Pull Up a Hammock

We’re smack in the middle of the Winter Doldrums. Everyone I know is in the grip of some sort of yuck – colds, flu, and some Winter Blahs. So I figured we could all use a tropical break. Warm breezes, bright sunshine, sand beneath our feet, frothy, icy drink in our hands. So grab a beach chair and find a spot to settle in. Relax, kick back, listen to the waves and the steel drum, and join in the conversation. Ahhhhhhh……

Now that you’re all relaxed and warm, what’d you do this weekend?

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13 Responses to Pull Up a Hammock

  1. SKL says:

    Why, just over a month ago that was me on that hammock in San Juan. Seems like a lot longer than a month.

    It got cold around here all of a sudden. And we had a blizzard truly worthy of February. Of course I have not been in the habit of dressing for cold weather, so when I took my kids out shopping Saturday, I froze my brins off. We went to McD’s PlayPlace as a reward for good work in school. Their thermostat was way down. I was chatting with this other mom as our kids played for about an hour, and even with our coats on, we were freezing. I was actually shivering by the time we left. And that was before we went outdoors into the actual elements. Brrr. Even the thought of an icy drink in San Juan is too cold for me right now. Brrr.

    Let’s see, what do I have to report? Nothing much. Life is interesting, but not interesting enough to blog about. Just work, shopping, church, work, as originally planned.

    Oh yeah, yesterday morning I got an email from the school gifted dude. He changed his story and now says Miss E does not need to undergo testing to get into 1st grade. All she needs is to finish KG. So registration will be in June after they get their final report cards. I am half relieved and half bummed. It might have been fun to see the test scores, but what if Miss E got nervous and shut down, as she sometimes does? That would not have been fun.

    This week, of course, we have Valentine’s Day. The kids wrote out their cards, but we still have to put together treat bags and such on Monday. I think all this V-day stuff is stupid, but I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

    I have so much work backlog. I keep thinking I’m going to get this second wind and get it all done during some late night. Then night comes and I’m tired. Every once in a while (like today) I get pretty nervous because it looks impossible to stay out of trouble. That of course makes me feel even more tired. Not that this is anything new for me. Not sure I’ll figure out the solution in this lifetime.

    I hope everyone else has a productive and postive week.

  2. Joy says:

    I had a really nice weekend. All the kids came out on Sat and a mixture of us went to Trin’s basketball games and some stayed here and visited. We had great summer food. Brats, burgers, dogs and salads. Nikki make a great cake. Paul got an autographed Jim Marshall jersey which happens to be #70 which was how old he turned. He got a little emotional and it was just a nice time. We also had some very lovely wine. Right Sue??

    Paul and I are going to swim tonight right after supper. Tomorrow I have my mom’s 3 months “after cancer” visit so cross your fingers for us that we killed that damn monster. Depending on how she’s feeling she’d like to go to Walmart and Cub. No biggie.

    I thought the Grammy’s last night was the best show I’ve seen in forever. I love Adele and am glad she walked away with all those awards. The singing was all really good and Paul McCartney blew me away at the end. What positive energy he has and what a great man. When Jennifer Hudson first started singing “I Will Always Love You” I had to leave the room. Tears immediately came to my eyes but I did recover and thought she did a great job. All I can say is it’s the best awards show I can remember in recent memory. It was all so well done and I love how Adele is such a real person with none of the crap people like Lady Gaga give us. No tricks or shows. Just the singing.

    Have a good week you all.

    • Nikki says:

      Did you have fun with the wine without me??? 😦

    • Jenny says:

      I thought the awards were good as well. What did you think of Nicki Minaj? 😀 I was like speechless when I was watching it. After it was done I turned to Jason and said What the heck was that?! Oh and I love the Foo Fighters but was confused with that mouse thing at the end. I guess it’s was called Deadmau5. Jennifer Hudson did AWESOME! Can’t believe she stood up there, and kept her composure singing that song.

    • Joy says:

      I didn’t get those numbers either Jenny. Sometimes I think some of those musicians put so much into the “show” that the singing gets left behind. It was SO busy. I hate to say this out loud because I think he’s such an ass but I really liked Chris Brown’s dance/song and I really liked Bruno Mars who I was very unfamiliar with. I do have to say I loved Taylor Swift’s Mean also. Those old dresses and banjos were awesome.

    • SKL says:

      I’m glad the show was nice! I don’t watch that stuff, but for those who do, I know how they can either really suck or be nice. It’s hard to come by a nice awards show these days.

      “I will always love you” was the song they used for my brother’s wedding dance. (Struck me as a bit odd at the time considering “all the words,” but I guess not everyone pays close attention to lyrics.)

  3. Jenny says:

    We had quite a boring weekend!! Went up to my sister’s house on Saturday. Spent some time visiting there. Then after that we went to Red Lobster for our early Valentine’s dinner. We don’t do anything for Valentines! Sunday I did laundry and we went to McDonalds in Hutch so Hunter could play for a while at the playground. He had fun!

    Ooh, Joy I got a new Scentsy catalog for you! The spring & summer one. It has all the new stuff in there, but it doesn’t have the new products that they added. Like the lotions, laundry stuff, etc. I’ve decided to have my party on March 24th. I hope that’s ok with Joy, Nikki, & Sue!! It’s quite a long ways away and I’m already thinkin of what appetizers to eat 🙂

  4. Nikki says:

    Well. My Monday is ending a whole lot better than how it started. Without going into too much details, I had a kidney stone. I was in awful pain for 3 days (now day 4) went back today because it hadn’t passed yet. My appointment was at 10am, and I was in surgery by noon. She was able to get the stone, but she found other problems. Apparently, I’ve been having these often, but small enough for me to not notice. They had caused scarring in my ureter, and left particles (she called it sludge.) So, the stint she put in has to stay there for 4 weeks.

    All in all, I have to say it was a good day. I’m no longer in the pain I was. Still in discomfort, but it’s bearable. That doctor was wonderful. I have to say, I thought the staff was the nicest I’ve ever dealt with. People talk bad about our hospital here, so I’ve always been worried to have anything done here. (This being the first) I usually go closer to the cities for surgery (minor/major.) I’m very happy with everything.

    I can’t wait to sleep a full night. 🙂

    • Joy says:

      They’ve been very good to us there too and my mom. I don’t know why people say such bad things.

      I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

      • Nikki says:

        Me too. I’m not sure if the pain I had in December was caused by this or not. It was similar, just not as sharp.

        I won’t hesitate to go there again. I wonder if they’re hiring. Sue should look into that!

      • Joy says:

        That’s right. You had this then too. Let’s hope it was. This can be treated now that they know. Maybe that’s why nobody could find anything for so long. We were just looking in the wrong place.

  5. Laura says:

    My weekend was busy. So busy, that I ended up playing some catch-up today, and into tomorrow, too!

    It was my first-ever Blue & Gold Banquet as Cubmaster. My friend, Craig, even held a little “Installation Ceremony” for me – I totally didn’t expect it, and it was very sweet. He started by giving a brief history of Scouting (the B&G is the “Birthday Party” for Scouts), and how the boys all rely on “Akela” – the Wolf Leader in the Jungle Book, which is what the Cub Program is based on – to lead and guide them. And sometimes packs go through a period of transition, and they welcome a new Akela in to lead the pack.

    Then he called Josh and Steve to come in front of the group, and asked them if they were willing to share me with the Pack. Steve, ever glib, looks at Craig and says, “Who, Her??? Absolutely!” (if he’d have thought of it, you KNOW he’d have pulled out the, “Take my wife, please” line).

    Then they called me forward, and I took a little “Oath of Office”, and I am now, officially, the Cubmaster. God help me. Please.

    But it was fun. And I am hopeful that I will leave the pack better than I found it, and in some ways that will be a very, very tall order. I think the best I can do is tweak it – add games/activities at the Pack Meetings, and maybe do some more Pack-wide Outings. BTW… I’m always happy to take ideas, so if y’all have some, feel free to toss them my way.

    That was the extent of my weekend. Saturday was spent in preparation – a 7-Layer Salad (thank you, Nikki) and a whole bunch of whipped cream for a pie-throwing deal, and getting multiple awards together for about 30 kids. I love this job. I really wish it paid, because I could totally do it full-time.

  6. starlaschat says:

    We had a pretty quiet weekend still getting over being sick. I’ll be glad when we are both well and have our energy back to get lots done. The picture of the beach is nice I could read a good book by the ocean about now that would really be nice. I agree the Awards show was really really good. We enjoyed it and thought they did a wonderful job putting it all together. Usually when I watch the time seems to drag by this show it seemed to fly by.

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