Pull Up a Chair

I used to work in a school, and remember that one of the places where you’d find some good conversation and (I’m told) good coffee is the Teacher’s Lounge. So I figured that today, we’d go on a field trip to the local school and take over their lounge for our weekly conversation.

What are your good ideas this week? What are your plans? Anyone found being rude will receive double detention and be forced to write “I will be nice, because nice matters” two hundred times. In cursive. Remember cursive? Last one out, empty the coffee pot and turn off the lights.

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13 Responses to Pull Up a Chair

  1. SKL says:

    Well, it’s been busy around here. My parents’ 50th party went off well. It was a bit iffy at the beginning, because (a) my sister and brother got delayed thanks to brother-in-law’s antics, (b) my other brother (the DJ) was really sick and (c) most of the people got lost trying to find the place. (There was no street sign for the street where the hall is located.) But once we got past all that, it was nice. The hall is a great place for a party, people really liked the food, and most of the people hung around quite late. My parents were so happy afterwards.

    So as I was getting ready to go home at nearly midnight, my cousin (whom I’ve seen maybe twice before) tells me that he’s coming to my house for dinner on Sunday. My first reaction was to tell him that my house is in no condition to have guests over. Then I thought that was probably not the best answer, so I told him sure, come on over (along with the 4 people traveling with him). I went home and collapsed into bed, slept in, and spent a few hours today getting the house halfway decent. Luckily, my sister who comes every Sunday is an awesome cook, so she cooked her best dish and a few sides and desserts, and everything was fine. We chatted until past 10pm, when they drove back to their hotel and I cleaned up the dishes. I didn’t get much “work” work done today, but it was nice to have a clean house. This was also the first time I met one of my cousins and her husband, and they were really fun to talk to. So that was nice.

    So that was pretty much my entire weekend. The work I would have done will be pushed into the coming days. It will be a busy and compacted work week. Monday night is Trick-or-Treating plus a birthday dinner. Tuesday I have a meeting with some wealth planning consultant (about doing my will, mainly). We also have to get the house ready for some houseguests from afar this coming weekend. And on Friday, I pick up my sister, celebrate her birthday, and drive us all to a waterpark resort for the weekend.

    So, I hope you all have a great week in store.

  2. Joy says:

    Be nice! Isn’t that a nice concept? My faith in mankind has been sorely tested and not just with “you know how” but others as well. I need to take a step back and regroup and try and rise above and not let all the crap get on me.

    Sue’s on call tonight so I’m picking the kids up at school and am taking them to the Annandale trick or treating thing they have on Main Street. We do it every year and they have such a good time. All the business’s hand out candy and it’s got such a nice small town feel and I really enjoy it. Then Paul and Toby will meet us in Kimball and Toby will take the kids out. I think Trin’s going with a girlfriend so it’ll just be Toby and Christopher. I may walk along if I still have any energy left.

    We have our weigh in tomorrow night instead of tonight so our “coach” can take her kids out. I’ve been pretty sick all week so I think the week’s going to be shot for me anyway. About all I’ve done is lay around sipping soup which is full of sodium. I’m afraid to weigh myself! But I swore I’m not going to worry about it. If it’s that bad, I can skip one meeting without penalty so maybe tomorrow will be my day off. I’m just not going to stress over it.

    Happy Monday and Happy Halloween all.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hunter wants to go trick or treating right now. He’s quite excited. He was telling everyone lastnight, Happy Halloween! Hopefully it’s gonna be nice out this evening. His costume is Mater from Cars. Unless its chilly then he will wear his dinosaur costume. His Mater costume isn’t big enough to put layers of clothing on underneath.

    Saturday at the 5k was so much fun!!! We all finished and had a blast. Should’ve won for best group costume cause we stuck out so much. But Hunter won for best child’s costume. He was so excited. He got his own medal and a $25 gift cert. to Walmart. He spent that yesterday and got himself a semi trailer w/ cars.

    Well everyone have a Happy & Safe Halloween!!! Don’t let the goblins get ya! LOL

  4. Nikki says:

    We had a great weekend! Saturday was such a great day, from start to finish. Our 5K was fun (okay, not the running part) but the rest was fun. The run (jog) did feel good though, however my thighs are a bit sore still. Our bowling party with the baseball team was a ton of fun! Sunday, was just what we all needed. A day to rest! And OUR VIKINGS WON!!! 🙂

    This year is the 1st time Bailey will be going trick or treating without an adult. I’m confident with his choice of friends, so I do trust all of them. Trust them to act like normal 11 year boys, yet not get in trouble! 🙂 Most of our friends live in this one neighborhood, so we’ll be hanging out in one of their garages, having a few drinks. We may, or may not spy on the kids…. 😉

    Other than that, not too much going on this week. Tomorrow, we have a band meeting at the school and that’s it! A pretty quiet week.

    Happy Halloween-stay safe and have fun!! CHECK YOUR CANDY!!!!!!

  5. Laura says:

    We should have everyone send us their costume pics and put them up so we call all see our adorable kids!

    • Joy says:

      Sounds good to me.

    • Nikki says:

      I’m not sure you will be able to really call Bailey, adorable! He’ll be covered in blood that (for me at least) looks a little TOO real! Freaks me out, but I’ll put one up!

    • SKL says:

      Miss A is wearing the same costume she wore in 2010 and 2009. Not very exciting. Miss E is going to be an “angel” (if you can believe that, ha ha). I guess she has lost interest in being “undead.” I’m glad, because I wasn’t looking forward to painting on a zombie face.

      Our challenge will be keeping them warm without covering up the costumes. Not sure how many layers we can get away with this year.

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