Your thermostat

Here was another great Good Question that was on the other night. How do you use a thermostat efficiently?

I got a kick out of the story. The woman went around behind the man and every time he turned it up, she turned it down! I do the same thing to Paul. Don’t tell him that though 🙂 I sometimes think God could have done us a favor this way and had our body thermometers be at the same age and time. When he was younger he was always hot and as he got older he got colder and we all know, women in their 50’s are NEVER….EVER cold!!


Paul and I pretty much do what they suggested. We keep the heat down at night and when we’re not home. I never turn it up during the day and it’s almost always at 66 or 67. When he gets home at night he’ll turn it up to 68 or 69. In the summer we have it set at 70. We have separate heating upstairs and days like today, it’s 37, I don’t even have it on. I love it cold and I only sleep up there.  But generally, we do what they said was the most economical way.

What about you? Do you just set it and leave it that way all the time or do you play around with it?

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13 Responses to Your thermostat

  1. Sue says:

    We seem to kick it on or off if it’s too hot or cold. We do turn it down at night and try to keep it around 68, but sometimes you’re just cold or too hot!

  2. Jenny says:

    ours is usually set around 71

  3. Vicki says:

    Ours is usually set at 70 unless we get sub zero temps i may kick it up a little.

  4. SKL says:

    Around our house, we also don’t agree. We had arrived at an agreement at one point, but nobody will stick to it now. The agreement was to keep it at 68 when it’s cold out and 78 when it’s warm out. But when “certain people” have been home, I’ll notice the thermostat turned up to 70+. It drives me nuts because I feel it’s wasteful (you know how cheap I am).

    I used to be ridiculously cold all the time, but now I’m more likely to get irritated with how warm the house is.

  5. mssc54 says:

    We have an electronic thermostat. It’s set and automatically adjust for colder when we sleep and warmer when we’ re up.

    I like it warm when its cold out and chilly when its hot outside. I’m spoiled that way and I’m okay with that. 😉

  6. Laura says:

    We have an electronic therm, too, and it’s mostly set at 68 from fall through spring. summers, it’s kept around 78. Anything cooler than that, and I’m putting on pants, praying for fall!

    It’s really hard to regulate the temps in my house. First, I have the furnace from hell that seems to get its jollies by dying right around Christmas each year. On the weekend. Late at night. When our repair guy charges like six million dollars a second. On the upside, he’s a really nice guy, so I don’t feel bad about being fleeced. Second, we have this massive wall of windows. It’s beautiful. And it’s a nightmare for keeping temps. When that Western Sun starts coming in, around 2 during the summer and into the fall, it gets like a sauna in the living room. I have fans running, trying to circulate the air, but that doesn’t always work. Come winter, that wall of windows leaks air. So I have to do my “diaper and duct-tape” routine to insulate them. But it’s still cold in here, especially when the winter wind is strong and out of the North. And the thermostat is down a dark hallway, so it rarely kicks on. We have a fireplace in this room, though, so that helps.

  7. Joseph says:

    We have an automatic thermostat.
    It turns up the heat automaticcally by the time we all get home and turns it down around 11:00pm. Weekends it’s automatically set at the lower temp and we just manually adjust to suit our presence. No point turning the heat up if we’re not there.
    We keep it for the evening and when we’re around on the weekend at 19c (66f) and all other times at 17c (63).
    The settings are inversed for the summer with 23c (73f) for when we’re gone and 21c (69f) for when we’re present (both sleeping and awake).

    We came home last Xmas Eve from my family gathering with my wife’s family already nestled in our house for their gathering. They had turned the heat up to 25c (77f). We just about croaked!

    We’re definetly polar bears. My daughter will form tiny beads of sweat on her nose at any higher temp. We were even scolded by a couple of ‘grandma’ age women coming out of a community centre after a funeral. They said that she wasn’t dressed properly. I reasured them that she wasn’t cold (as she definetly wasn’t) and one quickly retorted, “How would you know!” OY!!

    • SKL says:

      My kids are happy to be in the cold also. People are horrified that I don’t make them put on their coats before we go out, unless it’s really bitter cold (like burn your skin cold). Funny thing is, before they were 2 they knew how to put on their coats if they were cold. I do make them carry one just to prove they own one, LOL.

      • Joseph says:

        That’s pretty much same with my daughter. Skinny thing, but keeps heating like an engine! Insists on wearing a dress thru winter (make her wear stockings).
        We always carry heavy winter gear in the vehicles, including the heating pads, blankets, boots, etc. Just in case. that way we don’t have to dress up like polar bears and overheat!
        Our old neighbour helps out new immigrants to our country. She said one mother would dress up her kids like herself. She was from an Eastern Arfrican country. so she was always cold. Her kids were born here or moved not too long after they were born. They were acclimatized…yet she would so over dress them. My neighbour had to reassure her they would be perfectly fine!

  8. Nikki says:

    Ours is usually around 68 during the winter. I turn it down to 65 at night, and it’s never cold when we get up. I have an electric blanket, so I never get cold. And Bailey, no matter what he is wrapped up in his blanket like a cocoon! So to have the heat up at night is pointless. If I get cold during the day, I may turn it up to 70 to get the chill out.

    We have wall AC’s for summer and it’s set right around 70.

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