What do you have to say?

What do you have to say about this guy? Do you think he thought people would feel sorry for him? I wonder what he thinks now that people think with nearly 14 million Americans unemployed, complaining about work hours is grossly self-indulgent?

I know holidays are holidays but jobs are so hard to find and I’d think people who are working would be glad. I don’t shop on Black Friday and never have but Thanksgiving is really over the afternoon before. There is plenty of time for a good long nap. A lot of people have to work on holidays. Should all stores stay closed?

What do you think?

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3 Responses to What do you have to say?

  1. Laura says:

    You know, while I can understand the spirit of his argument – that everyone deserves a holiday, and it’s ridiculous that stores should be opening at midnight to “get a jump” on Christmas Shopping, when there are still what, four weeks?left to do that shopping, I can also understand the other side of it. I’m one of those who can’t find a job. It’s pretty amazing how difficult it is to find employment now. Employers, except for places like Target and Walmart (which often don’t pay enough to support a family) are looking for specific degrees, and they are being ever more choosy in who they take. So even if you have a degree, it’s not good enough any more. You have to have that specific degree they’re looking for. Even if it’s a Masters in Basketweaving. It’s insane. So to see someone griping about having to work when so many others are unemployed? I say, fine… go take your spot with OWS and let someone else have your shift.

  2. SKL says:

    Yeah, I say it’s called holiday hours, and when you go to work for a retailer, that’s what you ought to expect. It’s one day a year, for Pete’s sake. Waah! I’d hate to tell you how many times I’ve been hard at work at midnight, with no end in sight.

    I’d bet money that he has been on the receiving end of someone’s odd shift labor at some time or other. Sometimes we all have to do things we don’t feel like doing.

    As for the sanctity of Thanksgiving, surely he realizes that there are hundreds of millions of people who will be getting no dinner at all on Thanksgiving. It’s not a God-given right.

    Now, as far as the underlying theories this way and that way – I really think politicians are misguided when they think they are going to fix the economy by getting people to spend beyond their means. The older I get, the less patience I have for schemes that induce people to buy stuff that is only going to reduce their quality of life. But that’s a separate issue. Black Friday is certainly not the origin of that problem.

    And yes, it is insensitive to whine about having to work when so many wish they could be the person opening those doors and getting paid for it. Why doesn’t he quit and make room for someone who will be happy to do the job?

  3. Nikki says:

    I believe the very last sentence sums it up pretty well! You have a job, be grateful and stop whining. And really, when you work retail you are signing up for hours like this. Get used to, be grateful for it, or look for another job. Good luck though!

    Some people’s kids…I tell ya.

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