What’s Your Take?

By now, everyone’s heard the news about Sharon Bialek, the fourth woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harrassment some fifteen years ago. Since the very first day, Cain has maintained his innocence. Members of the press have accused him of poor behavior, deflecting, ‘getting testy’, and a plethora of other adjectives, all directed at criticizing the way he is handling the situation, even though not a shred of hard evidence has been brought forward for him or anyone else to examine. Until Ms. Bialek stood on that dais today, telling her alleged story, not a single woman would even show her face. And yet, Cain is expected to recall with perfect clarity, events that happened over a decade ago, and were handled by other people.

It’s pretty obvious where I stand on this. How about you? Do you think Cain is guilty as sin? Do you think he’s being railroaded? Or are you somewhere in the middle yet?

And further, do you think this is racism? Political Correctness gone awry? Do you think the news media is being fair in their handling of this situation, or are they biased?

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20 Responses to What’s Your Take?

  1. SKL says:

    Well, I’ll start with the last questions first.

    Yes, the media is biased. This guy is being treated a certain way because he is a Republican. The media loves a good “real” sex scandal, but they don’t go looking for one under every rock when it comes to Democrats / liberals. They pretty much wait until there is DNA evidence before they will give it more than a passing mention (if that). But when it’s a conservative, they are happy to latch onto one person’s unsubstantiated accusation.

    Yes, there is racism behind at least some of this. The accuser whom Gloria Allred (a well-known liberal activist) put into the limelight is white. I actually expected that. I believe they are hoping to stir dormant racism in the form of disgust over black-white relationships (especially black man – white woman). There is also a parallel to Clarence Thomas, where the accuser was not white, but the woman Thomas eventually married was. This upsets some people, and the liberals will make use of this regardless of the fact that it’s patently racist.

    Now as to whether “I think” he’s guilty – well, I hope not, and I hope that if he isn’t, he is able to put this behind him quickly. However, I wasn’t there, and I’m not foolish enough to defend him just because I’d love for him to run against Obama. How do I know which men will behave that way, regardless of their political leanings? I only hope that the truth becomes clear sooner rather than later. If he did it, he should have consequences; although folks like Bill Clinton were given a pass, I did not consider that right, and I’d have no principles if I held Republicans to a different standard.

    However, as soon as I saw that it was Gloria Allred representing the “victim,” any credibility the “victims” might have had has been lost as far as I’m concerned. I want to see clear video (preferably with sound) or written documentation (that can’t be doctored) or DNA or a confession from Cain himself, or I’m leaning toward not guilty.

  2. Laura says:

    And here is an update to this “scandal”… It’s a story that appears in Michael Sneed’s (she’s a woman, by the way) column in today’s Chicago Sun Times. For the record, the Sun Times is another of the “liberal media”, firmly in the pocket of “Chicago Politics”.

    The photo accompanying the story is of Sharon Bialek, arm-in-arm and shoulder to shoulder with Cain and two other gentlemen, at a TeaCon Event – a Tea Party convention, hosted by WIND Radio (also out of Chicago). Bialek greeted Cain like an old friend, hugged him big, whispered in his ear, both had big smiles on their faces. No sign of discomfort or animosity on either side.

    Bialek now says that she “didn’t know he was going to be there” (he WAS expected), and, conversely, that “she wanted to see if he’d remember the encounter.”

    I’m a child of Chicago Politics. I grew up watching the ridiculous machinations of the various Democrat Mayors – Daley, Washington, Byrne, Daley and now Emmanuel. The corruption is rampant and extends beyond the borders of Chicago, Cook County, and into the halls of the Governor’s Mansion (Hello Blago!). This whole thing *smacks* of Chicago Politics… and this woman, who is now applying for a job at WIND Radio (in Chicago), who likely has been rubbing elbows with many of the bigwigs there, is setting off my BS Meter BIG TIME.

    This entire issue belongs in a greenhouse somewhere, those ladies belong with the rest of the plants.

    • SKL says:

      I didn’t notice the Chicago connection. Say no more! Chicago + Gloria Allred = oh, sure, right! That’s not even getting into whether or not she’s gonna cash in. I only hope most of the voters can see through BS.

      One thing that may or may not be racism. I notice some of the conservatives in the media are saying this will be an insurmountable problem for Cain. Basically using their platform to suggest that maybe Cain is not electable and we should get behind another candidate. It seems to me that they have another preferred candidate and welcome trouble in the Cain camp – and maybe it’s because he’s black in some cases, but maybe not. I do wish they would be careful what they say, because if he does win the primaries, I would not want a false accusation to give Obama a boost in the general election.

  3. Joy says:

    Okay. I don’t have time right now to sit and dig through this. I know Paul and I had a “discussion” about this last night and we are almost as opposite as you can get but I have a hundred things going on right now so here’s my little take on it for “right now.”

    I can’t say that this guy did this stuff or not. I know how silly some of the sexual harassment issues are. In some workplaces a “look” can get you charges so how do we know? I do think he probably might have done some minor ones because like I told Paul last night, even a whistle could be counted as that.

    I do have a problem with all these women coming out of the woodwork. Why now?

    The woman who talked yesterday, in my opinion is a joke and like SKL, as soon as Allred arrived on the scene, her credibility, in my eyes was gone. She’s nothing but a Hollywood ambulance chaser and she loves to nail all men to the wall whether they’re guilty or not.

    Racism? I really don’t feel it’s that. There have been many on both sides caught with their pants down and why it gets overlooked with some and not others, I have no idea. I feel the more a person lies, the worse we seem to feel about them.

    It could just be political. Stuff like this seems to be dug up about everyone now and part of me wonders if Cain really did act this despicable, didn’t he know it would come up if he got in this race?

    I mostly blame the media. It can take people’s lives and just run with them. Just look now at what Justin Bieber is going through with that “person” saying he’s her baby daddy. He’s the one who’s getting drug through the mud and has to take a paternity test. No matter what that test says, we’ll never forget this. In my opinion that shouldn’t even be news. It’s such a private thing. Then he can turn around and sue her but what’s he going to get out of that? Her lip rings?? Please!

    The sad thing is whether this is true or not, some people will never forget it and it will cost him votes and what ever happened to slander?

    • SKL says:

      Regarding slander vs. Cain, the story was carefully crafted so that there would be no eyewitnesses either way. Even slander has to be proven by evidence that the statement was false.

      I’m curious to know where Paul disagreed with you on this.

      Regarding Bieber, I don’t understand why he didn’t just go for a paternity test immediately and put it behind him as fast as possible – whether it’s his kid or not. Paternity tests are ridiculously easy to do. I honestly don’t care if it’s his kid or not. If it is, he’ll have to pay child support – he can afford it. If this really happened the way she said it did, his main fault was being easily led – forgivable in a minor, no? Though, maybe he’ll lose conservative fans because it will prove he’s not a virgin. But ya know – if it’s his, it’s his – might as well deal with it head on.

      • Laura says:

        Bieber… I *think* that, when the scandal broke, he was in Europe. One of the stories that I read said that he was going to take the test when he returns later this week. It’s possible that he just wasn’t in the country to address the situation sooner.

      • Joy says:

        But don’t you find it sad that “he has to” take this test because of some nut job? Don’t you think the media should be held accountable for the things they write and say? I do. In this day and age, I do.

        • SKL says:

          I do think it’s wrong, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal – at least this is an accusation that can be decisively proven or disproven. However, they should sue the woman if it turns out that she lied. Or publicly shame her as a deterrant for the next person.

        • Laura says:

          It is sad that he has to take a test to “prove” his innocence. It’s a sad turn that our media, if not our legal system (yet) has taken. Cain is guilty because these women say that he is. No proof needed. Bieber is guilty because this woman says he is, no proof needed. (other than a baby who people say looks like him, although you could say you see a resemblance to Obama and people would agree)

    • Joy says:

      Without talking for Paul, he doesn’t like Cain in general and would like to see him out of the race.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Of course he is guilty. Proof you say?

    1. He has a penis.
    2. He is a black man.
    3. He can’t prove he didn’t do any of these things.


    • mssc54 says:

      And another thing:

      Just because….

      Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Lived In Same Building As David Axelrod

      doesn’t mean that there are any political shenanigans going on. It’s all just a Chicago Politics coincidence. 😉

      • Laura says:

        AXELROD IS INVOLVED, TOO??? See? I told you. Chicago Politics!!!

        • mssc54 says:

          Laura do NOT jump to conclusions. I’m pretty sure the lady stated she only saw him in the gym…. in the building… they both live in…. with the same street address. But just because she saw him in the gym, in the same building they both live in doesn’t mean she knows him.

          My aren’t we a tad skeptical? 😉

    • SKL says:

      It’s true, he does have a penis. I’m starting to get convinced . . ..

    • SKL says:

      Oh wow, LOL. Except it isn’t funny.

      She didn’t mention it to her fiance until just the other day? Uh-huh. She told her 13-year-old son and not her fiance? Ri-i-i-ight. I make it a point every day to tell my daughters about pig men offending me, don’t you?

      • Laura says:

        AND she asked her 13-year old son what she should do! His response? “Tell on him.” What 13 year old says “tell on him”? This is becoming a sideshow. I’m waiting for one of the anonymous women to go public. You KNOW she’s gonna have a beard and go by the title, ‘Yak Woman’.

  5. SKL says:

    Another thing – I just noticed someone now calling him “this monster.” Do you think any Conservative would get away with calling Obama “monster” without being accused of racism – no matter what he did? But it’s not racist if the guy is a Republican.

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