Lets have tea

Do you like tea? Do you drink it often? Do you drink it instead of coffee? My grandparents drank a lot of tea. They drank it with their meals and really did drink it more than coffee. They lived in Canada though and did have a lot of English traditions. I remember the little silver tea-pot they had. After our meals my grandma would take that little teapot around and give all her plants a little drink with the leftover tea.

I don’t know where that memory even came from. It just kind of wrote itself. LOL! I do have a decorative teapot that was my grandma’s and it’s one of my most prized possessions.

Okay, memory time is over.

What kind of teas do you like? I’ll admit that I never really cared that much for tea. It just never had any kind of punch for me and I found it very bland. Paul and Toby both love iced tea but it has to be plain with no sugar or lemon. Nikki and Bailey love sweet tea. Sue likes the Celestial teas. Me, I always need a sugar cube but with tea I skip the cream

Since I got my new Keurig I’ve started to experiment a lot more with tea. I love that I can either have hot water come out or use the Keurig cups. They make everything in those cups. The reason I never used to like to run just hot water through my coffee pot was because no matter what you made, it had a coffee taste to it. How could you expect it not to? All that coffee runs through everything. I’m not really a fan of my microwave for heating water. With these cups, the coffee, tea or whatever you make is just in those so the flavor and scents don’t stink up anything else. This makes a cup of hot water in under a minute so I’ve been making a lot more teas and hot drinks. Not just coffee. This machine is wonderful.

Anyway…I keep getting side tracked. I’ve discovered this “new to me” tea. I’ve found this TAZO Wild Sweet Orange and it’s just delicious. I also fell in love with this Celestial Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea. Both are caffeine free which is a real plus since I like a cup of tea in the late afternoon or early evening. When this lemon tea is being made…..the aroma is almost more than I can stand. If they could copy that and make a scent, it would be my favorite.

So….do you like tea? Do you drink it often? Do you drink it instead of coffee? What kind do you like?

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23 Responses to Lets have tea

  1. Jenny says:

    The only time that I will drink tea is if I don’t feel good or have a sore throat. I can’t drink it plain. I think it’s rather gross. I add honey in mine. Honey is also good for a sore throat. I also like the Celestial teas. My favorites are the sinus ones or the sleepy time kinds. (Those have peppermint in them) Oh I’ve tried the lemon one before and that is good too. There’s no way I could drink tea in replace of coffee!!

    • Joy says:

      I could never replace if for coffee either. But I like a cup in the late afternoon or when I’d like something warm. I can’t drink coffee after the morning is over.

  2. SKL says:

    I was a tea drinker before I was a coffee drinker. I always used to drink Salada tea because that’s what my parents had around. I’d drink a couple of cups of tea after cleaning up the kitchen and finally getting reacquainted with the kitchen table at night (it was covered with stuff all day long), and while sipping I’d read or do some creative homework or chat with my siblings. I really enjoyed my tea!

    I started drinking coffee with some friends at grad school. I learned how to make it palateable and gradually developed a taste for plain coffee with cream. Coffee has so much more kick and it’s everywhere, so I pretty much stopped drinking tea.

    For me now, tea is something to drink when really relaxing – something I rarely do in an upright position.

    I still prefer plain old orange pekoe (sp?) tea – what I drank at my parents’ house all those years ago. With sugar, it tastes nice (to me). Flavored teas are OK, but they don’t really turn me on. The flavors can’t mask the medicinal / “bad breath”-smelling base that is usually in decaf teas.

  3. mssc54 says:

    I used to drink tea quite often. Not so much lately though. And not those girlie teas that Joy wrote about either. I used to drink good ole Southern Sweet Tea! We usually put a cup and a half of sugar in a gallon. And you can’t add sugar to cold tea either. That’s just crazy. It doesn’t dissolve properly.

    And as a quick aside… Did you know that there is only one tea farm in North America? AMERICA CLASSIC TEA is grown about twenty minutes from our home. Great field trip for school kids too. Joy you would probably really enjoy the tour. Their gift shop has all sorts of tea pots.

    I don’t care for AMERICAN CLASSIC TEA. We drink Lipton. I’ll bet someone reading this Blog post is drinking Venezuelan tea. You communist sympathizer you.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    When I was in choir back in high school, before every performance we had a “Tea Party” We always had the Lemon Tea with honey.
    I really don’t care for tea but I will make a cup if I don’t feel good. I usually stick with the lemon tea. I do like Iced tea with lemon and sugar. The best Iced Tea is the Rasberry flavored tea. I make that in a large pitcher and then I add a can of peaches, juice and all. It is awsome!

  5. Karen Joy says:

    Oh I so wish I liked tea but i just cant stand it.Joy,thank you for sharing that memory of Grandma.I had forgot how she did that.I wonder if tea is actually good for plants,lol.Anyhow.I have a memory of my brother and I making ourselves tea for .We were pretty young.I wanted to like it so much,I thought it would make me looked grown up if i drank tea.I added cream and sugar and still didnt like it.I gave up!I dont drink coffee after the morning is over either.Once in a blue moon if we have company in the evening I will.At times when i want something hot to drink Ill do hot water with lemon and honey.Thats rare though.I did find a vanilla strawberry tea I really liked but could never find it again in stores.I tried all kinds but if they had the real tea taste to it then I dont care for them.

    • Joy says:

      I don’t know if the tea helped or not but her “flowers” always did well in that nice front sunny window. I think the little bit each day is what works. Most of us just water a whole bunch and then down’t water for a while. I think the more even the water, the better the plants do.

      I remember sitting around the table too and really praying I could like it. I so wanted to be a grown up too. It took me many years to like tea and I seem to like the citrus flavors.

  6. Laura says:

    I’m the opposite, it seems, of everyone here. I cannot stand coffee. I love the way it smells, but I can’t get past the bitter.

    On the other hand, I love tea. I’ve got two boxes of Twinings Tea Bags on my counter right now – Irish Breakfast, and English Breakfast Decaf. In fact, I just finished a cup of the English. I used to drink it the way my friend Claire taught me… [memories….] When I worked at the Vet Clinic in Dallas, a hundred years ago, I worked with a girl from Manchester, England, named Claire. She asked me once if I drank tea, and I told her, “I cannot stand it”. She said, “You’ve just never had a proper cup.”

    The next day, she showed up with all her tea stuff. Twinings Irish Breakfast. Cream. Sugar. Even tea cups. She made me a “proper cup”, complete with cream and sugar, and I’ve never tasted anything so wonderful!! From that moment on, I was a convert.

    Then, a couple years later, after relocating back to the “northern” Midwest (Indiana), Steve and I were on vacation in Hayward, WI. It was bloody cold out, and he wanted coffee, so we went into this little coffee shop. I asked for tea, and the proprietress asked if I’d ever had Chai. I said no, so she made a little espresso cup of Oregon Chai Latte for me. Oh, my sweet lord in heaven!! The creamy cinnamonness of it!! I bought a cup of it immediately. And went back later that day to buy the concentrate. I think I went through at least four quarts that week!! And I keep trying other brands of Chai, but Oregon is, hands down, the very best.

    Lately, I’ve been on a “carbs are off-limits” kick, so I’ve been going for the no-sugar versions of my favorites – Oregon Chai (sugar-free), and my English Breakfast with Sugar-Free French Vanilla. I guess I drink the stuff like you guys like your coffee…

    Oh, and a pyrex measuring cup full of water, with a tea bag in it, stuck in the microwave for 3 min does the trick.

    • Joy says:

      You were reading my mind with your last paragraph. I wondered if you had a special way of seeping it.

      • Laura says:

        Something in the way you wrote the post made me think that. It’s why I included it! and the 3 minutes is probably overkill… but I’m adding quite a bit of creamer right out of the fridge, so I want it to stay pretty hot.

  7. starlaschat says:

    I can’t believe I just lost my internet connection and my comment disapeared into who knows where. I think I’ll go brew a cup of tea and regroup and come back later to comment.

  8. Nikki says:

    Okay, I love lemon. I wonder if I could find it in the form of tea bags. I love all kinds of tea. Cold sweet tea is certainly my favorite, and I use to drink that all day every day. Until about a month ago and realized that’s not very good for me. Now, I have a glass once a week. Usually on the weekends, I’ll have a glass. I don’t allow Bailey to drink it that often anymore either.

    When I want a hot cup of “something” in the evening it’s always some type of tea. I can’t drink coffee that late, and actually it doens’t really appeal to me other than in the morning. My favorite is probably Vanilla Honey Chia Tea (Celestial Seasonings), with a little milk. I also like their Sleepy-time tea. And sometimes, I just want plain ole black tea. I microwave the water with tea bag for 2 minutes, and add a teaspoon of honey. I never sweeten my hot tea with sugar anymore.

    I’ve tried to replace my morning coffee with tea, because the dairy does bother me. But not enough to replace it! That didn’t last too long.

  9. joanharvest says:

    When I had my health food store we sold 100’s of different types of tea. I had my choice. I’ll take coffee any day over tea and I drink decaf. I will drink tea on occasion especially Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night tea. It tastes good too. Sometimes I will drink ginger tea for an upset stomach but that’s it.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, Traditional Medicinals is good stuff. I keep Throat Coat (both for adults and kids) in the pantry for sore throats. It’s so soothing.

  10. starlaschat says:

    I afree about the Traditional Medicinal Tea in fact a drank one last night breath right both Navar and I are sick fighting the crud. Congested and fever so tea is a nice way to get fluids. I have a small tea pot collection I think 4 tea pots it’s something people over the years have given me because they know I like to drink tea. My first tea pot was from a co worker it is a Blue Betty tea pot and I cherrish it a colbalt blue color. I will try the lemon tea celestial lemon and the Toa sweet orange. I need to go write that down so I can give them a try. Enjoy your day watching the Super Bowl.

  11. nicolasx007 says:

    I don’t know why I don’t profread my comments I afree oh boy.I just looked at the medicinal tea its call Breathe Easy not Breath right.

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