Question of the day

What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

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14 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Jenny says:

    Lets see, right now there are cardboard boxes back there, um an extra car seat, roadside kit & some cables.

  2. Laura says:

    Well, I don’t have a trunk, since I drive a pickup, but I do have a box back there that has various tools, jumper cables, a tow chain and ball, a rain poncho, an empty gas can, and a roll-around jack. And also, more road dust than any one human being should ever have to deal with. I *should* have a blanket in there, and probably some emergency rations, but if it’s that cold, I’m not going to want to leave the warmth and relative safety of the cab to get them, so I’m trying to figure out a way to stash those in the cab itself. But there really is not a lot of room in there….

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t have a trunk either since it’s an SUV, but in the back there is the ice scraper, golf shoes, floor mats, atlas, golf umbrella and an ice cream pail with some emergency stuff in it. Man, I need to clean that out!

  4. Only the essentials, like fluid for the wipers and things like that…. We’re boring :P.

  5. mssc54 says:

    Don’t have a trunk but if I did, I’ve always been fascinated by those trunk monkeys.

  6. Joy says:

    I have 2 “cold bags” for groceries I buy, a scraper and an umbrella. In the summer I have chairs for Bailey’s ball games. I hate crap in my car so if it’s not being used it’s gone.

  7. Joseph says:

    We don’t have a trunk for either vehicle, just a hatch for the fit and storage compartments in the Tacoma.
    Both have booster cables and tow straps (not that I plan to pull anyone out with the Fit LOL! Vise versa). Plus we have winter boots, extra mitts and toques, a blanket, a whole whack of those chemical heating pads, protein bars in each vehicle. The truck has winch straps and a cargo net as well as the hitch. Can never be too prepared for being stuck in the ditch in a blizzard in -40degrees!!
    Non-emergency is usually a bag or two of the cooler shopping bags and a couple regular shopping bags.
    Oh plus right beside the drivers seat we have a multi-tool to cut the seat belt and smash the window to escape if necessary.

    • Joy says:

      That’s such a good idea Joseph. The multi-tool. I just may have to copy that. Everyone should.

      • Joseph says:

        Yes everyone should have one. You can get a cheap one for like $1.50. It does the job. And don’t put it in the glove compartment. Have it somewhere accessible even if strapped in by seat belt in an upside down vehicle.
        Hopefully you never have to use it. But better to be safe than sorry.

  8. Nikki says:

    I drive a pick-up, and right now there are leaves and some things that probably don’t need to be back there. I keep my jumper cables in the back of the cab. And I actually know how to use them. I drive Jason’s car on the weekends if I need to go anywhere. His car, and trunk are always full of garbage. Baseball stuff, and garbage.

  9. Just a Mom says:

    Small tool kit, jumper cables, bungee cords, tow strap, spare tire & jack.

  10. SKL says:

    Shovel with retractable handle, sleeping bag, spare ice scrapers / snow brushes, extra hats and mittens for the kids (hey, I drive in the snow belt); reusable grocery bags, first aid kit, various tools, plastic bags, tarp, and a Baby Bjorn Little Potty. (Yes, my kids are 5 and wore their last diaper 3.5 years ago. But every time I think I ought to get rid of that potty, I remember the last time someone felt nauseous on a long car ride . . . .) For about half of 2011, I also had my kids’ bikes back there. Not sure how I’m gonna do that once they need bigger bikes.

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