You’re Welcome

I just cut your laundry folding time in half!! And made it LOTS more fun.

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10 Responses to You’re Welcome

  1. Nikki says:

    I think everyone should take the time (which is not a lot) to try this. You’ll be so happy you did! I am. Thanks again, Laura! 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    I’ll give this a go around too. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks but I really am anxious to try some of this stuff. I’d love my drawers to be neat like this.

  3. mssc54 says:

    Okay, like I said on Facebook, this takes up to much room in the drawer for me. I know it’s flatter but it’s just too wide to suite me. I fold my Ts in half with the sleeves on top of each other. Then in half again with the middle of the shirt even with the arm pit side. Then I fold the sleeves over (this works for long sleeve shirts too. U just fold the long sleeve part back down at a 45% angle towards the bottom). Finally I fold the bottom third up followed by the top third down. Crease them down good and stow. I have lots of Ts and by alternateing (neck to the left first, then neck to the right next and so on, I can get lots of shirts in a drawer.

    Oh and if you fold it with the pocket shot out you can see which shirt it is. I’ll bet I can get more shirts in a drawer this way then the Japs can theirs. 🙂

    • Joy says:

      I fold some of our shirts three ways also. Undershirts and my “lounging” shirts. I hang my good Tees.

      • Joy says:

        I also fold my jeans three times too. Paul likes his jeans hung up.

        • mssc54 says:

          I have no ryme or reason folding my jeans. Most often I fold them in thirds but I have begun to fold the top and bottoms into the middle (1/4 fold) then fold them together.

          I like the 5 inch or so width the way I fold my Ts. The Japanese way seems like you would only be able to get two Ts side by side in a drawer.

        • Joy says:

          I also have three ‘stacks’ in drawers too. Hhhmm.

  4. Laura says:

    I started folding the T’s this way, and for Steve, I have to fold all of his short-sleeved shirts “skinny” so he can differentiate them from the long-sleeved T’s he wears. So I did this fold, and then folded them in half, shoulder-to-shoulder. It made them long and narrow, and would likely fit in your allotted space, MSSC.

    I get the space issue. I can do this fold for Josh’s shirts, because they’re so bloomin’ tiny. It doesn’t matter with mine yet, since I’ve been living out of a laundry basket for about six months since my dresser decided to implode. We’ve switched my dresser for the good one in the guest bedroom, but I just haven’t gotten up there to put all my clothes in. I think I’m avoiding, because it means a lot of sorting and pitching while I’m doing it… I know I’ll be glad when it’s done tho.

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