Neighbors from hell!

Do you have a ‘neighbor from hell?’ How do you deal with them? 

Inspired by Gayle King

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14 Responses to Neighbors from hell!

  1. Jenny says:

    LOL Should I really answer this question?? nah, we got some good neighbors

  2. Vicki says:

    watch it you guys!! lol

  3. Joseph says:

    When we lived in the city, we had the BEST neighbours! We all had keys to each others houses. Shoveled each others walks and driveways, mowed each others lawns. If it weren’t for being in the city we would still be there.

  4. Laura says:

    When we lived in an apartment complex in Texas, I’m pretty sure the unit below and behind us was a crackhouse. They had cops there all hours of the night.

    Around here, though, my neighbors are gold. It’s hard living out here in the country where, if something goes wrong, you’re kinda on your own. But I found out quickly, you’re not as alone as one would think. I’ve been woken several mornings in winter by a Bobcat clearing our driveway, and one winter, when we suffered a MASSIVE ice storm that knocked power out for three days, we ran out of wood, so our neighbor, who heats his house with wood, gave us a truckload. They are awesome, wonderful, generous people, and I love every one of them.

  5. SKL says:

    I don’t have any neighbors from Hell, either. We don’t interact with our neighbors much, but when we do, it’s always cordial (unless you count the lady across the way who got on my case for letting my kids hike through the ravine). The only thing that’s a little off is that the house two doors down has the occasional loud altercation and the cops have been over there more than once.

  6. Joy says:

    Our neighbors here are great. They’re just what neighbors should be. In times of happiness as well as sorrow, we’re pretty much there for each other. As far as I know, there’s no gossiping or any bad will. We live together really well. BUT, I DO REMEMBER THAT TIME we woke up to a yard decorated with Packer’s paraphernalia!!! I’ll never forget when Toby got up and looked outside and said “WHAT THE HELL?!?!” That was so good. Seriously, my neighbors are the best. You could call any single one of them if you needed anything day or night and they’d come right over.

    When we lived in Minnetonka it was different. I’m not saying the neighbors were bad but it’s different when you’re right on top of one another. I’m not sure I could ever live that close to other people again or not. I think what I hated the most were the sounds. Kids playing and dogs barking. Every car that went by. It’s just so loud. The worst was the neighbor right across our little cul de sac road that had two little white scottie dogs and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I HATED those two dogs. I’m serious that they were NEVER not barking. It sometimes got more than we could bear. To this day I think of those dogs and thank God I don’t live there anymore. It went on constantly.

    But, all in all what can you do? When you’re a neighbor you have to get along with others and play nice.

    • SKL says:

      We had a neighbor with barking dogs for a while. They moved out some months ago. They seemed very nice, but when those dogs were out (and they’d get out when the owners weren’t home and roam the neighborhood), they were barking all.the.time. Aar, aar, aar, aar, aar – it does get old after a while!

    • Joy says:

      These were really “preppy” kids too and they thought everyone loved “Bert and Ernie” as much as they did and the whole neighborhood just hated those dogs. They put in an underground fence and left the garage door open part way and they left them out all day long when they went to work. Those dogs would just come and go. Well, once they took that “shock” and were out of the fence, then they didn’t want to go back in so they just ran and barked all day long and those people refused to leave them in the house. The police were called on many occasions.

      • SKL says:

        Same here, basically – they had an electric fence that apparently didn’t suffice. The cops did come and since the dogs didn’t want to be caught, they made the owners come home from work to corral them. They moved out not long after that. I will say that when they were home, they didn’t leave the dogs out barking all the time. They just needed to find a better method for keeping them indoors when they were not home.

  7. Nikki says:

    Nope…no problems. We only have 3 houses we even see from our house. We live in a well populated area, but we’re in more of a “cabin retreat” area. We’re surrounded by woods. We have one set of neighbors across the way from us, who are super nice. They bring us stuff from their garden all the time. The old lady directly across from us is a cranky old lady, but we just ignore her. She doens’t cause any problems. The house behind us, they are middle aged and quiet, but nice. They have 2 huge Great Danes, that are the sweetest dogs!

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