended to give this little guy away. I just wanted to hang onto him for a few days, make sure he lived, and then pass him on to his forever home.

yeah. I don’t think that’s going to happen. That picture was all it took to start my heart a’ melting.

Sharp Claws (one of Josh’s suggestions) is only about two weeks old. His eyes are wide open (they start opening around 10 days), but he doesn’t have teeth yet. He’s still nursing. But he cleans up well.

Most of the time, we keep him in a little kitty kennel, so he’s safe and warm and can’t get into trouble. He sleeps most of the time, so it’s no biggie. But then he wakes up…

and wants to explore…

And I can’t harden myself against him. I’ve done it for others. I’ve rescued other kitties. Sent them to no-kill shelters, no problems. But who can say no to a kitty who is no bigger than a burger?

Maybe we’ll call him Angus.

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24 Responses to A Good Sized Burger

  1. Joy says:

    I have plenty of things to say but for now all I’m going to say it AAAAWWWWW……

  2. Sue says:

    Whatever you name him, he’ll always be grateful for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jenny says:

    awww that’s precious! Looks like a keeper ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ellen says:

    Very, very adorable.

  5. He is adorable, I want one! You should totally call him Angus that is such a fitting name:-)

  6. Nikki says:

    I am grateful for you!!!!! That little baby would be a goner if not for you. He is so cute, how could you not love him?! You do know that he will be very dependent now. He will NEED your human touch. He’ll end up being a total baby. That’s how our boy is anyways. He had human touch from day one, and craves it now. Same with Joy’s little Maddie. She is her mamma, and they are very close. It’s almost a draw back, when you think how it’s going to feel when their times comes (hopefully several years down the road). They become your children.

    I love the name Angus!

  7. mssc54 says:

    The Scouts were set up in front of Wal-Mart the other week. So being awesome person that I am I went over to help them out and purchase a container of their popcorn TWENTY-FRIGGN-DOLLARS?! “Here is a five dollar donation.” Yikes! But they did say that it was real good. Ha.

    • Joy says:

      It is outrageously expensive. Good or not. Popcorn is popcorn to me. I only buy it with the thought that it’s a donation to them. We have the cutest little guys that come here that it would break your heart to turn them down.

    • Jenny says:

      I bought a bag last yr when I went to the grocery store and they were sitting right out front. I knew the mom, so I felt I “had” to buy. I did think holy cow! thats expensive for popcorn. But it is going for a good cause. I didn’t think the popcorn was all that great though. So that kinda stunk!

      • SKL says:

        Last year when my nephew/sister-in-law approached me, I just wrote a check for their den or whatever it’s called. That way they get 100% of the donation and I don’t have to eat the stuff.

    • Sue says:

      They get about 70% of that $20 which is the best I’ve ever seen for a fundraiser!

      • mssc54 says:

        Well actually they got $5.00. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Nikki says:

        That is good, actually. Bailey brought home a magazine fundraiser (which we are not doing)…mainly because I think it’s the stupidest fundraiser ever and if you spend say $50, only $20 goes to the school. I’d rather just donate the $20 to the school and not waste the other $30 on a magazine I don’t need. I’m all for fundraisers, but not ones like that.

    • Laura says:

      MSSC… I agree, it’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Especially Trails End (I can say that, ’cause our boys are selling Pecatonica River, which is MILES better.).

      I don’t know if T.E. does it, but I know that on our order form, there is a spot for a $25 Military Donation. This will cause a ‘care package’ to be sent to a member of the Armed Forces overseas… Caramel Corn, Cheese Corn, and microwave popcorn. I just wish we could choose who gets it. I’d send it to our neighbor, who is stationed in Japan with the Marines.

      Also, for the most bang for your buck, go for the microwave popcorn. It averages out to about $1 a bag, as opposed to $1 an ounce for the other stuff.

      The massive cost is for the tins, is my guess. I’m planning to write a letter to Pecatonica, encouraging them to discard the tins and use recyclable cardboard boxes. They can still charge higher prices (maybe not AS high, because yeah, it’s ridiculous), and WE can tout the fact that it’s low-impact. Those tins, most of them, end up in the local recycle bin, if we’re lucky. Otherwise, they’re into the landfill, which is just a waste.

      On the other hand, I know at least 20% of each sale goes directly into Josh’s account (if they achieve the Pack goal, they get 24%), and another percentage goes into the Pack’s account, so it IS a worthwhile donation.

      Of course, your cash is most appreciated too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Joy says:

    He’s so dang cute Laura.

  9. Nancy B. says:

    Awful darn cute. You have to keep it after you save it’s life!!

  10. Laura says:

    Just for the record… his name is Hobbes. As in “Calvin and Hobbes”. It was the orange stripes, combined with Josh’s blonde hair (and goofy temperament) that sealed it.

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