Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂 How was everyone’s week? Mine was good. Busy, but good. We have another busy weekend approaching. Saturday, our little gang; Joy, Sue, Toby, Vicki, Jenny, her hubby Jason, the kids…and a few others are doing a 5K and we’re all dressing up in tie dye clothes. We are sure to look ridiculous…ridiculously awesome! After that, I have to rush home and get ready to take the kids downtown to trick or treat at our local businesses. Then, I have to rush home again, to get ready for our end of the season baseball party at the bowling alley. Busy Saturday, but I am looking forward to all of it! Sunday….a day to do NOTHING! Our 1st Sunday in months, where we have zero plans. 🙂

Have a rockin’ weekend!!!!

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8 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Just a Mom says:

    Good luck to you guys with the 5k! I have had a pretty good week. Monday I had a school conference for my youngest. She made all As & Bs. Tuesday our Scout troop had a little Halloween party. The girls carved pumpkins and ate pizza. I made them give me all of their pumpkin seeds which I roasted this evening. This weekend I get to spend the entire Saturday going through Girl Scout Camp training. We even have to do skits & campfire songs! Please lord help me!

  2. SKL says:

    Well, this week has been a bit more dramatic than I would prefer. Family stuff – I talked about it on the Come Sit a Spell page. My parents’ 50th anniversary is Friday (October 28) and we are throwing them a party on Saturday. Due to last-minute drama, my sister may not be able to come, and my brother gave us a bit of a scare as well. Hopefully it will end up being a bright memory for my parents rather than a dark one.

    But hey, 50 years – what do you think of that? I think that’s pretty awesome.

    Yesterday I had parent-teacher meetings for my kids. Miss E’s pre-K teacher started trying to convince me that she needs to be in KG, LOL. Apparently she thought I’d have to be talked into it. It’s great to know that she’ll be an advocate, but I still don’t know how I’m going to make it happen. Meanwhile, Miss A’s KG teacher says she’s doing great, BUT she doesn’t think the schools will let her into 1st grade next year due to the age cutoff. I may have mentioned this before – I first heard this in KG orientation – but I still can’t understand why they would encourage people to put their kids into KG early, only to have to repeat KG. This time the teacher argued “she will have a great self-image since she’ll know more than her classmates.” Is that really the point of school? Or does the teacher feel it’s her duty to talk parents into following like sheep? I told her that I intend to do what it takes to get the kid into 1st grade if I feel she’s ready. Presumably by then, I’ll have a few tricks up my sleeve thanks to Miss E. (I hope so, anyway.)

    • SKL says:

      Hey, I wasn’t done talking!

      Halloween – it snuck up on me this year! The kids have their school parties tomorrow. I bought them some face paint – now I have to figure out how the heck to use it. Miss A is so pumped. Miss E keeps changing her mind about what she wants to be. Princess? Zombie? She looked at some pictures for ideas, and then she said “now I’m going to have nighmares. Can I sleep with you tonight?” (No, nice try though.)

      So tomorrow I have to buy some stuff for the holiday and for my parents’ doing. And I should probably try to get the grocery shopping done. Saturday will be work and then the party stuff. Sunday will hopefully be back to “our normal.” (Though I might decide to skip church, since Saturday will probably wipe us all out.) Then Monday, we have neighborhood trick-or-treat and an auntie’s birthday.

      Well, I hope everyone has a great Halloween and gets some R&R!

  3. mssc54 says:

    All day Saturday one of our daughters and I are volunteering at a Fall Festival for inner city children.

  4. Karen Joy says:

    Man thats a busy day NikKi!Have fun though and I want to see pictures of you all dressed up!

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