Telephone Protocol

Here’s the million dollar question for today. It’s about returning phone calls. Most of us have “caller ID” I’m sure so you know most of the time who called if you were away from the phone. Most of us also have answering machines. So, if someone calls you but doesn’t leave you a message, do you call them back?

I don’t. If someone calls and for whatever reason I miss the call, I don’t call back unless someone leaves me a message. Otherwise I feel they just felt like shooting the breeze and didn’t really even have a message. I mean if you called everyone back who called you and didn’t leave you a message it would be so much wasted time. Two people sitting on the phone and neither of them really wanting anything “at that time.” You may have had time on your hands when you made the phone call but 5 hours later you’re busy and can’t talk on the phone.

I feel if someone wants to ask me something or wants me to return the call, they’ll leave me a message. It’s not like I go hang clothes on the line and rush in the check my “caller ID” to see if someone called. I don’t even think of it. Sometimes I don’t check that thing for hours but if I have a message I see the blinking light on the phone or the machine itself.

“Apparently” I hurt my mom’s feeling because she called me one day last week but I didn’t didn’t notice the ID blinking and she thought I should have called back anyway! Even though I didn’t see she called until till 10 PM and she was in bed anyway. She thinks I should check my caller ID more often!! Seriously?? I don’t live my life by who calls me when I’m doing my chores during the day. I do check my ID when I come back from being gone but when I’m in and out and but AT HOME, I just don’t think to do it every time I come into the house. I should also add that I talk to my mom every single morning at 9:30 ON THE NOSE so if I’d have called her when I saw that she’d called I’d have woken her up for no reason and I knew if it were important, she’d have called back or left a message which is what she usually does.

So my question is this. If someone calls you but doesn’t leave a message, do you call them back to see why they called you? Or how do you handle it?

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13 Responses to Telephone Protocol

  1. Joseph says:

    Not important enough to leave a message…not important enough to give a call back. Just MOO.
    I hate caller ID and I especially hate call waiting.

  2. Sue says:

    Depends on who it is. Which reminds me, I have to call grandma in the morning! She did leave a message 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    I say if its super important and they didn’t leave a message and if they really wanted to chat, they will call back! I don’t always call people back. I usually don’t check the caller id cause no one ever calls usually.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Text message, “You rang?”

    Off topic. You wouldn’t guess in a zillion years whole called Alexis tonight then emailed me! If I had ur email in my phone I’d fwd it to you. Feel free to delete this and I’ll repost tomorrow. 😉

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I do not have caller id on my home phone. If you don’t leave a message I don’t know that you called. On my cell phone I have caller id but of you want me to call you back leave a message to let me know.

  6. Laura says:

    Just got rid of caller ID on the home phone, but we do have a machine. If there is no message, I don’t call back . I tell people all the time, if you want to reach me, use my cell. And if you want a call back, leave a message or text. Because if you just call and don’t leave anything, I’m going to assume you didn’t need anything important

  7. SKL says:

    My home phone (which was disconnected for years but somehow still rings periodically) does not have caller ID.

    My cell phone has caller ID, but a lot of times it just says “unknown number” or a phone number that I don’t recognize. I don’t have time to program every phone number into my phone (which I’m about to replace anyway).

    And even if I do know who called, I usually won’t call back unless the person left a message asking for a call back. There are a few exceptions, such as if I know the person is going through a tough time. But that’s my general rule. Quite honestly, I have very little time for personal calls. When I’m awake, I’m either working or spending quality time with my kids. Sometimes I can sneak some free time during other people’s waking hours, sometimes I can’t. So if someone wants to shoot the breeze with me, they need to take a number. (I suppose that sounds really arrogant, but it is what it is.)

  8. Nikki says:

    Well! Speaking of your mom…she called me yesterday too and I just saw it on the caller ID as I was going through it to find a number. I called her back just now. This is how that went… me, “Hi, I just saw you called yesterday.” Her,” Well, yeah I did but I am leaving right now, can I call you later?” Me,” Sure, I should be home.” Her, “Well if you’re not, you’re not, bye!.”…Just like that. BYE..hang up. Alrighty then!

    I don’t have voicemail, because I am self admittedly cheap! I refuse to pay an extra $7 on top of what I already pay. I will go through my caller ID and call back the people that called, but not all. It depends on who it is. If it were any of my family, or close friends. When I have time to talk nonsense, I’ll call them back. I don’t hurry to answer my phone or call people back. I do it when I have the time. If it’s an emergency, then they’d call more than once.

    I can not stand when people (mainly Fana) get mad when I don’t answer the phone. Where was I?! I was busy!

    • Joy says:

      I wonder where she was going?

      The thing with her is she is so old school and she does EVERYTHING by phone. I swear she has a certain day and time for calling everyone. Sometimes I get really sick of it. She acts like I’m purposely avoiding her or brushing her off if I don’t call her back. I would certainly call her back if she left me a message but she’ll get in a mood and call here and I’m not here or don’t hear the phone and she acts like I’m out committing a crime OR, avoiding her! I don’t know why she would think that to begin with since I already talk to her everyday at 9:30.

      But I’ve had other people, younger people say “oh, I tried calling but you didn’t answer” and I’ll say “why didn’t you leave a message” and they say “I knew you’d see I called.” That doesn’t mean I knew you wanted me to call back!!! First off, everyone should know that a lot of the time our phones are wonky and the caller ID doesn’t always work. Sometimes Paul will call me from work and it’ll say it’s a number from Ontario! AND people know this and still expect me to call back. I would never assume if I called someone that they’d call me back. I will leave a message if that’s what I want them to do.

      For me, the quickest way to get a message to someone is to put it on Facebook!!! LOL!!!

      I just feel so bad when my mom thinks I’m ducking her calls.

      • Nikki says:

        I get that from Danielle. I was in the shower the last time she called, and I called her back when I was done getting dressed. She said she thought I was ignoring her! I was like, REALLY?!

        I have no clue where Fana was going. She practically hung up on me, I had no chance to even ask.

      • Jenny says:

        when Jason calls at lunch time, sometimes it shows up as a weird number. Sometimes is CA, other times its Las Vegas etc…who knows why it does this. When I see numbers like this I click to talk and usually just hang up right away.

  9. Dina says:

    okay so dare I venture to the other side and go off on those who don’t know how to leave a message! My mom is good for that…voice message “hi dear. I have a question. Call me.” or “oh! Your phone went right to voicemail. You must have it off or not have a signal or (any other random reason why it would go straight to voicemail)…I want to ask you something. Call me when you have a minute.”

    then before I find my “minute” she calls back (vm again) going off about how I don’t return calls blah, blah, blah. Regardless of the number of Times I ask her to leave the question on the vm because inevitably by the time we do talk…be it same day or not…she has forgotten, she won’t do it.

    No wonder I’m not racing for the phone…

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