Question of the day

How often do you go to the grocery store?

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18 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Sue says:

    Toby goes a lot more than I do b/c he’ll stop for “1 thing” on the way home. It’s usually milk!

  2. Jenny says:

    We usually go grocery shopping every weekend.

  3. SKL says:

    Usually once every 2-3 weeks.

  4. mssc54 says:

    It varies. Typically we go BIG SHOPPING every other weekend. However, we will also go for a couple of things during the week (bread or milk).

  5. Laura says:

    seems like every flippin’ day. They should name an aisle after me.

  6. When I’m at school, I usually go once a week. Although sometimes twice, when they don’t have something that I really need on the particular day I happen to get there.

  7. Joy says:

    We do a lot less shopping now than we did back in the day. I’d say once a week for sure we do a run. Paul for some odd reason likes to hit the grocery store on Sunday mornings. When football isn’t in season that is. Me, if I go, I like doing a big trip enough for a few weeks. I stock up. But like Sue said, they very often stop on the way through Annandale for buns or bread or whatnot on the way home. We have it kind of nice buying our meat the way we do. We buy half a beef and we buy our chickens from Paul’s brother who raises them so pork is really the only meat we buy and we buy it on sale so we don’t have to buy meat very often.

    • Joseph says:

      We usually have deer, pork, sheep and chickens from my dad’s. So meat is usually not a purchase item, unless it’s in the discounted section. We have two big upright freezers we always keep stocked.

    • Joy says:

      We have two freezers always almost full also. One is a chest that we use for pork, chicken and what we eat often like our Lean Cuisine dinners and stuff like that. We have an upright one for our beef. It’s really a nice way to go and if you have the money all at once like that, much cheaper and better for you than the beef in stores. I know back when our boys were little, we didn’t have the money to buy the beef like that and we didn’t really know anyone who sold it so I really do appreciate having meat like that.

      • Joseph says:

        Yeah it is nice to have all that meat. My dad blesses us with all the meat for free. Except chickens. We get them from a broiler farm for $2 a chicken. Then we butcher them ourselves.

      • Joy says:

        Is that ever nice of him. Paul’s brother raises the chickens and they get to about 7 pounds and he divides the feed and the butchering and that’s all he charges. The only “bad” thing about those chickens is there isn’t much fat on them and they don’t make very good soup.

        • Joseph says:

          You need lots of fat on the chicken? Don’t you roast it first before boiling? I do, gives it a much richer flavour.
          The chickens we get are very lean too. I don’t mind at all. Lindsay puts it in teh slow cooker for the day and is it ever good!

        • Joy says:

          Normally when I make soup I don’t cook the chicken first but it does sound like a good idea. I usually buy those ‘roasting’ chickens around 3 pounds for soup but I’m going to take your advice and roast one first. I’ll bet that’s good.

          • Joseph says:

            We usually roast the chicken (full size), have one meal then boil the remains, including bones and tyen leave just the meat in.
            I also make the Mennonite style with home made noodles and star anise in addition to the parsley, peppercorn and bayleaves. My dad eve uses maggi(sp?), a type of weed (no not THAT weed).
            The best way is the thin homemade noodles. You make them separate. Fill up your bowl with as many or as little noodles as you want, then add the chicken meat and broth. I like this method the best.

            We’ll be having chicken noodle soup for Boxing Day dinner and a BBQ for supper.

  8. Joseph says:

    We usually do the ‘big’ shopping once a month +/-.
    Then we usually do the coupon and ‘discount’ section shopping about once a week.
    Then i usually stop in whenever on my way home from work to pick up any perishables we may need.

  9. Nikki says:

    I go every Wednesday, and try hard to get enough to last through the weekend. I almost always have to go back, and usually it’s Sunday morning.

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