Question of the day from Jenny

Do you pamper yourself? Ex: Massage, manicure, pedicure etc.

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10 Responses to Question of the day from Jenny

  1. SKL says:

    Oh man, I was just thinking about this today. I had such a long day, and I was in a too-tight suit for about 13 hours straight. After sleeping very little and being up working from 4am. I also have some other stuff going on. I got a stiff neck and a splitting headache by the end of my meeting, followed by a four-hour drive home while I tried unsuccessfully to find a comfortable position and get some rest. I kept thinking how nice a massage would be today! (I’d love to go to bed now, but today is a compliance deadline, so I have to get a report done first. So I took some painkillers and I’m not too bad now.)

    I do like some parts of the spa experience. (Massage, facial, yes. Manicure / pedicure, no.) But I’ve only experienced it once in the past 4+ years. (Twice if you include the therapeutic massage I got after the car accident.) It’s just not the sort of thing a single working mom does much. However, when asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I said I wanted to be given the opportunity to go use my years-old gift card(s) to a very nice spa. Most likely that would mean someone else entertains my kids while I leave for the evening. Thing is, I really value my time with my kids. I would rather take an afternoon off work, but I don’t see that happening for a spa day, LOL. Maybe they will have some spa services on the Caribbean cruise and I’ll make use of them. Might as well take the opportunity if it presents itself.

  2. Just a Mom says:

    No, I don’t. I have never been into spending money on stuff like that.

  3. Jenny says:

    Only had a pedicure & manicure once. Can’t really do my nails, because they are short. And I don’t really like people touching my feet, so I don’t mind that I don’t do that often. As far as massages, I just had one today 🙂 But no, I don’t do that often either. I don’t know why, all I have to do is ask for a trade. A lot of times I walk away disappointed in the massage, I’m very picky.

  4. Sue says:

    Nope, I don’t have time!

  5. Joy says:

    No. Other than the acrylic nails I got years ago because they were “cool.” But I just don’t feel comfortable. I’ve never even had a massage. I’d hate for someone to work on my feet! ISH!

  6. SKL says:

    I thought I would hate massages too, until I had one. My sister basically forced me into it, and I went along so as to not make her feel bad, LOL. Long live sister bullies!

    Honestly, I’ve met many people who “used to think” they would not like massages, but I can’t think of anyone who has had a spa massage and been turned off of massages thereafter.

    • Joy says:

      I’m not sure if I think I’d hate it or not. I just have never gone and had one. I don’t really have a reason. I think it’s just the making the appt and going. I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. Paul goes to Jenny every other Tues and he loves to go.

      • Jenny says:

        Making the appt and going? If you really want one, I’m glad to give you one anytime! I’ve even worked on people who think they’re gonna hate it because they don’t like people touching them, but they end up liking the massage. Paul falls asleep every time! LOL When people fall asleep I take that as a compliment.

  7. Laura says:

    I did, once. My mom and a friend pitched in and got me a spa day. It was enjoyable – the massage was wonderful, and the manicure was great. But I discovered that day that my “rosy” cheeks were actually Rosacea, and that Rosacea and facials don’t go together… I came out with a tomato face!!! (it went away, but oh, did it sting for a while.) So I won’t do a facial again, unless the tech has worked with Rosacea before.

    I haven’t done it since then. I’ve gotten manicures, for special events, just because when I do my nails, the polish is peeling off or chipping within an hour. Manicurists have some sort of magic powers that keep the polish on for at least a day! But I can never find the time to go for a full massage. I should, of course, but I don’t.

  8. Money says:

    No. I’ve had one professional massage my whole life and it did feel weird to me. I can get a massage really any time I want one. Jason is really good about that, always has been. I used to get my nails done, the gel ones. I loved it because they made me feel more “feminine.” That may sound dumb, but it’s true. They’re too much money to keep up on, going in every 4 weeks. And it really ruins your nails, bad! I’ve never had my hair done professionally either, unless you count a handful of times I’ve had someone at a Great Clips cut it. My mom has always cut my hair.

    I just don’t like to spend money on myself, too often. Seems silly, when it isn’t needed and we have other things that we do need.

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