It’s FRIDAY! My boy is home from school today (Teachers workshop.) Not sure what we’ll do. Maybe just relax, get some board games out and take it easy. Jason has felt like he’s coming down with something, and Bailey started to cough a bit yesterday morning. We’ve been so lucky (knock on wood) none of us have been sick since September. I got my flu shot, but Bailey hasn’t gone in yet. Which just reminded me to make an appointment! Do you get one? I generally don’t, but I was there for another reason and they offered it, so I thought “what the heck!”

Any weekend plans? Whatever you do, make best of it…they don’t last nearly long enough.

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  1. mssc54 says:

    My Mrs. signed me up at her skool foam a flu shot ($14.00).

    Our weekend lows are going to be unseasonably cold (mid 30s), so we’ll likely have some non fires.

  2. Jenny says:

    Tomorrow I’m off work. Yeah!! Supposed to be like 56 on Saturday, so that means getting the rest of the Christmas lights up. It’s gonna be perfect and just about the last time to do it. Jason grumbles, but oh well. They are pretty! Nothing exciting planned. Might go spend my gift certificate at JCPenneys. Have a good weekend everyone

    • Jenny says:

      oh and yes we will be getting our flu shots! Jason already got his, but Hunter and I will be getting one for sure. I believe they are very important.

  3. SKL says:

    No flu shots for us. We are not in any risk categories and I don’t like messing with chemicals for a minor risk.

    This week was somewhat productive, and somewhat crazy. On the personal side, I got a few things done. I finally found an email address for the folks at the local schools who would be in charge of my kids’ placement. So I sent out an email with only a faint hope that it would be answered. But hooray, yesterday I got a reply that indicated they are going to get the ball rolling. I also made several kid-related appointments and tonight I got my car servicing done. On the work side, several crazy “emergencies” sprung up, resulting in some very late nights. I am also still working on some big projects that don’t seem to want to get done. And I’m starting to get that nervous feeling about the stuff on the “back burner.” I just never seem to have the mental energy to make a real dent in my to-do list.

    This Monday, Miss A’s teacher started assinging a weekly list of ten “sight words.” They will be tested on Fridays. So in the intervening 4 days, they are supposed to memorize all these words – which are ordered in the most illogical fashion. For the first week, the words are: one, two, five, yellow, black, the, as, carry, went, help. You can’t even play with sentences with that list. Blah. Anyhoo, this is really hard for Miss A with her vision issues. She does try. But oh my, how many times does a child need to see “the” before she knows it’s “the”? It’s not like this is the first time she’s seen the word, either. But this is the first time she’s going to be tested on whether she knows it. She really wants to get them all right. We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile I continue to work with her on phonics, since I believe sight words are not going to be her gateway to reading. When I was an education student, I studied dyslexia a lot because I wanted to specialize in that. (My dad is dyslexic.) So I read that with kids who struggle, usually phonics is the only way they can learn successfully. It still takes forever, but at least there is some logic that they can fall back on time and again. Teacher’s instruction paper says, do NOT teach the kids to sound out the sight words. But I’m doing it anyway. I guess she can flunk me if she wants to. (The total sight words the kids are supposed to memorize in KG is 220. Yeah. I think we’re up to 12, ha ha.) I have made an appointment for a vision checkup in December to see if she needs more therapy.

    We still have houseguests, but I think they will be gone for the weekend. Yesterday I took them to the museums along with my kids. My kids kept pestering them the whole time. I don’t know if they enjoyed the evening or not (and I don’t really care). I supposed it was better than sitting around doing nothing.

    This weekend will be a normal work weekend. I don’t know if we’ll have good enough weather to do anything outside, but if we do, we’ll work on bike riding during the little bit of daylight we’ll get. I don’t have any grand plans.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  4. shanef says:

    I only got a flu shot once in my life. About 8yrs. ago I got the Norwalk Virus. I never want to be that sick ever again, it was horrible. 48 hrs. of hell, so the next flu season I got a shot. Since then I’ve never got one, I don’t beleive there as important as people think they are. You’re only at severe risk if you’re 5 yrs. old or 90 yrs. old I’m somewhere in the middle of them.. The only big thing I’m doing this weekend is getting my car ready for storage.. I’m also taking Monday off to watch the Vikings loose to the Packers.. lol

  5. SKL says:

    Hey everyone, we got snow today! It’s melting now. The guys from India just left for the airport, and they are very happy that they had the opportunity to see snow.

    • Jenny says:

      glad you got it and not us!!!! I hope it stays far away and then come at Christmas time. Is that too much to ask for? LOL

      • SKL says:

        This fall has actually been not so bad. We had more cold than I would prefer, but at least all-out winter didn’t come early. Mid-November is pretty reasonable for snow in these parts. It gave us a chance to actually enjoy fall a little, with all the drying leaves flying around in weather we could actually walk in.

  6. Joy says:

    Yes, I got my flu shot last Sat. I’m supposed to get it because my lungs are screwed. Before I got sick I never got one. I think if you are at risk for anything or are around a lot of people, why not?

    Today I have grandparents day at Kimball. I’m excited. It’s always so fun. I can’t believe it’s Trinity’s last one. Next year she’ll be at the high school! OMG!! Did I just type high school???????? *shudder*

    Anyhow. That’s at 1:30 so I’ll just bring them home. The guys are almost always home early on Friday’s and it’s such a nice day. I may stop at Knauss and get some smoked pork chops for the grill.

    I’d like to start on my Christmas lights tomorrow too. If I could get the lights on the deck and tree’s, that would be great. The figures we put in front of the barn aren’t hard to put out. You can wear gloves to do those but it’s so hard to work with lights and wear anything on your fingers. It is for me anyway.

    I think that’s all.

  7. Joy says:

    I also can’t get my mind of Sue today. I know how hard it is to make a change like this and when people say “oh things will be fine,” it doesn’t help. It’s very scary. The drive is 100% different and new people and to have a total change is hard. In my 15 years at in the school district, I was in 3 schools and each move was hard. Who are you going to eat with and sit with? Where will you park and where’s the bathroom? You think of such stupid stuff.


    • SKL says:

      Yes! This is a big change and it will be exhausting at first. Take care of yourself so you can start strong. Hopefully it will be more than worth it in the long run.

      • Nikki says:

        It WILL be worth it in the long run. We don’t have to have any more holiday’s without her! 🙂 I know it’s scary. I was the “new kid” more times than I can count on both hands…maybe close to hands and feet! Sue is very confident though, so she has that on her side. GOOD LUCK SUE!!!!

        • Sue says:

          Aahhhh! Thanks you guys! It was a good day overall. I didn’t cry until I opened a gift from one of the nurses (who was also my reference and a good friend). She does stained glass as her hobby and has made some beautiful things. So, when I opened the bag and pulled out a beautiful heart shapes piece, I just started crying! I was by myself in the locker room though, so it wasn’t bad. Then I didn’t get teary until I started hugging people with about 15 min left in the day and I finally saw the nurse and could thank her for the gift. They were nice enough to have lunch catered in from the ‘fancy’ restaurant in town and it was delicious! They also gave me a card with a Target gift card and some cash in it even though I told them I didn’t want anything. I’m not quitting completely so I really didn’t think I should get anything, but truly appreciate all they’ve done for me 🙂

  8. SKL says:

    I’m thinking about next week and it’s making me so nervous. We have to drive about 4 hours each way to visit a client. I’ve never met these folks before. Somehow the thought of having to be “on the spot” about stuff is very scary to me. I pretty much got over that at my last job, but now it’s been a long time since I’ve been meeting clients face to face. I’ve had maybe one such meeting per year in my current job. So I just saw an email from this client and my brain blurted out “I wanna puke until I die.” (Pretty, huh?) I know I will live through it, but will the next four days leading up to it be miserable?

    It doesn’t help that my boss voices every concern in the most extreme gloom-and-doom terms, and in a voice that someday is gonna give me a heart attack. (This happens rather frequently, but I can’t seem to get used to it.)

    Now I had better get back to work so there can be some hope of keeping my to-do list reasonable with all that is going on.

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