Natalie Wood

This whole Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner thing has me so upset. I know a lot of you don’t remember this or maybe even don’t care. Toby even asked me last night the “who’s and what’s” of this because he knows I care about stuff like this and he was only 1 when it happened.

This couple was the Brad Pitt-Angelena Jolie of the time. They couldn’t go anywhere without the paparazzi and at the time, it’s nothing like now. They married each other twice and seemed to have a good life.

Then we wake up one morning to the news of her drowning and it left the world in a type of mourning. She is one of the most beautiful woman of all time in my opinion. Here are some clips of an interview with some of these people that was on 48 Hours Saturday night.

Now this “boat captain.” Let’s talk about him. He claims that he “can’t live his whole life with this secret. It sits on his good conscience.” Seriously? He’s been trying to make money all along. He wrote a book about this 2 years ago. The things he’s saying were said all those years ago. Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken both said there was a fight. This is not news. They both gave separate statements and they were almost identical. This boat captains story just doesn’t sound right.

Then we have this woman who claims to have heard a woman screaming “help, help, I’m drowning” and yet all she did was call the harbor patrol? Didn’t it occur to her to maybe turn on her boats lights to see if she couldn’t have helps save that woman? I don’t for a second believe this story. Is she really trying to say that she heard this woman screaming for help for 25 minutes, 40 feet from her boat and did nothing but make a phone call?

Natalie was also terrified of the water and I know while filming Splendor in the Grass she got really freaked out during that scene where she was on an edge of a waterfall and she froze there and someone had to go help her off.

It’s the 50th anniversary of West Side Story and it’s the 30th anniversary of Natalie’s death. Why now? What possible good can this do to anyone? Will people really do anything for money? Do you think it’s about money or what is it you think happened?

If Robert Wagner had anything to do with this it will just break my heart. He’s been a top dog in my book all these years and people very close to this couple say he had nothing to do with it and this is just plain cruel.

I think they went on the boat and all got really drunk and Wagner got jealous of Walken and started to fight with him. I think he and Natalie had a fight and she took off and tried to leave and go home and it was a really bad thing that happens sometimes after a night of careless drinking. There was a tragic accident. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 percent and fell. According to the coroner, all the bruising on her body would have accounted for by the way she hit the dingy.

What do you think happened that night?

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4 Responses to Natalie Wood

  1. SKL says:

    Well, I wasn’t really cognizant of this at the time, but I have a gut feeling or two. First, I do think this is “about the money” at this point. When I read what that boat captain said, to me, if it’s true, it just makes him guilty, for knowingly letting a woman drown without lifting a finger to help. If he was the captain of the boat, didn’t he have some duty to his passengers’ safety?

    About that other woman who said she heard cries for help – the account that I read said that she and her son did turn on the light and spend time looking for whoever was doing all that yelling, but could not find anyone before the yelling stopped.

    But back to the actual incident. I obviously was not there, but it seems like too strange of a coincidence to me. I am sure it seemed that way to many people at the time. Maybe Wagner was able to make the dogs go away somehow. Or maybe they simply couldn’t prove anything. Even if this new story is true, I’m not sure what it proves, exactly. It still sounds like an accident.

    I really like Natalie Wood. West Side Story is a big favorite over here. I agree that she was a most beautiful woman. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors, anywhere on earth?

  2. Laura says:

    I can’t comment much on this, but I do have to wonder why, after all this time? What could there possibly be to gain? I suppose, if it were premeditated, then there would be justice for Natalie, which I’m all for. But I don’t think that would be the result, anyway. I think, like you, Joy, that this was a tragic accident, and to open it now, and even file charges of something like negligent homicide, would be just wasting time and money.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m not that familiar with this story, but I saw it on last night. Non of what is being said, now, makes sense to me. That lady, who in the world would listen to a woman screaming for help fro 25 minutes and not do something more to help?? I call BS on her. The boat captain, I really call BS on him. All he wants is money!

    I don’t know what happened that night. Your conclusion seems reasonable. I hope this will just go away, and the findings are that it was just an accident.

  4. Adell says:

    I loved both Natalie and Robert and hope he is not blamed for anything.
    Why bring this up after all these years, but for a money making deal.

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