Every once in a while I get irritated with my shampoo and want to try something new or I wonder why the heck I pay so much for my shampoo. This is my favorite shampoo. It’s $21 for that bottle. Yes, it lasts me for a good 6-8 months at least. Only I use it. Paul likes those all in one shampoo and conditioners and I like the separate ones.

I was at my moms one day and I saw this Herbal Essence in her shower and when I smelled it, it reminded me of years gone by and I wanted to buy some of that for old times sake. This one is $3.99. Of course the sizes are different. This one has 12 ounces in it and the Rusk I buy is 33.0 ounces. That’s quite the money difference.

This is my question. Do you find that all shampoo’s are the same? What do you use? Do you find the more expensive shampoo and conditioners are “better?”

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  1. Jenny says:

    We usually use something cheap like suave. I need something cheap because I go through so much conditioner! My hair is really tough to get through. We picked some shampoo & conditioner up from Trader Joes called Tea Tree Tingle. It’s peppermint and it feels so cool and tingles your scalp! We love it!! Just don’t get it in your eyes…lol

  2. Sue says:

    Not all shampoos are created equal!!!! LOL! My scalp is so sensitive that I have a hard time switching shampoos and finding one that doesn’t irritate the crap out of it. For a long time I thought it was just eczema/psoriasis, but I think it’s a combo of things. So, I usually use Head and Shoulders medicated one and then I found one by Dove that is really nice too. (Energize I think it’s called) I have also bought shampoo/conditioner from my hairdresser and that’s the Back to Basics stuff which was on sale for $25 for both (huge) bottles and I really like that also. I definitely can’t do anything with Tea Tree Oil! The first time I used it it was ok, but all of a sudden my head was one big red inflamed mess that took a week to calm down and longer to clear up. I have so many shampoos under my sink from trying to find one that works that it’s not even funny!

  3. SKL says:

    I think it totally depends on your hair. My hair does not do well with fancy schmantzy products. I have had the best results from Suave Naturals (separate shampoo and conditioner) at $1.50 per bottle, and a bottle lasts me months and months. For my daughters, I use Aveeno baby body wash and shampoo (single product designed for infants). It works fine for them. No need to go for anything harsher (or more expensive) as long as this works.

  4. Joy says:

    I think a huge thing with me is the smell. That Rusk shampoo is a grapefruity smell and I just love it. Then I have a Kendra product for conditioning right now that smells so good I could eat it. I also LOVE Back to Basics products but I don’t know who carries them anymore. They’re hard to find. I should look online! HELLO!!!

  5. Laura says:

    Be careful with the Tea Tree Oil. It’s awesomely wonderful, but it can be harsh if you use it on a daily basis. I have some (Bumble & Bumble Tonic Shampoo), and I absolutely love it, but I also use it sparingly – once a week is a lot for me. My hairdresser, who turned me onto it, gave it to me to help manage this crazy itch that had started on my scalp. I used it for a week, then eased off. She said that it could strip your hair if you use it too much.

    I have baby-fine hair, so I have to be careful that what I do use isn’t too heavy or coating. Right now, I’m using Nexxus I-can’t-remember-what. And I’m really liking it. I also really like my old standby Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo and conditioner, but I don’t get that much because it’s spendy Salon stuff.

    I also discovered, a couple weeks ago on Pinterest… coconut milk and coconut oil. You use them separately. Milk, you massage into wet hair/scalp and let sit for an hour before washing normally. Oil, you massage into wet hair and leave five-ten minutes, then wash normally. I’ve done both, and each time, my hair was crazy soft and very manageable. I’m kinda hooked on that.

  6. Nikki says:

    I almost always use TRESemme. They come in big bottles and usually it’s just under $3 for each bottle. I can’t use cheap cheap conditioner, it just doesn’t work. My hair is frizzy, naturally dry, and naturally curly. I do conditioner treatments twice a month. Palmers Protein pack. It has coconut oil, milk and vitamin E in it. I did do the olive oil, and it worked, but the Palmers smells really good and does do a better job for my hair.

    I switch it all up once in a while, I might buy Dove, or Pantene. I LOVE Pantene, but for the amount I use, it’s too expensive to use all the time. I just love the smell of it.

    I’ve always been told to not worry too much about the shampoo, but it’s more important to have a good conditioner. I do think the salon brands are better for your hair. They don’t have a wax base. I just can’t see spending that much money on it.

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