Tops of 2011

Anything you’d care to add or take off this list?

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3 Responses to Tops of 2011

  1. Laura says:

    Geez…. I’m not qualified to comment on this!! I’m familiar with FOUR of the things up there: Harry Potter 7, Cars 2, Capt. America, and Firework (Katy Perry song).

    I’ve never seen any of the rest of the movies, tv shows, read the books, etc. Geez, am I outta touch…

    • Joy says:

      Me too and you have me beat. I’ve never read a Harry Potter nor seen a movie and all the others you mentioned, nada! I did read and see The Help. *shrug*

  2. Sue says:

    I think the list is pretty good. I saw 5 of the 10 movies on the list and with Toby loving football, have had to watch those 3 shows too!

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