21 Creative Consequences

I just came across this at Pinterest and it’s really worth a look for those of you with kids. I’ve done many of them and they do work.

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4 Responses to 21 Creative Consequences

  1. Jenny says:

    yes, I will be trying some of these out!

  2. SKL says:

    Those are good. I use some of them. My mom used some too, and I’d kind of forgotten them. Like the timer – why didn’t I think of that for getting the kids to be ready in the morning? I remember the dread I used to feel when my mom would say “I’m setting the timer!”

    • Joy says:

      I used a timer for time outs too and it got reset if they asked if time was up yet. Jason also lost his door once but I don’t remember if it was for slamming it or punching a hole through it.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’ve had my door taken off the hinges! I didn’t do anything bad enough to warrant that, seriously.

    I absolutely use the bedtime change with Bailey. If he has an attitude, it’s an early bed time! I may have to use the “Hold your tongue” technique when that attitude shows up. lol I love the idea of hiding his things, like his PS3 when it’s not put away, or his glove. Make him panic for a minute! I LOVE #14. I will use that! Even at almost 12 years old, he can get a little crazy at inappropriate times.

    These are great ideas. I use a few with Bailey and quite a few with Lilly. Thanks! I’ll have to pin it so I can go back and read it.

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