Pull Up Whatever…

Y’all are gonna have to find something to sit on, ’cause I’m stuck over here in the corner with my Dunce Cap on, for forgetting to write this week’s Pull Up. (Or LAST WEEK’S, if Joy decides to use this next week instead of tonight. That totally made sense, right? Good) I feel so bad. I have no excuse, except that I forgot. I was running and running this weekend, and it just blew right out of my overstimulated mind.

So, pull up something comfy, take out some popcorn or tiny hard candies, and throw them at the dunce in the corner while you’re talking amongst yourselves. I’ll try to improve my performance next week. (or in two weeks. Or maybe last week. I’ll figure this out, yet)

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12 Responses to Pull Up Whatever…

  1. Joy says:

    When I saw the pic I HAD to post!!!! I’m seriously laughing out loud.

  2. Joy says:

    Just don’t throw Dove chocolates. The dunce loves them!

    • Laura says:

      It’s ok to throw the DARK Dove Chocolates. I won’t touch them… it’s the milk chocolate ones you want to keep away from me. Really.

  3. SKL says:

    Good photo! As I often say to my kids, “good save!”

    You know, I usually have all kinds of thoughts I think of to write on the Pull-Up post, but by the time it’s up, I forget most of them. I’m sure that is a great loss for humanity.

    My weekend has been OK. Saturday we went to an Indian Republic Day party because my partner-boss is on the board of the host. There was nice ethnic food and dance. The entertainment was not as good as last year’s, but the food was better. As usual, my girls were slow to warm up but eventually had a blast running and dancing. When we got home, Miss E said, “I lost weight tonight.” LOL. Today we just did the usual stuff. I didn’t get to go shopping, so I’ll have to work that in somewhere.

    I’m working on a Monday a.m. deadline, and I’m pretty bored with the project, but it seems to be going relatively all right. I’m very tempted to take a nap, but that would get me in trouble, so I shall try to fight the temptation until I finish my work.

    I don’t have anything exciting planned for this week. Just hoping to get back on a normal schedule. Friday is my dad’s 70th birthday, so I’d like to show up for that. I hope he and my mom feel good enough to have us over for a few hours.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    I had a great weekend. My youngest and I went to a concert together Friday. She had never been to downtown Houston at night and she didn’t have a clue about underground parking. We had a blast and the concert was amazing.
    Saturday my oldest daughter came over and just bummed around with us. It was actually a very nice and relaxing day.
    Hopefully this week my soon to be ex-husband will get his butt moving on getting what he needs for the divorce papers. He keeps dragging his feet on the financial end of our divorce. We have covered everything else and so far it has gone smoothly. Hopefully this last part will too.

  5. Laura says:

    I hinted in my excuse that I had a crazy busy weekend, and I’m glad to see the end of it.

    It started Friday, with a snow day for Josh. He was anticipating it, so he had me up at 6 AM, instead of me battling him and dragging his sleepy butt out of bed at 6:45, and racing to get to the bus by 7:15. Why is that? He can’t get up any other day. But when it might be a snow day or a late start? He’s up by 5:30. Same with weekends. Anyway, they called the snow day at 6:20. At 8:30, Josh and I drove into town for Steve’s Birthday Donuts (he didn’t want cake). I didn’t think the snow was “snow day worthy”, as there was less than an inch accumulated by that point, but I soon discovered why it was called – there were NO plows on the road!! It’s not like they didn’t expect this! But there you have it. The entire trip into town and back – 14 miles round-trip – and we saw ONE county plow out. And he was full of sand that he wasn’t using. The roads were ridiculous.

    The snow kept coming all day long. Not blowing, just steady. By 1:00, Josh was driving me crazy, begging for a friend. It was Steve’s birthday, and I was planning to make dinner for him (filet mignon with a bacon cream sauce), so I agreed to call a buddy for Josh, and we picked him up at the same time we went to get the meat. Wyatt stayed until about 7, when his parents picked him up. Steve and I ate dinner after that, and those steaks were SO worth the wait!! Oh, my sweat heaven, were they good!!!

    Meanwhile, while the kids were playing, and I was preparing this fantabulous dinner, I was also dealing with getting all the necessary paperwork together for Saturday’s Cub Scout Polar Bear Outing. The paperwork is a health summary for each person going – child or parent. Each person must have one, and each one must have been made out during the previous year – they expire one year from date of completion. So I’ve spent the better part of this week inventorying, dating, and cataloging each and every health form that I have. And figuring out who still owes me forms. There were quite a few that I didn’t have. And then, right before we went to get Wyatt, Council calls, and says that they’re cancelling the event. Because of weather. Weather that was going to be through our area by 6pm Friday night.

    That’s right. They cancelled a SLEDDING event because….. wait for it….THERE WAS TOO MUCH BLOODY SNOW!!! still shaking my head over that one.

    So that meant that Saturday, I couldn’t sleep in. Because even though I contacted all my Den Leaders (did I mention that I’ve been promoted to Cubmaster?), there’s no guarantee that everyone got the message. So there I was, 5:45 Saturday Morning, facing a screaming alarm clock. I got out of bed and realized that the house was stupid cold. Looked at the thermometer: 50F. That ain’t right. Checked the furnace. Pilot is out. Which means that the mechanism is starting to go (the furnace guy told me that last time he was here). No time to fix it – he showed me how – so I set off for school, to intercept any parents that didn’t get the message that Polar Bear was cancelled. Starving; Stopped in Kwik Star to pick up a bacon/egg croissant and a hot chocolate. Got to the school, sipped my Hot C, opened my croissant, and discovered that they’d marked it wrong and I had a western omlet instead. I HATE green peppers in egg. Despise them. Back to Kwik Star for another sandwich. No bacon/egg croissants. Only sausage. I was in a raging temper by this time, so I just took the ducking sandwich, paid the ducking money and went back to the ducking school to see if any ducking parents showed up for the ducking cancelled sledding trip. Nobody showed. Went home in a towering temper vowing to take a nap.

    Fixed the ducking furnace. I was NOT going to call Mr. Repair Guy out AGAIN on a Saturday and pay him time and a half to tell me that I needed to replace the whole stupid furnace. It’s still running just fine. I’ll nurse it some more.

    Picked up Wyatt again that afternoon because Josh was driving me crazy. I did not get my ducking nap. Made enchilada casserole for dinner – a hit, by the way, that will show up on the recipe section soon.

    Went to bed at 9:30. Steve said he came in at 9:35 and I was out.

    Today, Josh had a wrestling meet. And then I went online at 9-whatever and realized that I forgot the ducking Pull Up post. So there you have it. My weekend. Duck.

  6. Sue says:

    I think we’ll all forgive you Laura! We had a good weekend. Friday I worked on the surprise I’m making for the girl’s bball team, hoping I could hand them out Saturday at the games, but I did not get them done. I decided a couple of weeks back to make them fleece fringe scarves out of our school colors (blue and gold) and they looked simple enough. They were simple but time consuming! So, trying to make 11 scarves between working, bball practice, games, and writing the 4-H Share the Fun skit, it took me about 2 weeks to get them finished. But, last night I did it! All 11 of them are ready to be handed out at practice tonight! I can’t wait! Trinity is sooooo excited and I hope the other girls are too. Even if they never wear them, I want them to just hang on to them to remember 6th grade basketball and at graduation they can put them out with their picture for everyone to see. I’m glad they’re done b/c my hand is sore from all the cutting!

    Saturday we had basketball and the girls won both of their games and played pretty well. It’s so much more fun to watch them when they pass the ball around and everyone gets a chance to shoot versus just 2 players. (For those that have seen them, you know what I mean!) Trinity got to play point guard during the 2nd game and she did alright. She doesn’t want to play that position, but she will actually pass the ball so we’re trying to get her more comfortable with it! Saturday night Trin went with a friend to the SCSU girls bball game, Chris went to grandma’s house and Toby and I went bowling, only to get our butts kicked. We had fun anyway.

    Yesterday our 4-H club got together to go over the Share the Fun skit that I wrote based off the idea from the members. This year we are doing 4-Her’s of the Caribbean and it’ll be cute. We had a whopping 30 kids sign up to be in the skit that only lasts 7 min! Tell me how I’m suppose to get 30 kids involved let alone fit them all on stage! Well, I did my best and everyone loved it, but a couple of kids were really upset that they didn’t get more speaking parts. I wanted to cry! How about be happy with the part you have b/c some kids only have 1 line! And there’s 30 of you!!! Aaaahhhh!!! In the end it will all be fine, but until Feb 26 (competition day) I will be pulling hair out 🙂 Geez, I wrote a book today!

    • Joy says:

      Make sure you take a pic of the girls in their new scarfs. I’d love to see them when you give them to them. We might hear the squeals out here.

  7. Joy says:

    I don’t plan to do much today. We had a full weekend and got a lot of stuff done around the house. Paul got a bunch of the cords from the lights picked up since we knew this “storm” was coming today. Now they’re at least out of the way for the plowing.

    Both the teams I wanted to win did so I was happy yesterday even though I was totally alone. NOBODY wanted the teams I did but that’s okay. I think we’re going to have a wonderful SB game. 2 of the best QB’s of all time battling it out.

    I’m also cleaning up the upstairs. I got a piece of carpet for my landing and bought curtains to use instead of doors and it looks kinda cute. I want to go up there in a little bit and move some more stuff around. I want to scrapbook some pictures to get matted and have framed. I really miss having pictures on my walls but don’t really want to use any old ugly frames so I thought I could scrapbook some of them to give them a different look. Besides, there’s so much stuff up there because we don’t know where to put it and I go though this once a year or so. It’s our catchall.

    I did have a hard time this weekend with my plants. I lost over 3/4 of them to those dang fly/bugs. I should have known and now that I think about it, it makes me mad I didn’t check before now. It hurt me physically to dump them in the snow so Paul helped. I just don’t have the space to take care of them to get rid of those things and they are so pesky that once you finally find them there are millions in each plant. At least I didn’t lose them all but now I’ll have to start replacing them because my front window looks like a mortuary. It’s really sad. Even Toby noticed if that means anything. I know the batch of soil because of the plants that had them so thank goodness it’s not my most recent because my orchids (thank heavens) and some that I clipped off old ones and re-planted are fine. Dang I hate when that happens.

    Not much else today. It’s snowing and blowing and I love it. I know the drive for Jason was probably really bad this morning but we really do need this snow. We need the moisture. It looks so pretty too. I’m glad Kimball didn’t have school and Sues home. It’s a nice day to stay home and be inside.

    Have a great week all.

  8. Nikki says:

    We had a good weekend. Friday night, Bailey had a dinner and movie date with my mom. Jason and I went into the cities to spend the evening with some friends. We got home around 10pm, and had such a great time! I just wish she didn’t live so far away. 😦

    The rest of the weekend was quiet. Sunday was full of Football. I am a little sad that the 49er’s didn’t pull it off. I do like both the Manning brothers, but I was wanting Baltimore and SF in the Superbowl. Two brothers (coaches) fighting it out at the Superbowl!!!That would have been fun, but neither team made it so I’m rooting for the Giants now.

    Not much on the agenda for this week. I have some chili in the crock pot, and it already smells good! Have a good Monday, everyone!

    • Joy says:

      I felt so bad for San Fran. Even though I wanted a Pats~Giants SB, I truly was rooting for San Fran at the end. It felt funny to me yesterday being the only one who wanted the Pats and Giants. Not even Paul did. I ♥ Tom Brady. I wish the game were on earlier in the day so we could have a party.

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