Happy Friday! With Christmas this weekend, I’m sure most of us have some place to be, at some point this weekend. More than anything, I am looking forward to Christmas Day. I’m very thankful for our small family. It’s such a nice, relaxing and fun day. What’s better than that?

It doesn’t look like we’ll have a white Christmas. This might be the 1st (maybe 2nd) Christmas ever with no snow, since I have lived here. On the bright side, Bailey will be home for 10 days and can be outside!

So, what are your plans this weekend? I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa. Whichever one fits you! 🙂

Have a great one! Remember, you’re making memories, make sure they’re worth remembering.

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2 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    Well, I am in a pretty good mood for the moment. Work has been crazy, but at least I’ve gotten a few things done. Same with the home front. I am done with all my shopping, got my Christmas cards and photos out, and tonight I assembled the photo gifts (man, that is tedious!). I still have some wrapping to do, but it’s not nearly the mound that I have most years. I got a lot of house organizing done. I still have more to do, but it feels manageable.

    Call me Scrooge, but part of me is really looking forward to putting Christmas behind us. The thought of all the added “stuff” gets on my nerves. I guess that’s why I’m trying to clear older stuff out before Christmas. I’m keeping a “good attitude” for the kids and all, but generally keeping things low key. As low key as it can be, considering we have a family of 4 plus a dog coming to stay for the weekend.

    So tomorrow (Friday), in between getting work done, I plan to finish some cleaning and get all our laundry done, and hopefully some wrapping. Saturday morning, Nanny is supposed to come, and I have a couple of projects for her to do with the girls, while I work. Our guests said they would arrive in the early afternoon Saturday, so I bought some gingerbread men for the three girls to decorate and leave out for Santa. I’ll probably continue wrapping as we socialize. Then Christmas morning we open presents. We’ll probably all go to lunch at midday, and then I’ll go to my parents’ house for the afternoon/evening. We’re also supposed to pay a visit to my sister’s recently born puppies, to help socialize them to kiddies. Then back home to bed, and our guests will leave Monday morning.

    I hope you all have a very peaceful Christmas weekend.

  2. SKL says:

    I just realized that mine was the only comment on the TGIF post. I guess everyone is really busy, understandably! I just wanted to pop in and say that for the next few days, I may not be able to check in every day. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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