Pull Up Some Paper

We got all our shopping done last week, right? Good. Today, we’re wrapping. I love wrapping, believe it or not. I can spend a day wrapping presents, especially if I don’t have any other pressing issues. I stick in my Santa Clause DVD, followed by Christmas Vacation, and start covering boxes. I can spend hours doing it, complete with ribbons, bows and tags.

I remember when I was a kid… well, in my teenage years… my mom and I would close off one of the bedrooms and set the whole thing up for wrapping. She always had tons of paper, ribbon, and various decorations, including pine boughs, small branches off of the arborvidea in our front yard, pine cones, and these weird aluminum ribbon, that when you rolled pieces of it around a pencil, and then tied them all together? You’d yank that middle string tight, and the whole thing would explode and turn into a really cool aluminum silver and blue (or red), 3D snowflakey kinda ball. It was very cool, and I’ll try and find a picture, because I cannot possibly describe it properly here. I’ve just failed miserably at it.

Anyway, the wrapping table, with Christmas Music playing in the background, is an awesome place to catch up. So pass the snowflake paper and the blue ribbon, and let’s get started. And keep it clean, folks. Being mean will result in you being left behind to clean up all the snippings. And believe me, when you’re the one who has to do that while everyone else is relaxing over cookies and hot chocolate? You won’t be mean again. Don’t forget those little strips that got embedded in the carpet.

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12 Responses to Pull Up Some Paper

  1. SKL says:

    Well, I like wrapping too, but I always overdo it! Usually I am wrapping all night long on Christmas Eve. Every year I say it’s going to be different. And it only gets worse.

    This year I think it will be different for real, though. For one thing, I really think I’m going to stick to my vow to only get most of the people 1 gift. How hard can that be, even if you have 25 people to buy for? OK, granted, two of them are my spoiled kids, but at least they are worth it.

    The other thing is that we are going to have houseguests arriving on the 24th and leaving the morning of the 26th. So I really need to try to get the wrapping – or at least most of it – done before that. I will also need to come up with something for them and their kid, which I normally don’t do (they don’t celebrate Christmas, but I couldn’t leave their kid out if she’s here Christmas morning).

    I think I’m excited about having them come over (they have never brought their kid here before, and the kids should have a blast playing). But I will have to plan really well, or it could get stressful. I already decided to skip Christmas Eve church. But Christmas is gonna be crazy. First the opening of the gifts and the reams of ripped wrapping paper everywhere. Then trying to figure out what was actually in the gift packages, how to use it, and where to put it so everyone isn’t tripping over it. Then we’re going to lunch, followed by a visit to the grandparents’ house for the afternoon/evening (more presents and craziness and family drama), and then back home to play hostess again before the guests have to pack up and leave. If I don’t sleep on Christmas Eve on account of wrapping, I’ll be toast.

    So anyhoo, what’s happening out there? I had a fairly good weekend. Got some work and some shopping done, the kids got a good start on their Christmas crafts, and basically all hell didn’t break loose, which is always a good thing. I have to confess that I’ve been back on one of my self-banned internet sites, but so far I haven’t been too bad about it. I still have a lot of work to do tonight, but I seem to be in an OK state for doing it (so far).

    This week my kids have their school Christmas program (I did figure out a “halo” for my kid’s angel costume, sort of). I am mostly ready for that, though I have to wrap their gifts from “Santa” and sneak them into the school tomorrow morning. I will try to get Christmas photos with the girls in their dresses before the program, and then get a start on my Christmas cards. Also this week, my kid has a check-up with the eye doctor, to see if she needs more vision therapy. Though I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well she’s been learning her words. It doesn’t come easy, but she’s more than keeping up with her class, and she is building confidence as a reader. I am not sure whether I hope she does or doesn’t need more therapy. On one hand, it would be nice if things were more smooth for her. On the other, that’s one evening a week completely shot. So we’ll just see what the doctor tells me.

    It’s raining over here. Yesterday was actually a very nice day, and we went to the park. It’s kinda sad to think that we might not make it to the park again until May. Hopefully we’ll have a few more chances.

    I hope everyone has a festive week!

  2. Nikki says:

    Done shopping? I haven’t even started. Well, I have sort of. I’m working on things! I love to wrap. I had to learn how to seamless wrap when I worked at a department store when I was 18. It has stuck with me. I like all the things they come up with to make it easier. I LOVE my tape dispenser that stays on my hand. And the cutter!!!

    Anyways…this weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday, Jason and I had an evening to ourselves. Bailey went to the HS basketball game with some friends. Saturday, he barely got out of my bed. Between being out late the night before, the busy week and hormones-he was beat!

    I’m excited for this week to get started. Thursday night, I’m doing an over night with a new born. He’s 5 months old, but he’s the size of a new born. He was born 3 months early, and only weighed 1 lb. But he’s awesome now, and I get to spend some time with him. I’m SO excited. I’m also hoping it will get rid of my baby blues. Even though I can’t physically have any more, I still get the need.

    Then Friday, we’re going over to some friends we haven’t seen since baseball ended! 🙂

    On a side note, I have to say I am so sick and tired of all the bandwagon fans that call themselves Vikings Fans. It’s not great to be a fan right now, but really…shut up!

    • Joy says:

      I know how you feel about the Viking fans. I’m to the point now that I’m happy to get to be elsewhere when the game’s on. Paul and Toby cheer and love that team and they act like every game is the SuperBowl. Some people just don’t get that you love a team the way we do.

      Personally, I think they jumped too quickly keeping Frazier. They should have done a little more checking around (in my opinion) before just signing him so fast after Childress. He’s too lackluster.

      Also, Jared Allen has been playing every position. How can one man play them all? He’s never once given up.

      Also ( I promise this is my last also), I LOVE PONDER and I’m so happy to have a nice young mas as qb who will grow on our team. I know our record sucks but we WILL get a good draft choice.

      I get sick of the bandwagoners too.

      • Nikki says:

        The last few games, I thought they played “well”…at this point that’s all we can hope for. Ponder is getting the practice he needs, and I think he has so much potential!

        Jared Allen is a beast and we are VERY lucky to have him on our side. I feel bad for him at times, for all that he does and they just can’t win it in the end.

  3. Joy says:

    I feel pretty good today and I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning. I thought for sure I’d gained with the last 3 weeks or so with really no exercise and not really watching my diet at all, but thankfully I’ve only put on 2 pounds. I thought FOR SURE it was going to be 5 at least. I was scared to get on. But this medicine is really working and I just can’t believe how good my ears and eyes feel. Nothing is crusting and all the scabs and bleeding and oozing is gone and you just have no idea how grateful I am that I feel better. Now if I’d just feel better on the inside.

    I wasn’t going to put up the tree until this weekend but Paul and I acted like children last night and it’s up here now. We brought it up last night and I wrapped everything I had and I’m going to put up the tree after commenting here. I LOVE the way the house looks with all these lights and the neighborhood looks good too. I really do love to wrap too and I use ribbons and curly que’s and bows though I don’t make the bows myself, I buy the really pretty ones. Not the ones that you get 50 for .99. I don’t always do the kids with all that stuff on it because it’s so hard for them to open them. But they always get a bow at least 🙂 BUT…..I HATE to wrap when I have to so I try and do it about 3 times and spend a few hours doing it each time. If I have to do it all in one shot, it loses it’s appeal. Otherwise I like to pop in White Christmas or something and just wrap for a while.

    I have a pretty busy week. Tomorrow I get my hair cut and colored and Christopher has his Christmas concert at 7. Wed morning Ella has her grooming appt and we’ll go to open gym and then on Thurs Trin has her Christmas concert. I love those shows. I can’t wait of the band ones and now that Bailey is playing, that’ll be awesome.

    So today is mine and I’m off to do my tree. I’m putting it in a different spot this year. A whole 3 feet over to the right. I’m going to put it in the corner instead of in front of the window. I think it will be more peaceful to the side.

    Have a great Monday everyone.

  4. Jenny says:

    I hate wrapping, well I shouldn’t really say hate, I’m just horrible at it!! I don’t take my time and I don’t measure right. So some presents end up with mismatched wrapping paper because it was too short. Oh well, they know its from me 🙂 I think I’m done Christmas shopping. I always feel like we don’t give enough compared to other people in my family. I’ve been doing homemade gifts with Hunter. Did some yesterday, can’t really say because I know my mom reads this! I feel those are the best gifts to give.

    I’ve been off work since last Wednesday. I go back this Wednesday. Boss is in FL for a wedding. I’ve been bored out of my mind! Cleaned pretty much the first 2 days, don’t know why because the house is a complete mess again! My back has been sore since we played b-ball last Wed. at open gym. Well on Friday it got worse. I couldn’t stand up straight. Today it still hurts but I’m moving better. Now I really wish my boss was back in town!

    Its gonna be a chilly week!!! Be good everyone and have a good week.

  5. Nikki says:

    WHOOHOOO I have TWO gifts, finished and ordered! 🙂 And so many more to go…but it’s a start!

  6. SKL says:

    Man, it’s been raining nonstop for like two days over here! I have a drainpipe outside my window and all I can hear is gurgle-gurgle-drip-gurgle all day long. Enough, already!

    My partner-boss is out of town for one night, and I bought a little more time for some deadlines I’m working on, so I think I will clock out a little early today (it’s 5:15 here). I gotta wrap my kids’ gifts for Santa to give them tomorrow. If it weren’t already pitch dark (and raining), I would plan something fun to do with the girls, but I think we’ll just do our regular stuff at home and chill. Maybe I’ll bring up the Christmas books and toys from the basement. Of course, I do have to get back and finish the work before I sleep tonight. Gotta love deadlines!

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