Pull Up a Pint

Today, we’re meeting at a seisun. That’s an Irish gathering of musicians – a session. They pop up often, I hear, at pubs in Ireland. I can tell you that my family is notorious for bluegrass seisuns at nearly every family gathering where my uncles and cousins are. Unfortunately, my uncles are a dying breed, but my cousins are doing their best to keep the tradition alive. I can remember, as a little girl, looking forward to every family gathering – not because of the food, or because I’d see Grandma or other relatives, but because I knew there’d be music, and lots of it.

So today, we’re sitting down and enjoying some music. Pick your flavor, our musicians can improvise over nearly anything – except hip hop. We have a strict rule against hip hop. It’s gotta have a melody. (side note, do you know what I’d give to be able to play a flute like those guys?)

Order up a pint of your favorite brew – mine’s Cider – and relax for a little while, during this most insane of seasons. Unburden, enjoy the music, and set a spell.

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8 Responses to Pull Up a Pint

  1. SKL says:

    My musicality has been a casualty of a very busy life. If having crazy work hours and living with business partners didn’t do it, having kids put the final nails in the coffin. However, there’s always hope of reviving it as my kids get old enough to make their own music. Miss E is able to bang out a few recognizable songs now, and if she’s anything like me, this will lead to many years of playing for pleasure. I bought a half-size guitar for the girls’ Christmas present, and I have a 3/4-size violin for whenever they grow into that. Maybe working with them will get me back into it. Or not. Time will tell.

    This weekend was not very productive for me. We ended up being out at Nanny’s birthday party until about 10:30pm Saturday. Then we had to get up early today to get everyone bathed before early church. Everyone was so tired. I still am! And yet I have work to do. My concentration level is not at an all-time high, shall we say – but I am getting some done. It’s just not fun, and when you’re tired, it’s hard to stay on task. Especially when the internet is a mere click away – and the bed is just inches in the other direction. Somehow I have to get stuff accomplished before folks get to their desks in the morning. I promised this stuff by last Friday, and that was already an extension from my original ETA.

    This week should be pretty normal. I have one doc appointment for my daughter, and that’s about it. I really have to get efficient so that I can get my work done during the day and sleep at night.

    I hope everyone’s week is enjoyable!

  2. Laura says:

    We had a surprisingly enjoyable weekend. Saturday, if you hadn’t noticed, Josh won his first wrestling match EVER, and well, too. Before this year, he’d just been going out on the mat and kinda laying there. He wouldn’t put up much of a fight to get out, and he’d get pinned almost immediately. This year, he joined the school’s wrestling team, when they opened it up to the younger kids (previously, it was 4th-8th only, but they only had a few kids, so the coach opened it to 2nd & 3rd grade. Now we’ve got about ten kids). The coach is able to work with each kid one-on-one, and also give them attention when they wrestle one another. The result being – Josh actually knows some of the moves and how/when to apply them. It was such a thrill to see such a big change in his abilities. Out of three matches, he went 2-1. One of those, he beat the kid that he lost to.

    After, we had a bit of a go-round when he got scratched on the face by the younger brother of a friend. He was hurt (those scratches sting), but not badly. But he pitched a fit the entire way home. It was ridiculous. I told him, after we had lunch, he was going to take a nap, because I could see just how tired he was. And Oh, goodness! The way that fit ramped up. We got home, had lunch, and I battled him into bed. He slept for three hours. Not tired, eh?

    Saturday night, we went to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony for their Christmas Concert. It was different from their previous Christmas Concerts, which used to be “Pops” concerts, where they’d play all familiar tunes, hold a sing-along, etc. This year, it was a Baroque Theme, with music by Bach, mostly, with a little Handel and Charpentier thrown in. We didn’t recognize a single tune, even the pieces from Handel’s Messiah (they didn’t do the Hallelujah, which we thought they’d do, since they advertised a “sing-along”), but we thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. I was a little worried about Josh, because this was the first time he’d been to an actual Big People Show, but he was *really* good until the very last piece, where he was still pretty good, but asked a lot if they were almost done.

    This week is a bunch of “getting ready for Christmas” – cleaning the house to decorate, cards, shopping, etc. Oh, and more Scout Planning…..

  3. Nikki says:

    We had a really good weekend! Which was desperately needed. Friday night, we went over to some friends’ house, that was so much fun!!!! Saturday, we cut our tree down, and I have to say, we should have done it earlier. How can you be a grouch with all the lights, and Christmas in the air?!

    Sunday, Bailey spent all afternoon outside with friends. Meanwhile, Jason and I were tortured by another Viking loss. 😦 We actually thought, they were going to come back and take it. Oh, well!

    I made those crack potatoes for supper Sunday, with some grilled chicken. Jason and I LOVED them!! They are so much better than the regular cheesy hash browns I make.

    Bailey and I made PB & Chocolate chip cookies after supper, then we watched our Sunday TV and settled in for the night. All in all, it was a very nice weekend!

    This week, I have a new born baby boy tonight, for an over night. I’m really looking forward to that! Tuesday, we have the Holiday Train that comes through our town, and Santa will be there. They usually have some activities for the kids. My mom is coming into town, and her boyfriends daughter is bringing her kids in. Should be a good time, and hopefully not too cold. That’s it for my week. I’ll start Christmas shopping this weekend, and my goal is to not quit until I’m 100% done!

    Have a great Monday, everyone! 🙂

  4. Joy says:

    It sounds like everyone had a good weekend. We got a lot of little things done. I’m thisclose to being done decorating the inside of the house. A few more lights and a little more tinsel and I’ll be done. I don’t know who I’m kidding, I decorate and move things around till I pack them away for next year. LOL!

    I have a nice slow week this week. After my busy week last week, this feels kinda nice. I did watch The Help the other day and boy, was that ever good. I really enjoyed it.

    Have a great week all.

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