5 Tips to More Energy

I wanted to share this with you. I found these very good and easy idea’s.

From The Oprah Blog

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2 Responses to 5 Tips to More Energy

  1. Joy says:

    I really believe that eating a snack during that time in the afternoon when you’re just starving is the way to go. It makes me feel so much better. As long as it’s healthy for you that is. If I eat sugar or salt at that point I totally pig out and feel worse but I’ve found that I like to slice a tart apple in really thin rings (I take the core out and slice it with the hole in the middle. Pampered Chef has a wicked apple corer) and slice a slice of cheddar cheese and put that on the apple. It’s got the perfect taste balance.

    I also find taking these deep breaths to be true also. It always works for me if I close my eyes and “breathe in” and “breathe out.”

    A very VERY short nap always works for me too. It gives me renewed spirits. The only trouble I find with that is it takes me so long to fall asleep to get that cat nap that I sometimes have to lay there too long to make it worthwhile. I then start to lay there and think about everything else I should be doing that I feel worse. I guess that depends on the day.

    What gives you guys a pick me up?

  2. SKL says:

    I really like yoga for getting me going in the morning. I used to do a routine that took maybe 5 minutes. I hardly ever do it any more, but I should start it back up.

    I do take naps when I geat a chance. It’s so nice. I honestly don’t think it takes away from my “productivity.” I have so much to do from morning until night, a break really is necessary.

    I also take a mega-vitamin, fish oil, and liquid vitamin D.

    I usually feel good when I just eat basic whole foods. It just makes everything else work better. But let’s get real, it’s not very fun, especially when you’ve lost the habit. Realistically, I won’t have a chance to get back into that habit until January.

    I really have to get back to taking care of myself. Tomorrow! Ha ha. Lately it seems I’ve been eating nothing but cake. Everyone else around here is on a “diet” or shouldn’t be eating all that sugar, so I eat the cake. My birthday cake, Miss A’s birthday cake (they bought me a whole extra pumpkin roll since I don’t eat chocolate), the aunty’s birthday cake (again the extra pumpkin roll just for me), my parents’ 50th anniversary cake (they sent two full boxes to my house the day after), and a couple of extra cakes supplied by Nanny. That’s just October, and it doesn’t include the pies we had when we went out for the birthday dinners, or the goodies baked by my sister on Sundays. Between these and the other not-so-slimming leftovers, there’s not much room for healthy food. Today is my sister’s birthday and I really hope there isn’t any non-chocolate cake. This weekend we’ll be traveling, so of course the eating will not be healthy. Hopefully next week all this nonsense will be behind me.

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