I’ve been looking forward to today! Since baseball ended, we haven’t spent any time with any of our friends. Tonight, we’re going over to some friends house for some games. I’m certain, I will drink a glass of wine. Or, three.

Saturday, we’re finally going to go cut our tree down. I think I need it, more than I want it. I need a pick me up, something awful!  So many things going on, and some I have no control over. You know the saying, “Don’t stress over things you cannot change?” Or something like that…yeah, it doesn’t really work that way. Or, when you have the power to change it, you just don’t know if you should, or even how??? Anyways, it is what it is, and I hate that saying too! A friend posted this on Facebook, and I think it’s true…”What if all those inspirational sayings and motivational quotes are just bullshit that we tell ourselves to mask the real truth : Sometimes LIFE JUST SUCKS?”

When I saw this, it really made me laugh. Now, I’m hoping it’ll make you laugh, and forget about all the whining I just did.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. SKL says:

    Whew, another December week accomplished. Let’s see. Tuesday was the girls’ recital / Christmas program. It was OK – we survived it. Miss E got all weird again. Maybe because my sister was there to watch her for the first time. My video function didn’t work during the dance part (user error, I’m sure). I had a terrible view of Miss E’s class’s performance and was lucky to get a couple of snaps by holding the camera way over my head. As for Miss A’s, it was pretty involved for a bunch of 5-year-olds. The kids all recited every word of the story of Jesus, interspersed with a number of songs. They did a good job, but it wasn’t exactly engaging. (Or maybe I’m just a crotchety old woman.) I did video the whole thing for posterity. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the video. My kid is just standing in one place the whole time, in a costume that was put on wrong (by her teacher). Not exactly audition material, lol.

    Wednesday morning was pretty crazy, as I noted in the Xtra section. My dad had an ER visit, but from what I’ve heard, he is OK now.

    On Wednesday afternoon, I took Miss A to the eye doctor. He says her eyes are working just fine, but her brain isn’t processing visual stuff as well as it should. He gave me some ideas for helping her to develop visualization skills. After that, we spent a few hours at the museums, moving at a leisurely pace for a change. Today was more or less normal. We skipped swimming so they could get caught up on homework, piano practice, and sight word practice, which had been neglected for half of the week.

    This weekend, I was thinking of taking my kids to see the Nutcracker ballet, but their nanny wants them to come to her house Saturday to celebrate her birthday. (Weird, I thought her birthday was a week later . . . I wonder if someone got their wires crossed.) So maybe we’ll do the Nutcracker next Saturday. Other than that, I don’t have any fancy weekend plans. I may ask my sister to do some gift wrapping for me while the kids are napping on Sunday. Most of the gifts for my brother’s step-grandkids are in, and I don’t mind not having the joy of wrapping those. It will be good to get a start on the craziness. I also have to try to get one good photo of Miss A in her Christmas dress, for the Christmas cards. I got some nice ones of Miss E Tuesday, but Miss A looked a bit silly with that angel costume over her red dress.

    I still haven’t brought up the kids’ Christmas stuff. How scroogey of me! Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

    I hope you all have a nice weekend!

  2. Laura says:

    We haven’t decorated yet, either. Partly because of my aversion to decorating too soon, since we leave the decorations up for at least a week after New Year’s Day. I’m thinking we’ll get the place looking fancy next weekend. Lord knows we won’t have time this weekend…

    Tomorrow, Josh has a wrestling meet first thing, and for the first half of the day. And since I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO, I volunteered to work it. I have no idea what I will be doing, but at least I can learn more about the sport.

    After we’re done with wrestling, it’s home to shower and clean up, and then we’re off again. We have tickets to the symphony tomorrow night. It’s their Christmas Program – mostly Baroque music with period instruments, and they say they’re having a Hallelujah Chorus Sing-Along. That should be fun.

    Sunday, I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m thinking I’m taking Josh shopping so we can get some of that done.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, Lawd hep me….. He’s got me “taking notes” on the matches!!! That means that I sit at the table and watch the match, AND INTERPRET THE REF’S SIGNALS and write them down in the right spot on the sheet!!!

      I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE SIGNALS MEAN!!!! I’m so gonna crash and burn!

      Ok, bright side. I’m turning over a new leaf and trying to see the bright side/lesson in every situation, so…. I get to learn *really really fast* all about wrestling and how points/penalties are issued. I can do this, I’m a fast learner.

      Or I’ll completely screw up the whole thing, and botch the chances of ten little peewee wrestlers to EVER wrestle for State!!! AAK!!!

      • SKL says:

        Ha ha! You are very brave to be a volunteer in a wrestling activity in the first place. I probably would not have dared.

        But really, how hard can it be if the duller sex can figure it out?

        • Laura says:

          This is true. It’s a matter of recognizing about 10 different signals, and I’ll have one of the other coaches with me, so I *should* be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly. I hope.

          • Laura says:

            Also, I figured, I’m gonna be there for the whole thing anyway, might as well make myself useful. They’re always looking for help.

      • Joy says:

        LOL!! I’m sure you’re going to do fine and you’ll catch right on. Good luck.

        • Laura says:

          HE WON!!! Two out of three matches… HE WON!!!! I was SOOO proud of him!!!

          He’s never won before. Never even put points on the board! And today, he won 15-8 and 8-6!!

          And now he’s sleeping. Kid was exhausted.

          I didn’t have to do the table, after all. We had fewer wrestlers than we expected, so we consolidated rooms, and only used one table instead of two. So I got to be the crazy mommy on the sidelines, yelling at her kid to “GET UP!!! GET OUT OF IT!!” … and he did! 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    I know just what you mean about “needing” your tree. I felt that last Sunday night. I was going to wait another week too but I wanted it up. I also am way early this year with my wrapping. If I wrap the gifts and the tree isn’t up, where am I to put them?? LOL!! I love my living room. It now looks like a fairy tale land with all the lights. I want to finish wrapping the stuff that’s come this week and get my window clings all up.

    It’s just been a very busy week for me this week so I’m really happy to have some down time. I got The Help on Tues so I think I’m going to put that in and start wrapping. After that maybe I can catch a quick shut eye. Have a good day all.

  4. SKL says:

    I just got a call from a guy at the school system. According to him, since both of my kids will finish KG this school year, Miss A should be accepted in 1st grade next year with no questions asked. Miss E will need to be pre-registered and testing (which I’m sure she’ll pass) will be done in the spring semester. The guy sounded pretty positive, like it was a no-brainer that both girls will be in 1st next year. Seems he has a philosophy that it’s wrong to force kids to operate at a lower level than they are capable of.

    This is a relief, because their present teacher tried to convince me that even if they finish KG this year with flying colors, the public school won’t take them in 1st grade without a big push / fight. I was mentally prepared to have both of them tested, but very glad I won’t have to.

    So glad the guy finally called me. I had sent an email yesterday after hearing nothing for so long. Right or wrong, the squeaky wheel does get the grease.

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