Missing Socks

I got inspired by this the other day on Facebook. Michael (mssc) said this:

“Something is wrong with our washing machine. I just finished folding the clothes and the socks came out evenly! What’s up with that?”

It brought me to think long and hard and guess what? We have no missing socks anymore. Since we’re empty nesters, no more missing socks. What’s up with that? Is it the kids? Just what is it that they’re doing with our socks? Is it the washer? Or is it the dryer? Just where is it our socks go when they go missing and really, do they ever turn up again?

I like having no missing socks. Of course, like Laura’s dad, I like my mates to be side by side so when I put them in the hamper, I clothespin them together. The white socks go through the dryer like that and my fuzzy socks get hung on special hangers.

Do you have missing socks?

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13 Responses to Missing Socks

  1. Jenny says:

    Joy you’re funny when you say you pin your stuff together and dry them that way…never heard anyone do that before! We always have missing socks. I keep a pile in the closet so when another one turns up missing I go find a match in the closet. Who knows where they go. Things seem to disappear a lot around here.

  2. joanharvest says:

    I have at least 6 socks that have no mates. I keep them because I am convinced that someday the socks will show up. From where, I don’t know but I am truly convinced they will find there way to their other halves in my sock drawer.

  3. mssc54 says:

    First of all, it’s nice to know that I can still inspire someone to do something.

    I have almost quarter clothes basket full of unmatched socks.

    But come on, pinning them together is really cheating. 😉

  4. SKL says:

    Lost socks are a rarity here. And they are just as likely to be mine as the kids’. I attribute this to the fact that I still gather the kids’ dirty clothes and put them in the hamper most days. Miss A (the systematic one) always tucks her socks into her shoes and puts them by the front door each night. (I never asked her to do this, but whatever.) Miss E can usually be counted on to take her socks off in bed and let them fall down the side by the wall . . . but at least I know where to look for them.

    I have a spot where I put socks that do get separated, and they usually turn up by the next week’s laundry folding. Right now there aren’t any unmatched kid socks. I still have a few that have gotten separated over the years. Maybe it would have been more, but I only have a few kinds of socks that I wear regularly. If I have six pairs of identical white socks, I could lose 4 and still not have an unmatched sock in the drawer, right? But I really think that the reason is that I am the only person in charge of socks, I fold and put away the clothes right after I wash them, and if one comes up missing, it bugs me and I try to figure out where it might be, sooner rather than later.

    I’m like that with my kids’ toys, too. While straightening up, I’ll notice if one piece is missing, and go on the hunt for it. The earlier you start looking for something, the less likely it is to get buried. I can only think of a couple of items that have been lost from my kids’ gazillion toys.

  5. Laura says:

    I used to never lose socks. That was back when Josh was a toddler/kindergartner, and did what he was told – put his socks into the little mesh bag that hangs on his hamper. Now he has this habit of taking off his socks anywhere he feels like it. And leaving them laying there. Then the dog feels the need to be helpful, and brings one to me. But he leaves the other laying there, and then someone walks through the room, and before you know it, it’s godknowswhere.

    Now, I have two mesh bags, one in the family laundry hamper/closet in the laundry room, and one in Josh’s room. MOST of the socks still end up in there, and I only have one or two at the end of each wash cycle that aren’t matched up. I leave those on top of his dresser, and usually, the next wash reveals a partner for them. Fortunately, all of his socks are the same (except for three pairs), so “pairs” isn’t an issue so much as “pairing up”.

    The one that perplexes me is that Steve has FAR more unmatched pairs of socks coming out of the laundry than Josh does!!

  6. Karen joy says:

    I know where they go,into the heating ducts!We had ours cleaned this summer and he found socks in there.they were not ours though,previous owners.Dont ask me how they get in there though.It was amazing what he all found in the ducts!My socks usually turn up in the next load I do.

  7. Nikki says:

    It’s a lost cause here, and I don’t even try anymore. I don’t even bother putting socks together anymore! You want socks, go to the sock basket and you’ll find a pair! LOL That’s my solution for never being driven crazy by missing socks! 🙂

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