Pull Up a Toboggan

We haven’t gone sledding in a while, so grab your toboggans, your runner sleds, your saucers, sheets, snowboards and skis! We’re hitting the hill, people. Last one there gets stuffed in a snowbank!

Tell us what you did this weekend… I don’t know if I’m back yet, so I’ll tell you now. I went sledding! We had enough snow, so we took the boys from the Pack to the Polar Bear event. And even though we haven’t really gone yet, I can tell you, we had a blast.

How about you? Are you a sledder? If not, what’s your winter sport?

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20 Responses to Pull Up a Toboggan

  1. SKL says:

    Well heck, I forgot to comment on the pull-up post! Slacker over here!

    This weekend was OK. I did go to my parents’ house for my dad’s 70th birthday on Friday night. It was really hectic as I had a lot of stuff to finish before I ran out the door. The photos that I had intended to upload for Walgreens to print didn’t happen; instead my computer got hung up. So I grabbed the birthday card and Lowe’s gift card and ran out the door, picked up my kids, and drove over there. I gave my dad the card but forgot the gift card. So I told him I’d send the gift card and photos with my sister on Sunday. Today I got the photos all printed and ready to go, but I forgot to send them and the gift card with my sister. I am an idiot. Oh well, there’s always next week. Anyhoo, it was good to see the old folks. My dad seems to be doing better, though he’s still healing. My mom’s eye looks pretty normal (I was a little nervous after what I’d heard).

    On Saturday, we went to lunch and then to this building we are rehabbing (I haven’t been there in months). It was very windy and when we got there, we noticed that a boarded up window near street level was busted open. We thought maybe someone had broken in, so we called the cops to come in with us and check it out. That was spooky and fun for the kids. (It wasn’t a break-in, and a guy from the construction crew came and fixed it.) The kids had fun playing around in the construction areas. So that was our Saturday outing. Not my preferred way to spend the afternoon, but whatever.

    Today I skipped church to give the kids a chance to catch up on their sleep, but I went to the open house for the Lutheran school. Did not really get the answer I wanted, but they showed me the curriculum and stuff. I noted that the math and reading materials they start with are about at the level that Miss A is at currently, so at least I needn’t worry about her not being ready for 1st grade.

    Other than that, everything is pretty normal around here. Working, behind on the work (or as my mom would say, same old sh!t, different day).

    This week’s plans are not very exciting. I do want to get us all haircuts on Monday. My sister is planning to bring Baby G for a visit on Thursday (while the kids are in school), but only if nobody around here is sick. Wouldn’t you know, Miss A had a sore throat this morning – so we’ll see how that goes. That’s about it, I think.

    As for winter sports, I don’t really have a favorite. I don’t get much time for playing outside, especially when the days are so short – it’s pitch dark by the time I get off work, not to mention cold and nasty. But I enjoy tobogganing. I also enjoy shoveling snow, though I hardly ever do it any more. When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was to build snow forts / igloos and tunnel in and out of them. Maybe this year I’ll have the chance to do that with my girls. If all the stars would align just right . . . .

    Have a great week, everyone!

  2. Laura says:

    The roof saga continues… I opened the weekend’s mail and found a bill in there for $65: “service call – called in with leak by the ridge vent, verified snow blowing in through ridge vent. Not a Warranty Issue.”

    One of them is lying. The guys who were out here and did the inspection said that it was a faulty Dura Flow ridge vent that had pulled out during the weather. He repeated several times that not only did they have problems with this on several other houses, but that it was definitely a warranty issue and they will not charge me. He ALSO said that they would have a crew out here to sand and re-stain my ceiling.

    And now this. I’m sick of this. But now I have to open a can of whoop-ass on somebody, because this is ridiculous. I can bear a lot of things, but do. not. lie to me. They have a tagline on their site, “Building Satisfied Customers by Covering Their Life’s Investment.” …. and then not standing behind their work. grrrrrrr.

    • Laura says:


      I can SO kick ass on a telephone. I called the guy, and basically gave him no choice but to honor his employee’s warranty talk. I told him that the ridge vent had pulled up (I saw it, but wasn’t able to photograph it before the other guy fixed it), which tells me that either the vent was faulty or the workmanship was. Either way, it was not Mother Nature’s fault, like they were saying, and they were going to honor the warranty… RIGHT???

      And he kind of sat there for a minute, and said, “well, I guess if that’s what my employee said…” And I replied, “yes, that’s what he said. And he also said that you would have a crew out here to sand and re-stain my ceiling. When can I expect that crew?”

      I’m still going to worry about it until the work is done, but it seems like it’s all back on track.

      Oh, and I don’t think I need to answer the question, ’cause everybody seems to know it already, but my absolute favorite Winter Sport is ice skating. I cannot get enough of it – either doing it or watching it. I just wish we had a rink closer, or that part of my property was flat enough that I could flood it myself, and go anytime I wanted. Although this winter would SUCK for making a rink. Crappy weather for it.

    • Joy says:

      It’s so nice when you’re able to calm down and think about it before you call. It’s so much easier for them to be nice to you when you’re being so “sweet.” Let’s hope Murphy is out of the country and they get there to work on it soon.

  3. starlaschat says:

    Sledding sounds fun usually not my cup of tea. I guess I’m worried about crashing. Probably silly maybe I should try it again just find a small hill. My cat is so cute I know thats not the topic but he’s behind me sitting in a small postal box filled with newspaper, he looks so cute peeking out. Let’s see winter sports I use to really like cross coutry skiing. With my back hurting so much I’ve been a little hesitent to give that a try. When it gets better I would really like to do that again.

  4. Nikki says:

    We love sledding, we went this weekend also. Had a blast! Do you know how many calories you burn sledding?! What a workout! One of our golf courses has a huge hill that everyone goes to. We got lucky yesterday, there were only about 15-20 people there. It can get dangerous if too many people are there.

    We had a great weekend! Bailey and Jason got some training time in at the HS. They are working on running. He’s not a graceful runner (Bailey) he is pigeon toed, and very long and lean, so he has to learn how to run more effectively.

    Bailey got a Facebook account Sunday. I wasn’t going to ever give him one, he never really asks for one. Only occasionally. A lot of his friends have one. I woke up Sunday, and his dad had set one up for him. So far he’s been very responsible, not that he’d say anything he shouldn’t, but you never know. He told me this morning he has 38 friends already! LOL He was proud of that, and it has been fun having him on there.

    Not much else going on here. Not sure what this week has in store. Have a good Monday, everyone!

  5. Joy says:

    We used to cross country ski all.the.time. At least 3 times a week. When we first moved out here we got into snowshoeing and I still love to do that. A few years ago I got some really nifty shoes at LLBean and they are so slick. Then I got sick and couldn’t be out in that air. Now that I feel so good I’n still hoping there’s hope of us getting some snow so I can go a few times. There’s just not quite enough to go.

    I did a lot of cooking over the weekend. I made the blue cheese and cucumber dressing that I got on Pinterest. I made the chicken divan on Sat and a ham and really nice lettuce salad yesterday and today I’m making Garlic Rubbed Steak w/ Blue Cheese & French Fried Onions. Tomorrow I”m making Maple Sugar–Ginger Roast Pork. It’s been fun to make different things.

    I have a so-so week coming up. Nothing spectacular but I’m still on organizing mode. I want to get the linen and back door closets out this week. Tomorrow the cleaning lady comes so I’ve been working on my house every day now for 2 weeks and I just love it so far. I’m going in on Wed and taking my mom out and around. She loves to get out.

    Off to Vicki’s for a workout.

  6. Joy says:

    I forgot to mention Bailey’s Facebook page. I think it’s great. I know it’s a hard choice to make as a parent but you’re with him now and can teach him how do do things so he never does the “one armed duck face drunk” photo! Sometimes I think parents wait a little bit too long to teach things and the ways of the computer are here to stay and hopefully he’ll learn to act accordingly. I do feel you should have his password and he already has us all for friends. I think all is good. It’s not like he’s a naughty kid. I see a lot of kids that have pages who I feel are WAY too young but I think they’re only playing games. You can also use this as bribery if you ever need to. He’s only on the computer right now when you allow him to be. Can he go on FB with his Kindle? I never knew it but I can get on with my Nook. I see quiet a few of Trin’s friends are friends with Sue so I know a lot of kids have them. Like I say, I think it’s a good learning tool. It’s not like he’s going to “misbehave” with all of us seeing what he’s doing. FB is NOT private so it’s not like he can say or do anything behind our backs.

    Besides, it’s nice seeing him there.

    • Nikki says:

      He’s on it mostly with the PS3, which is in my bedroom. But to do any “chatting” he is to use the computer in the living room. I haven’t thought to look at his Kindle, good idea. Speaking of that, we found out (who told me??) that you can download books from our library for free! Did you tell me that?

      Yes, he is a good kid and although he does and says goofy things it’s never anything bad. I trust him, I just don’t trust other people. But like you said, we’re here and we see everything. I know his password, I was in his account today! lol He’s having fun, and so many of his friends have it. He was instant messaging a few friends before supper last night. It’s fun for him.

      That is exactly what I said to him; I have one more thing to use as a bargaining chip! lol

  7. Just a Mom says:

    This past Saturday I had a dinner get together with a group of ladies I have known forever. There are 9 of us and we range from 41 to 65. I made lasagna for them and then we played Wii Fit games. We always laugh our butts off when we play that.
    I finally went and got my own cell phone plan, which I will use instead of a landline. I found a plan that I could get 3 phones with unlimited text, mobile to mobile, nights & weekends and then we share 1500 minutes for about $110. I was never going to give my youngest a cell phone but now that I am getting divorced I want her to have it when she is not with me. So far she has been good with it.
    Tomorrow I go get the keys to my townhome I am renting. I am so excited!!

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