25 clever ideas to make life easier

I actually repinned this from one of Nikki’s Pinterest boards. How cool are these idea’s?

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12 Responses to 25 clever ideas to make life easier

  1. Jenny says:

    awesome tips! Although the cupcake ice cream cone isn’t all that simple!! LOL

  2. Sue says:

    Trinity made the cupcakes one year for her 4-H project and got a blue ribbon 🙂 I didn’t think they were that hard Jenny! LOL!

    The popcorn one is a great idea!

    • Jenny says:

      well we are not bakers! We filled the cups too full, obviously cause they spilled over. ALL OF THEM! And then the cones were burning also. It was just a mess.

  3. Joy says:

    We learned that popcorn one in the weight loss challenge. I make it that way almost everyday. I like the frozen aloe vera, the using the rubber bands on the apples and the keeping the sheets all folded in the pillow case.

    • Joseph says:

      I like the pillow case one. I think we will start doing this. WAIT!! That means I might have to do laundry. ( I do laundry, just not the folding part so much. Bad me…bad, bad me!)

      I’m a little leary about the WD40 on an expensive TV screen. Hum. Let me know if it works. LOL!

  4. mssc54 says:

    So is this what “pinning” is?

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