It’s Friday already. I love short weeks, and long weekends. How was everyone’s week? Good, I hope. Anyone going out for New Years Eve?  We never go out on that night anymore. We’ll probably find a movie to watch, then of course watch the ball drop. We have our Welch’s  sparkling white grape juice ready to pop open! Bailey loves that stuff.

Any traditions? Do you make New year resolutions? If so, do you have any? Whatever your plans are to bring in the new year, even if it is sleeping-enjoy it! Be safe, and smart. Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. SKL says:

    This next week is gonna be my first actual vacation, I think, since this blog was created. Or close to it. My last vacation was when I went to Peru in June, 2007.

    So I have a ton of work to finish before close of business Friday. Year-end business stuff. Also some bill-paying and donation-making (gotta get them into this tax year!) and a few miscellaneous personal deadlines (like that traffic ticket that I underpaid).

    Friday evening will be for getting myself and the girls ready for the trip. In addition to the usual stuff, I need to pack Miss E’s birthday gifts. I should really wrap them first, too. I also have a lot of laundry to do. And getting rid of anything that might stink by the time we get home (garbage, leftovers in the fridge, etc.).

    We leave early Saturday morning for the airport. My girls’ first flight since they came home as babies. We’re off to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the New Year. From there we will board a cruise ship which will take us to various Caribbean islands for the next week. So if you don’t hear from me much, you’ll know why.

    As for New Year’s resolutions, I think mine will be to be more efficient at work, so I can quit earlier and have more time with my kids. Wish me luck!

    • Laura says:

      it makes me giggle that, after yesterday’s question of the day…. you have a traffic ticket!!!

      • SKL says:

        It was from summer. The only one I’ve had in years. I had just gotten off the freeway and was allegedly going over the 25mph speed limit. I paid for the speeding violation, but then they sent me a bill for some other nonsense – I don’t even know what. Looks like “change of course”? Maybe because the cop was pissed when I drove into the zoo parking lot before stopping for him. (Jerk.)

  2. SKL says:

    I decided to post twice rather than have WordPress eat my too-long comment.

    This week has been very busy and somewhat productive. But there was some yuckiness. In a nutshell:

    My mom has something very wrong with her eye. I don’t really know the details (I get everything third-hand), but she had to go for emergency surgery today. Something about the cornea and rupture and leaking and inflamed . . . sounds pretty scary. She needs a cornea transplant, but her eye is too messed up at the moment, so today’s surgery was to surgically patch it or something. They say she won’t be able to see out of that eye for a year. Yikes! Unfortunately I was not able to be present and I won’t be able to see her until after my trip. I feel like such a selfish daughter. But it was outpatient and they say she’s already eating cookies and doing “great.”

    Second, today I had the “pleasure” of signing my first (and hopefully last) “behavior” oriented incident report at the daycare. What a gloriously humbling experience. My kids are normally pretty good, but there has been no real structure for them during the public school break (when the KG class is mixed with older drop-ins and they rotate substitute teachers and ditch the nap). Not that that’s an excuse, but at least I can hope that when things are back to normal in KG, this sort of thing won’t happen.

    Third, the Nintendo DS – it’s a wonderful thing – except when a 5-year-old gets obsessive about it. Actually, I have to say I’m impressed with the way Miss A will practice doggedly to improve her skills to accomplish something. But she lets it get more important than the truly important things (much like she does with sugar). I’ve had to ground her from the DS a couple times already, and we’ve only had it for five days. The aunties feel sorry for the girls for having to share “only” one DS, so they say they are buying another one for Miss E’s birthday. Whatever. My poor, deprived children.

    Fourth, the cookies. What is it about this Christmas – we got a ridiculous number of cookies from all kinds of people. Some of the boxes are just huge. I am not one to waste food, so I’m trying to eat up the ones with no chocolate, along with various other not-so-healthy leftovers from the holiday. I’m getting fat. Looking forward to January 9 when (hopefully) normal life will resume.

    Well, I hope you all have some fun plans ahead. In case I don’t get to say it later, Happy New Year!

    • Joy says:

      Gee SKL, you’ve had a tough week. I’m so sorry for your mom. I hope things go well for her. I’m going through eye stuff with my mom and it’s my prediction she’ll be blind in 2 years. Don’t feel bad. There’s nothing you can do anyhow. Just keep in touch. You’ve had this trip planned for so long.

      You can’t get too mad at the girls when they get into it a little. It only makes them normal kids. Please don’t take that so hard. I know it’s hard at the time but really, it’s so normal.

      I’m not even going to discuss cookies!

    • Laura says:

      First, prayers and good thoughts to your mom. That sounds awful. I hope everything turns out well.

      Second… the kids. Yeah, it’s embarrassing to get The Call, but believe me, it’s not the end of the world. I get them about once a month. Sometimes he’s surly, sometimes he’s just being a boy and I think their rules are ridiculous. But I take the call, talk to him in a stern voice, administer discipline when needed, and move on. He’s not going to grow up to be an axe murderer because he peed in a traffic cone. (and honestly, who puts a traffic cone in a urinal and expects the boys to leave it alone?? IT’S A FREAKING TARGET!!!)

      My DS Solution… I noticed that Josh was doing much the same thing that your little one does – they hyper-concentration thing. The playing to the exclusion of all other activities. I restricted DS play to weekends only during the School Year. He is allowed to play/have “screen time” from dismissal on Friday, until Sunday evening. The rest of the week (barring “special” things, like a surprise snow day), the DS/Wii/Computer stays OFF. I’ve made an exception this year for educational computer games that are directly relevant to his schoolwork, like SpellingCity or XtraMath. The weekends-only policy seems to make him appreciate it a little more. And it keeps it kind of special.

      Have a WONDERFUL vacation. Forget that the rest of the world exists (even us)!! Unplug, unwind. And take a little of us with you, ’cause we could ALL use a little tropical sun right about now!

      • SKL says:

        I don’t mind her playing the DS on weekdays. I just don’t like the attitude when I tell her to turn it off, or the unwillingness to give her sister fair turns. The grounding seems to work so far. As for the turn taking, the aunties spilled the beans about getting Miss E her own for her birthday. So much for trying to teach my kids a lesson in sharing.

        As for the “incident reports.” This morning I had to sign one that said some other kid spit in Miss A’s face. Lovely. (I feel sorry for that kid’s parent who had to sign that.) Their regular teacher is back, so I hope things start to be more reasonable over there.

  3. Laura says:

    I am looking forward to a QUIET and peaceful weekend. We have guests here until Saturday morning, and then it’s just the three of us for the rest of the time. Josh has never stayed up for the Ball Drop, and I don’t know if he’s going to want to this year… but if he does, I’ll let him.

    Sunday, the plan is for us to laze around. Maybe play some Wii. Steve will be firmly planted on the bed, watching football (the tv not hooked to the games is in our room), so it’s going to be a very low-key day.

    I’ve already decided that SAturday is going to be Chinese take-out for dinner. After this week with a housefull of people, I’m exhausted, so I’m giving myself the night off of cooking!

    Otherwise, nothing special going on. Josh is back at school Tuesday, so I’ll probably take the Christmas Decorations down then.

    As for resolutions… last year, I didn’t do much, but this year, I’ve got some pretty solid goals. Without enumerating, I’m just going to leave it at “overhaul”. I have a lot of work to do that has been a long time coming. So I just need the fortitude to get it done.

  4. Nikki says:

    I don’t really make New Years resolutions. I do have things in mind that I want to improve on, and of course I always hope to be a better person each year. I just don’t wait until Jan 1st to make them.

  5. SKL says:

    Today has been eventful already! Aside from having an argument about something stupid, my kitchen sink got clogged. I was trying to dispose of some Chinese food down the disposer. Note to self: that may not be advisable if there are crab legs and shrimp in there. So I took the pipes apart and it seems the clog is somewhere behind the wall. I poured Drano in, and then thought, how is the Drano going to get past the trap? So I took it all apart again and figured out a way to get the Drano into the pipe in the wall (not an easy task). I have no idea whether that is going to work. I sure hope so. What a pain in the butt. Meanwhile the toilet malfunctioned so I fixed that. I even managed to break a flashlight. On the positive side, I threw away a bunch of junk that had been under our sink for years. But, I am way behind on my work now. I also gave my skin way too much Drano exposure, so I hope I don’t have to pay for that later.

    OK, back to work now!

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