What Really Makes Us Laugh?

This was an infectious story and I found myself laughing along with most of the stuff they laughed about too.

I’m not sure what makes me laugh. I know that if I had to say the things that Paul and I laughed the most over it would be the way the cats play at night and the way we tease each other about “why we went into the kitchen” because we’re both always forgetting what we “went to get.”

People tripping and falling down were on the news story and that really does make people laugh and the guy said it’s a nervous type of laughter that we do. I’m not a fan of America’s  Funniest Home Video’s but people are always getting hurt on that show and everyone in the audience is howling with laughter and I always think to myself that if I went sliding off a rooftop that my kids or Paul wouldn’t be laughing and taking a video! I don’t find a lot of that stuff funny. But a trip or light fall can be really funny.

I’m not a huge “laugher out loud” kind of person. I laugh a lot inside and I smile a lot but belly laughing is really fun and it’s supposed to be really good for you. It lowers your blood pressure for one thing.

What do you find yourself laughing about? Hard belly laughing and just slyly smiling. Just what is it that you find funny and makes you laugh? I have to admit that when Ellen “dances,” it really does make me smile and want to dance along with her.

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14 Responses to What Really Makes Us Laugh?

  1. Ellen says:

    I smile a lot about our cat and children always make me smile and laugh out loud. My husband and I laugh a lot and my best friend in Holland and I have that type of humor that makes us laugh before we finish a sentence.

    I haven’t experienced that kind of laughter you describe, hard belly laughing, when I was a teen. That kind of laughing that doesn’t stop. Until I was on a trip to Utah with my sister and her hubbie. We did a quiz in the car and we found the perfect question for my brother in law which we knew he would never know the answer, something about Britney Spears, I believe. But the way I asked the question to him made it sound as if it was a piece of cake. Before he could answer, my sister and I started to laugh so load about the ridiculousness of the question, and the expression on her hubbie’s face, We could not stop anymore, our bellies started to hurt and our eyes were watering. My goodness, I’ve not laugh so much and so long since I was a teenager.

  2. SKL says:

    On any given day, little kids can usually make me laugh. I’m not always in the mood for silliness (I’m kind of grumpy right now, in fact), but sometimes I can just laugh and laugh until my face hurts. Usually it’s just from appreciating how ridiculous “life” is. Sometimes everyday things just crack me up. (Doo – wee – oooh!)

    I’ve never really had the reflex to laugh when someone gets hurt. However, I could see how it might seem hilarious when everyone is drunk and that’s the reason the mishap occurred. Especially since the victim usually has a completely innocent, trusting look on his face, even after a sober person would be feeling pain or fear (or anger). One would hope that if someone got “really” hurt, nobody would send that video into FHV. (I’ll admit I’ve watched that show some in the past, when I came home after a very long work day. Sometimes stupid is just what the doctor ordered.)

  3. Laura says:

    I used to watch AFV when it didn’t concentrate so much on “crotch shots” and rude children. And I’ve laughed at my share of spills – when the spillee didn’t get hurt.

    Now, anything can strike me as funny, and I get going and can’t stop. Most recently, it was a video of Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist (the Christmas Special), and I was incapacitated by laughing so hard. I was wrapping presents (Joy’s) and had to stop for most of the bit, because I had tears running down my face.

    I can get that way with friends and family, too. It just depends on the situation. Just this afternoon, I had a laughing fit because Jim made a thing out of Lego, and was showing it off, and it fell apart as he stood there. It was absolutely comical, and I lost it.

    • Joy says:

      It’s fun to laugh like that. You’re lucky to have a family like that, that laughs so much. I can see the whole “Jim and the lego’s” in my head. LOL!!

  4. Joy says:

    I’m still thinking that the last time I laughed to the point of having a sore stomach and a sore face was the night Vicki wore her pants backwards to the weight loss challenge. That was a HARD laugh. I laugh often but not like that.

  5. Nikki says:

    We love AFV in this house! Seeing someone hurt themselves doing something stupid, makes all us laugh. There’s a fairly new show on called Ridiculousness, with Rob Dedrick. He shows videos of the craziest things, and we all laugh so hard. TV shows can make me laugh pretty good, but belly laughing-The League on FX gets me more than any other show. There was one scene that I literally found myself laughing about the next day. I tried finding it on YouTube. But then again, not sure anyone else that doesn’t watch the show would find it funny like we did. They use improv a lot.

    Jason and I laugh a lot at our animals. Our two cats get into chasing wars, and wrestle. That alone is funny, but then you have an 85 lb Lab try to get in the mix just to be scared off by cats! That’s hilarious.

    I love to laugh, it’s the best medicine.

  6. Karen Joy says:

    This is great timing!Last night my hubby and I were just talking about laughing.See he is one that doesnt laugh out loud often,he is an “inside”laugher.He smiles alot but never has a good belly laugh(which I said to him is so so sad.I think he’s missing out on laughing I quess).Anyhow,what got us on this conversation was that I discovered the site Damn You Auto Correct.I seriously was laughing so hard I was in tears.I know I find things funnier if Im over tired which may have been the case last night.I just couldnt stop laughing at those.My stomach hurt,my back hurts I had to wipe the tears,I could barely read anymore.Wes just looked at me like I was strange,he didnt get it:( I love a good laugh.With certain family members we can laugh over almost anything!

    • Joy says:

      I laugh on the inside all the time. It takes something really special or I need to be around certain people in order to get that good belly laugh going and once it starts it just won’t stop.

    • SKL says:

      I just checked out that DYAC site. I laughed my butt off too! Tears and all. Even a few wheezes. I hope those are all real. (They have to be – nobody would make that stuff up.)

      • Karen Joy says:

        arent they hilarious?I had to go to the other end of our house cause I was annoying my hubby with my loud laughing,lol!

      • Laura says:

        DYAC, I think, was real at the beginning. Now a bunch of people are making stuff up. Not that it isn’t hilarious… I’ve lost it plenty of times at that site. I’ve even used the “corrects” intentionally a couple of times (“gold donkey” is a favorite).

    • Joseph says:

      Yeah that’s a funny site!!

      Nothing like getting a stupid email at work or a comment via email from someone. Then trying not to laugh hysterically whist others are around.

  7. Laura says:

    I’m a big laugher at shows like Night Court and Frasier. And even older stuff than that… Lucy comes to mind. She can still crack me up.

    Also…. “Wipeout”. Ever seen that show? Watch it with an 8-year old sometime.

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